Developing bodhichitta

The desire for the well-being of all sentient beings

1) The basis for generating bodhichitta.
Right now, we have the great good fortune to have found these rare Mahayana Buddhist teachings and the ability to put them into practice. We may not have this opportunity in our future lives, so we should take advantage of them now.

2) The nature of Bodhichitta and how it is generated.
Bodhichitta is a spontaneous wish, motivated by great compassion, to attain enlightenment to benefit all living beings. When we have generated superior intention we are determined to lead all living beings to full enlightenment.

3) The divisions of bodhichitta.
There are many types of bodhichitta that can be categorized in the following four divisions:

a) The twofold division - aspiring bodhichitta and engaging bodhichitta. Aspiring bodhichitta is any bodhichitta we generate before taking the Bodhisattva vows and engaging bodhichitta is the bodhichitta we generate after taking the Bodhisattva vows.

b) The threefold division - king-like bodhichitta (wish to become a Buddha first then help others to do the same), shepherd-like bodhichitta (wish to lead all living beings to Buddhahood first and then attain enlightenment for themselves last), and boatman-like bodhichiita (wish for all living beings to attain enlightenment simultaneously with himself or herself).

c) The fourfold division - the four mind generations of imaginary engagement (Bodhisattvas on the first two Mahayana paths meditate on meditation and emptiness and have yet to realize emptiness directly), pure superior intention (Superior Bodhisattvas of the first to the seventh grounds on the Mahayana path of seeing meditate on emptiness and bodhichitta), full maturation (Bodhisattvas on the eighth through tenth grounds), and abandoned obstructions (the bodhichitta of a Buddha).

d) The twenty-twofold division - bodhichitta divided from the point of view of the basis for developing bodhichitta.

10 Benefits of Bodhichitta

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