Did I Want To?

Spring break at Lake Havasu

Spring Break was still four months away when all the talk and planning started. I wasn't particularly interested, but as the week came closer I realised that if I wanted to be "in" I had to participate. I also came to realise that most of my friends and peers really disliked their lives and they couldn't wait to get drunk and party like there was no tomorrow.

I talked to Mum and she said that while I could choose not to go, it was a rite of passage that I should probably go through with although I didn't have to do anything disagreeable. So really, Mum was no help at all and rather than stay home by myself I thought I might as well go.

Then I became aware of the competition which meant greasing up to some of the boys with money enough to own or rent a nice boat. Bobby Harris was the richest boy in ASU and spring break stories from last year were rife so I was under no illusion that it was all about drunken shenanigans and sex. I knew that Bobby was out of my league but in the month preceding spring break, I shortened my skirts and competed with other girls to get the boys attention which made me feel really stupid.

Then in the week before like many girls I was in limbo but I got Bobby's attention and discreetly let him know that if I was a girl on his boat, I'd really put on a good show. It seemed like a done deal for a couple of days but I was playing the odds by playing up to all the boys with boats as the best fun was on the water and not in the city.

In that final week of school I sorted out what to take and mum gave me a big packet of condoms, lube, sunscreen and massage oil. I told her I wasn't planning on having sex but she just laughed and said that I was going to a spring break party and needed to be prepared if not for myself then for my girlfriends. But by Thursday I knew I wasn't going with Bobby but I managed to get in with Cameron Reeves and some of his friends because I'd had sex with one of them and hinted that I'd like to play some more.

We drove up on Friday with me sitting in the back between two jocks who told endless dirty jokes and promised to get me drunk. They also tried to undress me but they didn't get all the way and I found it more amusing than offensive, even when they grabbed my boobs. We arrived fairly late at night and the boat looked quite big at first, then I learned that there were only three actual beds between about eight guys and only four girls.

Drinks were passed around as soon as we came on board and Abby rubbed herself all over Cam because she wanted to sleep in the double bed. The other guys were fairly polite and I was given one of the single beds to share with Chelsea while the other two girls had the other one and the guys had to find space on the seating for the decks. Even though it was boring, we sat around in anticipation of the parties drinking, flirting and exchanging comments with people on nearby boats. After a couple of hours Chelsea and I worked out our sleeping arrangements and cuddled into bed together.

She'd bought herself a sexy little nightdress and looked lovely, but I hadn't bothered and after a short chat I actually slept. Sometime later I woke aware that Chelsea was making out with someone. I was pressed against the hull and could scarcely move but whoever he was, he grabbed one of my tits and started kissing me. I was a bit resistant but then I remembered that this was mostly what the week was about so I relaxed and participated. Actually he was quite a nice kisser but he had no real idea what to do with his hands.

I couldn't see but Chelsea was rubbing his cock and after he came, we got back to sleep. We were rudely woken the morning by the two jocks that I'd ridden up with who pulled back the sheet and clearly wantied to have sex. Chelsea seemed more willing than I was and I said that I needed to use the bathroom first but I didn't escape without a good groping.

In the early morning quiet I could clearly hear the sounds of early morning sex in several locations and I began to regret what I'd gotten myself into. I would have liked to have got dressed and looked out on the day but as Chelsea and I squeezed past each other I found myself pressed between two horny and naked guys. I held them off as best I could for a few minutes, but they were turning me on and when Chelsea came back, we let them have their way.

I felt surprisingly good after that although Chelsea seemed indifferent. But the boys left us to get dressed so I pulled on a dress and went up to see what was going on. A few guys were sleeping on the seats and I got the guy who'd fucked me to show us how to work the tiny kitchen and make coffee.

Everyone slowly started to wake up and the banter between boats picked up. Then we realised we didn't have much food so we all pitched in 50 bucks and a group from our boat went to town for supplies. I went and checked on Abby who was pleased to see me. We cuddled together in bed and she said that she'd had a nice night with Cam though I knew she hadn't but we shared the basic facts from last night and this morning then gossiped and discussed our prospects over the coming days.

The guys returned with groceries so we had breakfast and then we had to tidy up because Cam's dad was coming. The day was getting hot and when he arrived we girls were ignored as the guys loaded what looked like a ton of beer and then we drove out onto the lake where powerboats sped in all directions. I must admit our mood was pretty languid because after all we were on holiday. It took almost an hour to get clear of the traffic then we motored into a bay and parked close to some other boats parked on the shore. There was something of a party going on so we donned our bikinis and swam ashore to join them. It turned out to be a nice afternoon but it seemed like the real action was going to be at the sandbar that evening.

Later in the afternoon after a swim and a wash in the lake we drove to the sandbar snacking and taking the time to put on a little make up. There were hundreds of boats there but because our boat was a lot bigger, we parked near the edge. The music was fairly loud that Chelsea and some of the guys were keen to get right into the action so they had to walk across a dozen different boats before they made it ashore.

Nearby we could see a couple of beer bongs being passed around which excited the guys and amid the merriment one of them found its way onto our boat. When it was my turn I think I spilled more over me than what I swallowed, but I knew I was drunk and happy just to go with it. Soon after that thing my bikini came off and we made our way into the centre of of a big party where guys gave me drinks and I presume I made a fool of myself.

When I woke up in the morning, my head hurt, my body felt weird and there I was completely naked with a group of guys on some other boat. I pushed off one guy who was half lying on the and looked around then stepped down into the water to wake myself up. Then I couldn't climb back up the couple of guys on the next boat had seen me and pulled me up on to their boat and then they wanted blow jobs. It seemed like the last thing I wanted to do but they were fairly insistent and after a drink of water I had sperm for breakfast.

After that my head still hurt but I can see my boat in the distance so I walked across the boats and lots of sleeping bodies to be greeted by a couple of guys who were somehow awake. But somewhere the music was still playing and I could see a party going on in the distance. Three guys who I'd driven up with were drinking coffee and seemed none the worse for wear but they pulled me into their laps and one of them got me a cup of coffee and some aspirin.

It didn't seem to matter that I was still naked and I was relieved to find my bikini and then came sounds of sex inside the boat, it was Abby moaning and groaning, and all the guys went and had a quick look in. Then I started hitting on me and the idea seemed totally objectionable, and after one of them managed to rub my pussy I kinda wanted it. So I got fucked by three guys.

By late morning our hangovers had improved and I refused any more beer as we pulled away from the crowd and motored upstream with us girls sitting together on the bow trying to piece together what had happened last night. It seemed so incredulous as we realised that we all been fucked by half a dozen guys or more and yet we weren't hurt. Later in the afternoon we pulled into a tiny wee beach and parked alongside a few of the boats where we all skinny dipped and it was great fun climbing up on to a rock and jumping in.

I would have been content to have stayed there but we decided to head back down to the party which was pretty much a repeat of the night before. I tried to be careful and not drink too much so I remembered being party to some exhibition fucking and hoped I hadn't been filmed because lots of guys had cameras. Somehow during the night I found my way back to our boat where another party was going on. A few people were passed out and I found my bed was occupied by someone fucking so I made my way back out on deck where I fell asleep.

The feeling was unanimous that we needed a day off partying, so we went to the marina where we loaded a few more supplies set out for Beaver Island amid a steady stream of wisecracks and us girls exposing our beavers in amusement. After driving around the island and flashing our beavers to some other people on the water, we parked in the nearby bay. There were quite a few people about and I put a dress on which seemed ridiculously modest. After a bite to eat we walked up this dry kind of riverbed and it was a bit of a scramble because none of us had proper footwear but the guys insisted they wanted to see Sara's crack.

We didn't get very far because us girls, well we acted like girls and slowed the guys down so they said that they'd leave us behind and go by themselves in the morning. We had enough food and more booze that what we could drink, but almost everyone except me was asleep by 10 p.m. My space beside Chelsea was free but I sat out watching the stars and listening to the neighbours on another boat. He wanted sex but she was playing hard to get and making him work for it. I thought she was a silly cow and I was surprised when a canoe passed close by. I watched them in the moonlight, clearly a couple and I could just hear their conversation. But I figured I'd better sleep and cuddled into Chelsea's nice warm body thinking about the amazing sex I'd had with that woman.

In the morning the boys were all up and eager to go but I didn't feel like it. I sat watching as they jumped down and waded ashore to pull on their shoes and disappear into the wilderness. I took the opportunity to look into every corner of the boat although I didn't find anything particularly interesting. I watched the couple in the canoe pack up and leave , and wondered about the guy with the reluctant wife, well I assumed they were married like. But they soon left so I rubbed myself with sun cream and lay back to relax.

I'm not sure how much time passed and I was aroused by the sound of motors and the boat rocking a little. I sat up to see two fast looking boats had pulled onto the beach just a few yards away and one of the guys called up "hey, nice tits, and a pretty face." I replied "thanks, a nice observation" and continued watching them as they positioned a few water bottles and their footwear on the front of the boats. I asked them if they were going up to see Sara's crack, they laughed and said they were then one asked to see mine. Well, I'd had more sex in the past few days than I'd had for the rest of my life so I didn't hesitate. I stood and posed for them by which time one of them was coming on board for a closer look.

At that point I realised I might be in trouble so I acted a little dumber as he confirmed to his friends that I had a very nice crack and they should come for a closer look. We were the only people in the vicinity and I hoped that I wouldn't regret this as I opened my legs and let him put a finger inside me. In fact that felt really nice, so nice I pushed my hips back and forwards a few times trying to get his thumb to connect with my clit. He was amused that I was interested by the growing bulge in his pants so I bit my lip and looked up at him with my best please fuck me eyes and put my hand inside his pants. His friends were already on board and one of them said "we've got a real live one here."

I laughed, pushed his pants down and began sucking cock as one of the others made a couple of thrusts and missed. I tell you, I was almost coming in excitement, I lifted up on tiptoes and then he filled me up which kind've took my breath away and I almost forgot the cock in my mouth. But he reminded me, or rather he held my head and fucked my mouth which seemed really weird and yet on another level it seemed quite okay. I don't remember everything that happened or in what order, but I think all four of them fucked me at least twice before they reminded each other they'd come for a hike.

As far as I was concerned, I was just having fun and I guess in some ways revelling in the fact that I was doing something that most people considered to be so wrong. But before they left, one of them rubbed suncream over my back and apart from a few boats going by, it was very quiet. I was careful not to get too cooked and after sun bathing, I took a nice long swim staying fairly close to shore but I went out as far as the headland and climbed up onto a rock to watch the boats passing by. I'd only been there a few minutes when two guys in a speedboat circled back and pulled up nearby just to tell me I looked beautiful. They couldn't really park there but after a bit of encouragement, I got on their boat and of course they showered me with compliments and I opened my legs for their pleasure. I figured that if people knew they might take me for a slut or even a whore, yet sex just felt so easy and natural.

Afterwards they offered me some money and I figured it was always useful so why not? Of course I had nowhere to put it, no pockets because I was naked. I suggested they could drive me into the beach and they did. I put the money away and swam out for maybe half a mile before turning and swimming back by which time I was starting to get concerned that my friends hadn't returned. I was concerned enough that I put on a pair of shoes I'd found plus my skirt and bikini top and set out with the idea of looking for them.

I'd probably walked for 20 minutes when I met the four guys I'd played with that morning returning. They were delighted to see me again and I was just as happy to fall into their arms. But I expressed my concern for my friends and they said that they were going slowly should be back within the hour. When we arrived back on the beach, one of them asked if I fancied another fuck. I quite liked the fact that he was open and direct so I said sure. Boy did they give it to me good and they kept at it until we were disturbed by the sound of voices. At that point they quickly pulled on ther clothes and slipped away. It was getting dark and I couldn't see my bikini top, but I found my skirt and went on to the beach to welcome my friends back. The girls had found the going really tough and I was pleased I hadn't gone with them.

They all felt better after some food and drink, and Chelsea kept complaining her legs were sore so I offered to massage them for her. She was agreeable so I went and got my massage oil appreciative that mum knew something about packing. I got started and one of the boys offered to do her other leg so we tried to work in sync as we rubbed her feet and in the space of 20 minutes we'd rubbed and squeezed her legs all the way up into the top of her thighs to the delight of the onlookers. She was still wearing her bikini bottom and a few times he accidentally on purpose touched her pussy. The first couple of times she told him off but the next couple of times she just ignored him. She was lying on a couple of cushions while Tim and I were just sitting on the deck either side of her. I knew he fancied her so I worked all the way up over her onto her belly. She said that was nice so I repeated the strokes from her thigh and slid my hand up under her bikini which pulled it really tight over her pussy and she took little notice so I pulled her bikini down out of the way, not quite exposing her pussy and carried on massaging her belly. Tim took the opportunity to start fingering her and after I'd massaging her boobs for a bit, she took him to bed.

All the other girls feigned tiredness taking their preferred boyfriends with them and retired leaving me with half a dozen lonely guys. They'd all liked watching Chelsea being massaged and when one asked if he could massage me, I said sure. I wasn't sure what was going to happen and I didn't know if I wanted to be fucked by all of them so I lay down keeping my legs together. They were quickly pulled them apart as a couple of guys started on them. There are a bit hesitant so I suggested they try to remember what they'd seen me doing to Chelsea. They got the basics quite quickly and it was nice having a couple of guys stroking my legs and another three doing stuff on my back and rubbing my bum, but it wasn't long before one of them was massaging down my crack and trying to finger fuck me. I told them a few times that wasn't nice or appropriate then another guy did it and it felt so damned nice I lifted my arse up. One of them exclaimed how I liked that and next thing they had me almost squirming in pleasure but somehow I got back in charge and told them they had to do my front and to do it properly. They got on with it and it was really nice. I realised that the numbers were down to four and when they started massaging around my pussy again, it felt so nice I couldn't say no. All the time they'd been chatting a little, saying how nice my body parts were and other stuff although I wasn't taking much notice. The guy who I guess was sitting above my head alternated between my boobs when the other two weren't playing with them but what he was doing to my neck, head and face felt really nice felt nice but it was so hard to focus as it all felt nice, even some detailed exploration of my pussy. At some point I bent my knees up and opened them wide inviting a closer look, so here I was having a head massage and a boob massage and a pussy massage all at the same time and it was so mindbogglingly amazing I couldn't move.

Then two of them decided they'd had enough and went to find somewhere to sleep. Then the guy massaging my face knelt up and slid his hands down over my boobs, around my pussy and back up over my head and face which felt amazing and the second time he went down, he went right down my legs pushing the other two guys away and put his mouth to my pussy. Well, that was so amazing I just wanted cock. Somehow I yanked his shorts down and got his cock in my mouth even though the position wasn't very good. I was also wondering where the other guys were and I found them with my fingers indicating for them to come closer and moments later I was getting sucked off, my mouth fucked and a cock in each hand. From there they kind of took charge and took turns fucking me and when they were done, the other two guys who'd been there took a turn as well and it was almost dawn before they realised that I'd had enough.

I went for another swim to clean and freshen up then I fell asleep and didn't wake up until we were docked in the Marina mid afternoon whether plan was to spend the night here and go partying at Kokomo's. We spent an hour cleaning up the boat and the guys sent out for pizza and we washed down with more beer.

I didn't think I'd be getting wet so I wore a mini dress and nothing else as the other girls had also decided to not wear knickers because it would surely help us to get free drinks. We took cabs to get their and I hung about the fringe chatting to people and dancing a little. It was fairly pleasant and I felt content. For some reason I didn't really want to go into the heat of the action and the music wasn't so loud that it was easy enough to have a conversation. There were quite a few spring breakers there but there were also quite a lot of regular holidaymakers a little older than me who I found easier to talk to. A group of us had just finished a little dance near the pool when this chubby guy Fred started chatting me up.

He was made welcome and our little party continued for another half an hour before the couples went off leaving me holding court with five guys, but I was slightly favouring my chubby friend and before long he was inviting me to his room. I played a little hard to get even though I wanted to and I said that I was worried his wife might come in and catch us. He tried to assure me there was little chance of that because she'd had a win at the casino the previous evening and she had a lot of money to spend.

On the way up to his room he introduced me to another couple who had a room just few doors along and they invited us in. He accepted and we went into a much larger room where a couple of guys sat playing Xbox. I thought that was funny and we stepped in to another room where the woman immediately took off her bra and panties. I must've looked a bit puzzled because she said that underwear was so uncomfortable and I agreed adding that I wasn't wearing any. She laughed and told the guy who I presumed was her husband who quite calmly reached inside my dress and squeezed one of my boobs. I was almost too stunned to react and the lady told me not to mind the men then she whispered in my ear that the guys would like to see her and I put on a show.

I must've been a bit slow because she whispered again asking if I'd ever had sex with another woman. I told her that I'd fooled around little but nothing serious so she told me that she'd like to fuck me and the guys would probably give me a good tip. I was curious so I took the initiative, lifted the front of her dress and stroked her pussy. I was surprised at my ability to respond then we stripped off, fell on the bed and worked out what each other liked best. She was really good and bought me to orgasm within about 20 minutes but then the guy I took to be her husband passed over this strap on cock and asked me to fuck her with it.

She whispered a few instructions and I soon got the hang of it. She was laying on her back at the end of the bed and I was kneeling on the floor fucking her with this thing tied my hips. Once she began to respond, it got really interesting because I worked out how to shove it in on different angles and that by varying the depth she responded differently, then I got to a point where she wanted hard and strong so I stuck it to her really good. When she'd finished coming we were joined by the guys and all of them took turns fucking me and her. When they'd finished with me I thought we were all done but she told me she was saving the best for last and then she strapped on her big cock and fucked me with it.

It was almost 3 a.m. when I walked out of there with a nice wad of money strapped in my little purse. I reflected on how amazed I was at my capacity for sex and that my genitals seemed completely unaffected, I felt so good as I contemplated my route home and then realising I had money, I bought some food and took a taxi.

Everyone on the boat was asleep, my bed was occupied but I hung my dress and snuggled in between Cam and who I thought was Abby although there was someone else in the bed and someone else on the floor I had to step over. When I woke in the morning I was vaguely aware of the male body beside me and a hard cock pressing into my belly. I reached down and held it then I realised its owner was only half awake remembering that most guys got an erection when they were waking up. It seemed almost amusing so I slid down and took it in my mouth and almost wished I hadn't because it tasted of sex. But since I'd started, I just got with it which really woke the guy up and then everyone was waking up and watching. When I realised I was the centre of attention I stopped but was told to carry on and finished giving him a blow job. That turned everyone on and I got fucked by another two guys before we emerged for breakfast and another day on the lake.

A mood of regret hung over us because we all knew that we had been behaving like we had never behaved before. None of us girls could work out how many guys had fucked us and the guys couldn't work out how many girls they'd fucked. But we went with another three boats and drove up the lake we found a nice beach that we had to ourselves and with the boats parked together, we could walk from one to the other. So we spent the rest of the day snacking, going from boat to boat and skinny-dipping. Most of the girls including me stayed naked, but most of the boys put their shorts back on when they got out of the water just to camouflage their frequent erections. Some of us girls thought that was rather funny and as evening came on we all went ashore, the guys cooked up a barbecue and we had our own beach party.

After dark the boys got a bit more touchy and plied us with drinks. I think before the night was over I let myself get fucked by four or maybe five different guys. It was weird but in that situation it seemed quite normal, especially as the girls were outnumbered. So I woke up in another bed on a different boat with two guys. Strangely my body felt okay and after using the bathroom they seemed rather sweet and took turns fucking me again.

The mood on the boat wasn't particularly good so some of us went for a long swim after which we felt a lot better but the mood on the boat wasn't that great. For the rest of the day we swam, drank beer and I had sex with another two guys. But all the other girls were turning it up as well so I didn't really feel as if I was being a slut. The sex was interesting and I found time to sit with the girls and we talked about our capacity for sex. I also wondered aloud why we weren't going back to Havasu but apparently the majority had decided to stay out for another night.

Then in the afternoon we went back to the marina and planned another evening at Kokomo's. When we got there, everyone from our boat kind of dispersed but I met up with a couple of girls from school and we hung out dancing as all around us guys stared at us. After a while a couple of them found the confidence and joined us, then after a while Fred saw me and came over. Even though he was over 30 and a bit chubby, at least he wasn't drunk and could hold a conversation. Initially he made me laugh and I let him buy me a drink. I didn't tell him what I wanted but he bought back a tequila sunrise that was ever so strong that very nice.

There were lots of other guys around eyeing me up but Fred somehow seemed safe and after a second drink it seemed perfectly natural when he felt me up. There were couples making out all around and figuring what was good for him was good for me so I stuck my hand down his pants to reacquaint myself with his fairly big cock. We talked about our anatomy and sex and I was kind of itching to do it with him and was completely open to his touch. Then he took me to his room.

It was a nice room and from the balcony I could almost see the party we'd just left. But the sex was amazingly intense and unlike the boys, he kept on going and going and introduced me to a whole new level of pleasure. It also made me realise that on our previous evening with his friends, he had not actually fucked me because I'm sure I would have remembered that cock being inside me. But he was a little nervous and eventually informed me that his wife would be due back soon. I acted a little offended and hinted that I might make a fuss, so he gave me some money, walked me back to the party.

I couldn't see anyone from my boat but then I got chatting to a couple of guys who seemed fairly nice. We danced and flirted, they bought me drinks and I almost lost my dress at one point, but I managed to keep hold of it and joined a group of girls doing our own version of dirty dancing. There came a point when I'd had enough and the two guys had been buying the drinks offered to walk me back to the boat which was like over a mile away. I expected them to lead me across London Bridge but instead we walked along the waterfront with the idea that it would be easy enough just to swim across the canal.

There were couples making out everywhere along the path and a few perverts looking on. I forget the guys names but they were very sweet and within a few minutes with found a semi private spot and we had sex. It didn't last very long, like a couple of quickies and they left me to swim the canal. I felt really cross so I swam the canal holding my dress to keep it dry. I knew I was a little bit drunkas I stepped from the water a guy tried to hit on me, I brushed him off and carried on but moments later as I was trying to put my dress on, a couple of guys who weren't going to take no for an answer grabbed me .

They led me off the path and behind a tennis court and even here people were making out. I thought about screaming and trying to get help but they were groping me and somehow I was being turned on. I couldn't see any way out so I let them get on with it. In fact it wasn't too unpleasant apart from the fact that I didn't have any idea who they were. After participating just enough to be pleasant, they let me go and I was back on the boat within half an hour. I was pleased that I seemingly had the boat to myself and the marina was quiet, so I slept.

When I woke in the morning I was ever so grateful for the wallet tied to my arm. I called mum and told her I was having a nice time and as everyone else was asleep, I put on a dress and went into the Island Mall where I bought myself a nice breakfast and a couple of new bikinis. Back on the boat, the mood on the boat was a little uncomfortable although everyone was planning on going up to copper Canyon for a last night of partying. I didn't really want to go, it seemed I had no choice but after we arrived and I'd had a few drinks I felt fine.

There was no point wearing any clothes or even a bikini for that matter because it seemed like we are in the middle of a sex fest. Before it got dark I had a nice long swim and for awhile I had no trouble holding the guys at bay, but after a couple of drinks the only way to keep their hands off me was to dance and make out with some of the girls. But after a few more drinks guys were fucking me one after the other and I couldn't even keep count. Then I didn't remember anything to I woke up on some other boat in the morning.

Everyone was packing up and I was dismayed that my boat was leaving without me, but I jumped on board with some other guys leaving and I rejoined my companions. But their mood was rather strained and I guess none of us could imagine ever doing what we'd done. On the way down the lake we cleaned up the boat and Cam's father was waiting for us. We all pitched in unloading all our rubbish and preparing for a last night partying at Kokomo's.

After dark I went ashore for a walk to think things over. I skirted around the golf course and sat on a rock to contemplate my existence. Considering all the sex I'd had over the past few days I didn't feel physically or emotionally damaged, my mind was clear and I couldn't see any problem except for what other people thought. I'd left just wearing a skirt and my bikini top with my slip on shoes. I stripped off and swam for an hour after sunset thinking it might give me more clarity, but it didn't.

I was surprised to see people still playing golf at night and the fairways were fairly well lit up. I watched a couple of guys hit their balls and walk away and I was just about to set off back to the boat when a couple of guys came by. I watched as they prepared to tee off and they saw me and we got chatting little. I think they could sense I was feeling a little glum so they asked what was wrong and I told them I'd just had a little falling out with some of the people on my boat because I didn't behave exactly as they expected. They were sympathetic and after a bit I asked them why they played golf at night which was no-brainer because it was cooler and they were busy during the day. Then when I said I should be getting back but they offered me a spare bed in their house if I needed somewhere to stay for a night or two.

It seemed such a good idea I thanked them and told them where the boat was parked, but one of them gave me his card just in case. Back at the boat I walked in on Chelsea and Cam were alone having a fuck but they stopped and we had a chat. They were of the opinion everyone was partied out and didn't know how to relate because they weren't grown up enough, so I decided to leave. I'd just packed my bag when the two guys from the golf course swung by, and after giving Cam and Chelsea a hug and saying I'd see them back at school, I never looked back.

The two guys turned out to be gay which seemed so bizarre, but after making me welcome in their apartment we went down to Kokomo's and we had a pleasant couple of hours. Later on sleeping by myself seemed perfectly normal and I didn't miss any of the guys. I joined my new hosts for breakfast in the morning and I dared to ask about their relationship. Ken who I thought was slightly better looking admitted he was the bottom because his cock was far too big for anyone's back passage which made Jeff blush. But soon Jeff was off to work and Ken elaborated a bit more on their relationship and the fact that well he was more bi than gay.

party time

He used that confession as an excuse to hit on me and half an hour later, I gave in. When I saw his cock I was very dubious about letting it up inside me and I understood very well his partners aversion. But when we got down to it we had an amazingly good fuck and afterwards I decided that I didn't want to interfere in their relationship and persuaded him to drop me at the airport.

I got home without incident and mum wasn't expecting me back till the next day, she was out somewhere and not answering her phone. I realised I had quite a bit of money so I walked to a nearby diner for something to eat. I exchanged small talk with a couple and one guy propositioned me but I turned him down. The evening was still early, a few people were out doing things in their gardens so I stopped for a chat with an older guy who lives down the street from us.

He was rather sweet, the conversation interesting and I thought nothing of going in with him as he wanted to show me something. But in the process he spilled pencils all over the floor and being helpful type, I bent down to pick some up forgetting that I wasn't wearing any knickers under my fairly short skirt. He laughed and told me the sight was a bit bright for his eyes and I apologised for myself. But he chuckled and said not to worry and a minute later he lifted my skirt and squeezed my arse.

I told him he was being cheeky but he insisted that I had the nicest cheeks so I let him have a play as I bundled all his pencils together and returned them to the jar. By that point he was already touching my pussy and I said "now now" and brushed his hand away. Then he told me quite a sweet story about his departed wife and I realised he was probably a little lonely so I asked him if he had a girlfriend.

He said he was past all that so I lifted my skirt and reminded him that he was interested in this a moment ago which made him laugh and also seem a little sad. So I gave him a cuddle and I don't know what prompted me but I said I was quite happy to be a temporary girlfriend. He lost his voice for a moment so I guided his hands to my boobs repeating my offer and he slowly began to relax. But it was clear that if I was gonna get fucked, I'd have to make some effort so I flirted and after a few minutes he came alive. He's not that old, probably in his 50s and like some of the guys I'd encountered, he was very much on the large size and when he got going, he fucked me with an amazing amount of skill and style.

It was nice to be back in my own bed that night and the following morning I got hold of mother who said she'd be home that evening. I still had a couple of days off school and the next morning I got a call from the Havasu police regarding a boat accident yesterday that I was somehow responsible for and they expected me to present myself to the Havasu police to explain.

I had my flight ticket and I called the gay guys who willingly offered their testimony that they'd seen me onto a flight before the accident happened. Then I managed to get hold of the investigating offer on FaceTime and he conceded that I wasn't the girl that he'd interviewed and when he showed me her picture, I straightaway told him it was Chelsea and gave her details. I got a return call from the police later in the morning to say that they'd picked her up and I was no longer required.

I was so angry I went to see my new acquaintance down the street and after unburdening and getting what some people may describe as a 'jolly good rodgering' I felt I felt ever so much better. An hour or so later as I went home, the lady next door asked how come I was in such a good mood so I told her about the misunderstanding with the police and that I was so relieved to have resolved the issue.

I called Ken to thank him again and he mentioned over the course of the conversation he was quite often in town and would I be available to meet sometimes. I said certainly and after we'd rung off I remembered that one of the four hiker guys who'd got me on the boat had also given me a card. It took a while but I found it and gave him a call. He was pretty amazed when he figured out who I was but I gave him my number to pass on to his friends although in some ways I wished they were there right then.

Soon after that Cam's father rang to apologise for his son accusing me and I did my best to assure him that no harm was done. I made myself something to eat in the evening and I was kind of expecting Mum to come home any minute. But she called and said she'd be home in the morning which I found frustrating because I really wanted to talk to her. So I had an early early night then got up early next morning and went to the pool wearing my slightly more modest bikini although I was not the most immodest girl there, but no one seemed to take much notice apart from a few guys who looked me up and down and I smiled back at them.

I was just leaving when one of them offered me a ride home so I figured why not. My towel and bikini were packed away in my bag and I was just wearing a short skirt and a halter top with tennis shoes as the pool is a 20 minute walk from where I live. After chitchatting for a few minutes I accepted a ride home and after a few seconds he invited me to his apartment for coffee. I saw no reason why not as I had the day free, so 15 minutes later we were fucking. It was really nice after my exercise but then he said he was gonna be late for work so I quickly dressed and ran home unperturbed by his lack of foresight that I could have construed as rudeness. When I got home, I had a quick shower and started reviewing my school notes before mum came home.

She was in a bit of a rush to change and go to work so when I told her that I'd had a nice time and sex with several different guys, she had the decency to ask if I was okay with that" I said "mostly" and she closed the conversation by saying "welcome to the club, you're a woman now."

Talk about mother-daughter conversations, that really was the pits and then she said that she was thinking of moving house sometime this year and getting an apartment closer to her work. I didn't really have an opinion on that and returned to my school work and a paper on sociology dealing with people's relationships in high-rise buildings. Then I had the bright idea to do some doorknocking and the apartment complex where I'd had an okay fuck that morning seemed to be a good place to start.

I had most of the questions so I quickly drafted up a survey sheet and rode there on my bike and realising when I was halfway there that I wasn't particularly well-dressed. The first few doors I knocked on opened by women who looked me up and down rather suspiciously because I looked so much like a cheerleader, but they answered my questions and I moved on. I encountered a few scruffy looking men who invited me in but I said no thanks and they weren't very good at answering.

A nice looking man in a suit seemed almost too nervous to reply and he kept looking at his watch after that there was a rather large lady and I was beginning to get bored although I knew the information could be useful. There was no reply from the next couple of doors and then the next was opened by quite a nice looking guy just wearing boxers and he reeked of cannabis. After saying hi I explained myself and he invited me in so I figured why not? I could do with a sit down and something to drink. But I walked into a room full of guys who were stoned of their faces but they had the music turned down to avoid complaints from the neighbours.

They looked like they were all too stoned to move but one of them moved over a few inches inviting me to sit beside him while a guy who opened the door offered to give me a drink. They were easy-going and super friendly but I declined the offer of a joint and tried to talk to them about my survey. They were so intellectual they drew verbal circles around my questions and turned them inside out stating that I was asking the wrong questions and I should be asking how humanity had strayed so far because none of what I was doing was gonna make any difference to peoples well-being as all politicians did was shift the blame and point of focus somewhere else while the problems in society kept on getting worse.

As we were talking the guy sitting beside me stroked my back with his fingers and told me I had nice skin. I thanked him for the observation as I tried to get my head around their arguments. I guess I'd been there for half an hour when a naked girl came out from what I guess was the bedroom looking for some fresh papers to roll another joint. We smiled in acknowledgement of each other and one of the guys called out it was nice to see her sweet arse in the flesh.

I laughed at their observation and commented that most girls have sweet arse's until they get old and fat. A couple of them laughed and someone said that getting old and fat is when people give up on life. But the guy beside me was telling them I had a nice arse and I hadn't realised that his hand was under my skirt. The thought of sex crossed my mind, but then I thought that would take far too long. So I made my excuses and stood up to leave. They were disappointed but understanding and when someone asked to see my sweet arse, I lifted my skirt and turned around for them. They all cheered and I left. There were no other replies on that floor but the first door I knocked on in the next building opened to reveal a very chubby man wearing nothing but a very little tale and a wide smile.

I realised that I was turned on by the guys I'd just left so when the guy invited me in to complete my survey in comfort, I didn't hesitate. He was clearly a bachelor as the place was a bit messy. He had only just closed the door when he grabbed my arse and told me I was cute. I brushed his hand away and gave him what I thought was a discouraging smile then sat on the arm of a couch and started to explain my survey. He stood looking over my shoulder, more at my cleavage than the questions so I pulled the front of my top open so he could see and I said "okay, now you have seen, can we just get along?"

I wasn't sure if I wanted to, like with him that is. Then he grabbed my tit and I realised he was naked as he said how about it? He was all hands and I gave in much more easily than perhaps I should have, but then it was all over quite quickly and I moved on to the next apartment where I chatted with a girl about my own age. She was sweet and a couple of doors along I encountered a really big but solid man. He was nice, so nice I had to force myself to go home and my bicycle seat got very wet and slippery.

School next day was both a chore and very boring, some of my friends didn't want to know me either because I didn't conform or they were otherwise embarrassed by their own behaviour. I persevered and then on the Saturday I went back to the apartment where I'd met the stoners. The guy was by himself and not particularly stoned, and after a very interesting conversation we spent the rest of the day in bed although by evening some of his friends had arrived bearing food.

It was a fairly even mix of woman in the main topic of conversation was sensory perception and how everything only happens inside our own minds, something I'd heard about before. Then they'd wanted to create an awareness experience so we'll got naked, well I was already naked, the furniture was moved back and the lights were turned out with the objective of sensing the space and the other people in the room as we moved about.

Initially we bumped into each other and then everything seemed to become beautifully intimate as we felt and caressed each others bodies. Aware of my passion for cocks, I encountered several that were hard but I resisted trying to harden those that were soft. At one point it felt like six or seven people were running their hands all over me and at one point, actually several times various people sucked my nipples, kissed me, or put their fingers up inside me and I wasn't shy about returning that same sort of touch to the other girls. Then slowly the heat in the room built up and it's like everyone gathered around one couple who were fucking and I enjoyed feeling them moving under my fingertips and it was almost like I could feel inside them.

I remember I was standing vending forwards and the girl was on top, I was feeling her arse lifting up and down but then someone started fucking me from behind which somehow felt just perfect. Then I felt myself being picked up and held in the strong arms of two guys and then one of them slowly fucked me. It was totally out of this world and I think three guys fucked me and after that I remember laying on the floor with the girl sitting on my face as someone was doing something nice to my pussy.

Afterwards I felt so amazing and realised that I'd actually been there for six hours and outside it was getting late. I made the excuse that I had school work to attend to and left with the feeling that I'd discovered a very interesting bunch of new friends. I'd ridden my bike so I went home via the backstreets as I had no lights. When arrived home, Mum was out so I popped over to see how my favourite neighbour was. As usual he was delighted to see me and afterwards I almost floated home.

The next morning he woke me up quite early, rather he woke mum who told him I was still asleep, but I told her I was going for a swim and stopped in to see him before going to the pool. He seemed a bit concerned and while I assured him I was fine, I started to feel concerned that it was all a bit too much for him.

I swam for over an hour then I went into the gym and joined a stretch class after which I felt great and mildly amused because I was just wearing my little bikini. After changing, several guys were hanging around trying to catch my eye and I acknowledged one who seemed fairly clean cut and athletically handsome. This morning I'd run down and as usual wasn't wearing any underwear although I was wearing shorts instead of a skirt.

As you might expect of me by now, we had a quick fuck, but in the park because he had a live-in girlfriend. 10 minutes later I was walking home when another guy I recognised from the pool pulled up beside me and asked if he could give me a lift. I thought why not and after a five minute drive we went up to his apartment where he introduced me to his flatmate who I thought was much better looking, but since he'd taken the trouble to pick my up, I let him indulge me and then he was in a hurry to go out somewhere and his housemate offered me a ride home. At this point I was still naked and protesting his sudden departure, so as soon as he'd closed the door I jumped into his friends bed and we spent the rest of the morning fucking. I found that extra good because he had a fairly large cock. He dropped me off home and I spent the afternoon studying and being domestic.

Mum come home but we didn't really talk about anything much and she busied herself within her computer which I found amusing because it was clear she was talking to some guy. The following week of University was very boring, I seemed to be learning more from life and on the weekend I had a date with one of the four guys from the boat. Actually I couldn't quite remember who was who but he said he was taking me to a party and to wear something suitably sexy.

I couldn't really think of anything in particular to wear so as he asked for sexy, I just put on a micro mini and a sheer sleeveless top that left a nice amount of cleavage and exposed below my navel. I hoped it wasn't too daring but he (Jamie) was delighted when called by to pick me up. We drove towards an estate on the edge of town but then we turned into a driveway leading to a more modest home and we parked on the grass beside a dozen other cars. I'd only just gone inside when I met a girl wearing almost the same mini skirt as I was wearing, the only difference was I wasn't wearing knickers and hers were really obvious and her top was a different colour.

There was music in one room, a spa pool and swimming pool out back, tables were laden with nibbles and another room was set up for what looked like intimate moments and there were dishes of condoms ready for use everywhere. After I'd been shown around and groped by dozen people the idea of clothing seemed rather pointless. A few people were naked and then I realised I'd lost my date. He was nowhere about and the people were nice so when they touched me, I touched them back.

I encountered a guy who seemed nice and as my date still hadn't returned from wherever I let him fuck me and my date returned soon after that. The evening turned into something of a sex party and I guess I got fucked by seven or eight different guys. I had a few drinks but I wasn't particularly drunk so I knew what I was doing and afterwards Jamie took me home. I wasn't sure of mum was home will not, but I invited him in for another fuck and before he left he gave me a few hundred dollars and told me it was a token of appreciation from his friends at the party.

A few weeks have passed since then and somehow I managed to have sex a couple of times a day at least, sometimes more except on my period when I had three days off. Now I realise I was only going to ask you a couple of questions but it seems like I've almost written almost half a book but at least I hope it gives you a fuller picture.

As I have indicated, in the space of a few weeks of gone from being a fairly modest girl who'd enjoyed sex may be only 20 times to a girl who's had sex with could be over 100 different guys in the space of a month.
1. Does this mean that I'm a sex addict?
2. Does this mean that there is something wrong with me? Because really as long as a guy is nice, I feel more than happy to have sex with almost anyone and I'm not even fussed whether they are old or young.
3. Why is it that as soon as some guy gets close enough to touch my boobs or touch my pussy my body just wants sex even though in some ways I'm kind of indifferent?

Your opinion would be most appreciated, kind regards Sasha. PS. Kokomo is the largest and hottest nightclub on the river.

My word Sasha, what a great story and you really have had something of an adventure that reminds me of some of my own. But to answer your questions:

  1. Sex addiction only occurs where you are unable to live without sex. But I see and your narrative that you are having days without sex that don't trouble you. So I would conclude that you are a girl who simply likes sex and if it's not available then you are not bothered or concerned in anyway therefore you are not an addict.
  2. Having sex with people you like when it feels easy and natural should not really be a problem provided that you don't get any disease or get pregnant. You must understand that our civilisation has evolved its own rules and peculiarities which includes the governance of sex and human relationships. The ideal is monogamy and yet we know that the majority of people than any relationship always sleep around which goes to show that monogamy does not really work but its a social institution that gives a little stability when having families.
  3. Everyone's body is different and we all respond in different ways. For instance I like to be verbally turned on a little before letting a guy touch me and while having my breasts fondled is nice, I don't really get turned on until after I've had some clitoral stimulation. But as soon as that happens my whole body becomes highly responsive to a point that I'd be rather upset if the guy went soft on me and I expect that you are similar to me in some respects.
    In a sense we all need to remember that our bodies are vehicles for living this life and that our actual identity is somewhat separate. But I've always found that by indulging in sex and sensuality, that identity beyond mind and body is somehow stimulated and from this I've gotten a perspective on life totally different to what is taught in school and what is regarded as normal social behaviour.
    You also need to remember that women's bodies are really tough and that many sex workers can have as many as 20 clients every day without suffering any physical damage although mentally and emotionally its extremely challenging work so am not suggesting you do this, it's just to let you know that bodies are tough.

Sex is meant to be fun and as long as you are happy and dodging in a way that doesn't upset people around you, I think what you're doing is wonderful and spiritually uplifting. You are in control of your life and if any part of your search for pleasure becomes unpleasant, you can adapt your lifestyle or seek out like-minded people to live with.

Thank you for sharing, best wishes, Dianna


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