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We live in a very high-pressure world and we need to perform at our best in order to succeed. However this pressure means that we often take short-cuts without diet and lifestyle. In a perfect world, we could sit for an hour or more and enjoy a quality meal with friends and even a glass of wine.

However so many people live on fast food and if that's you, then your digestive tract is under a lot of pressure. Fast food tends to be highly processed, full of unpleasant chemicals and because it is fast, we eat in a hurry and continue our activities before digestion has taken place.

A consequence of this is that we typically gain weight and our digestive tract becomes clogged. When this happens, we begin to run out of energy sooner and often have between meal snacks that compound the problem.

When digestion is sluggish, we often get more tired and irritable which makes life less pleasant not only for ourselves, but those around us. In addition to the loss of energy and weight gain, even doing a number two (poo) can be a strain and sometimes people have heart attacks as they sit there trying to force it out because for some increases pressure on the organs.

For most people, by the time they realise that something is wrong they are consuming a high volume of sweets, lots of tea or coffee and probably alcohol to dull the sense of suffering that somehow seems to hover in the background of life.

In this situation, a person begins to lose his or her identity and becomes another cog in the machine. Any sweetness or pleasure in life becomes transient and one joins the multitude working toward some distant happiness like a donkey following the carrot on a stick.

When you realise that you're in this trap, you need to take action because it's probably going to kill you before you're ready to go. But action is not so difficult, you need to recognise that your behaviour towards food is compulsive and you can break that by making healthier food choices, and ditching the coffee and alcohol.

As a part of this process, some meditation or contemplative time for yourself is important. It helps to create some distance between you and the world that you are caught up in and you can realise that you are in fact an independent person.

When you understand that you are an actor in life's drama, you have the freedom to experiment with your role without actually quitting your job or abandoning your friends although friends that support your compulsive behaviour are often people you should distance yourself from.

Some of the consequences

Diabetes, liver disease, gallstones, weight gain, loss of fitness, digestive upsets, constipation or diarrhoea, tiredness and an inability to focus on those things that are most important. Of course there is also the impact on relationships because as digestive health is compromised, temper becomes short and this is what is behind much of the violence in the world.

Irritable bowel is a major symptom

Digestive science offers a Three-Step NATURAL System of IBS Relief and Prevention

Laxatives. Antidiarrheals, antidepressants. Ask one of the estimated 58 million Americans who live with IBS symptoms like constipation and diarrhea, gas and abdominal pain and you see desperation. They've probably tried all these so-called IBS remedies, and none are safe for ongoing use...

The cause in addition to what is outlined above is often a lack of digestive enzymes - lost through cooking and food processing. Enter the Digestive Enzyme Renewal daily supplement which provides much-needed digestive enzymes to help food digest faster and more efficiently.

Step two is the Maximum Digestion Probiotic supplement. Probiotics are the "friendly bacteria" that reduce harmful microflora in the gut. Like digestive enzymes, people with IBS tend to be low in these helpful little bacteria, and studies show they're very effective.

Step three is the Daily Digestion Support daily nutrient and fibre supplement with the superfood chia. With 27+ minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids in just 41.25 calories per tablespoon, and being an AWESOME source of IBS-busting fibre, it's got the tools to reduce IBS and keep it away naturally.
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The real secret is in eating fresh whole foods. All the dietary research around the world has proven that the people who are healthiest and live longest, and although their diets are different, do not eat any processed foods and very little sugar. Digestive Science can help you move in that direction.


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