Displaced Coccyx

Displaced tail bone

The coccyx is made up of three vertebra that sit at the bottom of the spine. For most people they are totally insignificant but these three bones are generally fused together and rarely move unless one has an unfortunate accident such as slipping downstairs or slipping on ice.

When this happens there is generally a sharp pain followed by a persistent pain of varying intensity around the base of the spine. When damaging the coccyx due to a fall, most often the coccyx is pushed forwards and it's a simple but uncomfortable operation to pull it back into place.

The coccyx can also be displaced during childbirth where it is more typically displaced backwards or to the side. The pain may not be initially felt during the delivery, but afterwards as the body begins returning to its pre-pregnant status. Treatment again is usually a short sharp readjustment.

A typical treatment is for a licenced therapist/ doctor to physically insert a finger into the anus and reposition the coccyx under the influence of some local anaesthetic.

This video has some good advice that can be incorporated into the massage if no qualified treatment is available. The methodology here is from applied kinesiology.


4 comments to Displaced Coccyx

  • Marylin

    Although everyone laughed, that wasn’t funny for me when it happened and I had to endure months of discomfort that included difficulty sitting down. I never knew about massage osteopathy and I had to have surgery which has left its own uncomfortable consequences although I really notice it six months after

  • Debbi Ourlette

    Hi, spot on, I slipped on ice and the fix was a finger up the bum to straighten my coccyx and was pain free the following day. Went for that as medical center wanted xrays and lots of mucking about.

  • Winnie Weideman

    Hi, some people may incorrectly believe that it is pointless to determine if the tailbone is dislocated because they incorrectly believe that there is no treatment available.

  • Gerrard

    Hi, This is a most unpleasant experience that happened to me when I slipped on ice a few months back. But thanks to the professionalism of my medic, the finger in my rectum and a few moments of intense discomfort resolved my problem

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