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DNA and Our Genetics

Key to our evolution and survival or demise as a species

dnaWhen we consider our history over the past few thousand years, Western science has virtually 'only just' discovered DNA. In their analysis, scientists because they couldn't understand what they were dealing with were quick to label most of our DNA as junk. However if we jump back to ancient India they have known about DNA thousands of years and they use that knowledge to create a strong and healthy population.

One way of understanding DNA is that it is the blueprint for the creation and the function of our body and mind. Let's remember that our body is a composite of all the food that we have eaten over a lifetime and it's our DNA that orchestrates this body building activity. Similarly our mind is a collection of impressions but within our genetic code or DNA lies the master plan for the function of our minds.

Are you stuck in the mud?

Today scientists know a little, but most of the content in our DNA remains a mystery and scientists have a great deal to learn. If we accept that evolutionary theory is true, then it is logical that our DNA must also change over time, but it must also change with some consistency otherwise women may give birth to monkeys or even fish?

It is thought that DNA changes due to consistent dietary, behavioural and intellectual activities over a long period of time, perhaps thousands of years. In effect this is an adaptation to our environment which enables us to survive. Interestingly we also have the term "stick in the mud" for those people who despite the best evidence refused to make positive changes in their lives. The consequences are often visible to all except the individual concerned which makes me wonder if they have reached the end of their DNA together. In other words, they have been stretched to the edge of their evolutionary genetic capacity?

By going into higher states of (meditative) consciousness,
we actually evolve ourselves and re-engineer our own DNA

Scientists at Cornell University discovered that the bodies of people who live on a primarily vegetarian diet are much better able to extract the essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids from vegetable sources whereas most people require animal products to obtain these nutrients.

When we look at human development, the nature of the human body adapts quite quickly to environmental and physiological changes. But it's now being observed that when teenage girls have babies, those babies will have a predisposition to becoming more able to reproduce at a younger age and their lives on average tend to be a little shorter. Conversely with the trend of women in their 40s having babies, their children's reproductive capacity and the age that they are able to conceive increases as does their overall lifespan.

When we compare the Europeans and Hindus, we see many contrasts. Europeans have largely enjoyed a meat-based diet, and until living conditions improved and modern medicine arrived, they had a very short lifespan seldom exceeding 40 years. But when we look to the Hindu's, they enjoyed a vegetarian diet and a lifespan that often exceeded 100 years.

In terms of intelligence, the Hindus have 10,000 years of mental discipline and today they are world leaders in all fields of science and technology. In the USA, if all the Indian workers were to leave, the US industrial and scientific sector would cease to exist. The Hindu mindset was geared to exploring the mystery of life whereas the European mindset was living in fear and avoidance of the mysteries of life. With globalisation and the changes in Western society post-World War II, the Western mind is playing catch up to Hindu brothers and sisters.

So it's abundantly clear that diet and nutrition, lifestyle and either belief or non-belief play vital roles in not only affecting the quality of our lives today, but the lives of all future generations because how we live and how we think today is imprinted into our genetic code and passed on to offspring.

We must remember that the field of Western science is very new and experimental. While we have researchers at Cornell and other places are producing helpful results that empower us to become more responsible for our lives, others like Dr Stuart Reece, and Professor Gary Hulse from the University of Western Australia's School of Psychiatry who have been looking into cannabis use claim that cannabis makes people much more susceptible to some cancers. But if we look at civilisations where cannabis use has been endemic for thousands of years, we see this is clearly not true and this research is in support of scare tactics, restrictive social controls and no doubt profits for some industries.

In terms of what is harmful, it is substance addiction which includes the huge volumes of environmental poisons that we are exposed to on a daily basis. It is these that undermine our health, our ability to function as human beings and damage our DNA. Therefore we must conclude that if we want to have a healthy and happy personal life, we need to live in accordance with a path in nature that enhances our physicality and mentality. These enhancements that we achieve in our lifetime will in all probability be passed on to our offspring. But while we can consciously progress, we can also regress. So where are you going in evolutionary terms?

Although reincarnation is mentioned in the Bible but denied by the church, it has always been an accepted fact within Hindu civilisation. While many people have testified to the fact that they can recollect past lifetimes we cannot know for sure until such time as we have a similar experience. But we do know that our parents characteristics are inherited, in fact the shape of your nose can be traced back for 100 generations or more.

How to upgrade your DNA

Out DNA or genetic code is a natural part of us and until now it has shaped our lives. It will continue to do so, but how it does that is also up to us. The evidence is out there that DNA can be changed either positively or negatively. The choice is ours.

DNA can be changed by force through scientific manipulation, but science is made so many stuff ups that we need to revert to the tried and proven methods of ancient India.

  1. Become a vegetarian, you don't have to do this overnight. But over the course of a few years reduce your meat consumption as well as the consumption of agricultural chemicals and other poisons that are commonly included in our foodstuffs.
  2. You take up yoga or some exercise system to keep your body healthy. You've probably heard of the old saying 'if you don't use it, you lose it' which is true. Through gentle to mild physical exercise the physical body maintains its functionality and enables the mind also to function better.
  3. Meditation is perhaps the most important practice. It is only through meditation that you can really get to know who you really are. Meditation requires that you park your body in a comfortable position and allow the mind to settle. In doing so you begin to perceive the subtle nature of reality and connect to the source of all life. This connection to the source gives rise to a state of happiness and joy which is independent of any external phenomenon which creates a loving atmosphere within your body mind. It is in this state that DNA most rapidly self repairs and evolves to support an increased level of wellness and intelligence.



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