Drugs and society

Why I the Reason?

epotHumans have been using drugs throughout all known history. Almost every culture tested the properties of almost every plant in substance within its domain. Some plants /substances produced fatal results, but some produced therapeutic results and became medicines while others produced results that we refer to as 'mind altering'.

In hunter gatherer communities, one of two people would take a drug and to gain insight as to where to find food, or solutions to the problems they were experiencing. Often this person was the Shaman who was not always a male in every culture.

The use of drugs like cannabis, mescaline and ayawasca were tools for those special occasions as was alcohol. But it was alcohol that became more freely available to the wider population, especially in Europe.

Within the Greek and Roman empires, alcohol became freely available and it helped to stoopify a portion of the population which kept them more controlable. However in small hunter gatherer communities, any drug use was a matter of life or death and consequently the drug of choice was treated with a lot more respect.

In countries like India, alcohol was not available to the general public who on the whole were more interested in dharma and consciously understanding life. A consequence of this is that while despite all the invasions into their territories, the Indian people were by and large very harmonious.

With the development of Christianity and Islam, these belief systems acted on the population in a similar way to alcohol. Believers can't be happy unless everyone else believes as they do and drunks cannot be happy unless they and everyone else is drunk.

Alcohol and religion affect populations in similar ways, they both provide the psychological excuse for despicable behaviour like; "I'm sorry your honour, I was drunk." Within religion we have the Christian crusades where millions of non-believers were executed in a fervour of self-righteousness that gave armies the right to kill, rape and pillage.

Islamists today are still doing the same thing, killing, raping and pillaging while the administration of the USA conducts its own war of terror across the world justified by misplaced Christian ideals and a conscience destroyed by alcohol.

The war of terror being conducted by the USA and groups of Islamists is acceptable to the wider population of the planet Earth as long as it doesn't affect them. But within the legal framework of most countries, if someone smokes cannabis even if it doesn't affect anyone else, this is a major problem.

drugsWhile the Shamen and the hunter gatherer tribes lived beyond the reach of so-called civilised rules, some of their values have flowed into mainstream consciousness through the counter-culture movement of the 1960s and it continues in recreational drug user groups today.

While alcohol is the most used and abused drug across the world, is completely legal. Of all the drugs available to mankind, it causes the most deaths, causes the most social disruption and one could well argue that it is destroying the very fabric of modern civilisation.

In contrast, the use of all the other natural recreational drugs apart from the occasional unpleasant side-effects for the user have rarely ever caused any deaths. In analysis one can only presume that these drugs are illegal because they don't fit into the understanding of the country's administrators. But the thing that administrations most fear is that like the hunter gatherers who used these drugs to attune with nature in order to know where to hunt or find food, modern drug users are also empowered to see the nature of the games that people play and in particular, the corruption within politics.

When someone has done something wrong, they don't want to be found out. This is the situation the USA finds itself in today. It has built herself an economy dependent on war and despite the fact that the mainland USA has never been attacked, the USA has been conducting wars around the world almost continuously since it was conceived as a country. In recent times it has engineered the destruction of Iraq, Syria, Libya and other countries for its own pleasure and profit, so here we can call money a drug also.

Other man-made chemical compounds

pot1These are in two classes; prescription drugs and recreational drugs. Most prescription drugs are to help relieve the suffering for self-created problems and through wrong prescriptions and other factors, prescription drugs kill millions of people every year.

Synthetic drugs like ecstasy and methamphetamine, they cause suffering and many deaths. But people only turn to these drugs to escape the distress caused by social injustice.

Most drug use is an attempt to resolve some unhappiness or internal suffering. They include antidepressants, the alcohol, cannabis to some extent, religious fervour.

The psychedelic drugs are used almost exclusively by those seeking a real spiritual experience and to know the truth of life. These drugs include cannabis, mescaline and LSD.

If you happen to be thinking about drugs and your particular society, if alcohol or religion dominates the your society, it's likely to be a very unhappy place to live. If prescription and synthetic recreational drugs feature strongly in your area, life must be absolutely miserable. But if people are using cannabis and psychedelic drugs, despite the poverty, life can actually be very pleasant.

However all drug use as a stopgap measure. We are here to be fully realised human beings living in harmony with our environment and with each other.

So really, drugs are not the problem. People are the problem, you are the problem because you are not yet a fully realised human being and the only way to fix the problems of the world is to fix yourself first, and this can only be done through the path of yoga and meditation. You will find this path in Christianity if you strip it back to its core and throwaway the Bible. Some recreational drugs can help to open the windows of perception so that one can appreciate the wonder of life, but this can be achieved naturally without drugs.

Cannabis, an ancient building material
Hempcrete in construction


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