The management of resources

avfMany say money is the root of all evil, but this is not true,  of itself, money has no intrinsic value and the real root of evil if it can be termed as such, is the ignorance which leads to differential forms of thinking such as greed.

Fundamentally, the idea of money is an exchange of energy and time. In other words, I give you my time in return for a token of your time or I give you a token of value in exchange for something that I need.

This idea has been around for a very long time and what I thought to be military records have been found in the Indus Valley dating back to six or eight thousand BC.

In today's world of economics, the world's monetary system is completely out of hand and debt has become a currency. Almost everyone in the world is in debt to someone else but no one seems to know who owns the most debt which is actually a contradiction in terms.

Debt is actually less than nothing and it should have no value, but it has been given value. Economies of New Zealand, United States Britain, and most of Europe are all so deeply indebted that it's improbable that those debts can ever be repaid.

"If all economists were laid end to end, they would not reach a conclusion." ~ George Bernard Shaw

To Understand the nature of money, read The Great Money Trick (From Robert Tressel's The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists
“Money is the real cause of poverty,” said Owen.
“Prove it,” repeated Philpot.
“Money is the cause of poverty because it is the device by which those who are too lazy to work are enabled to rob the workers of the fruits of their labour.” ~ Goggle docs

There is no solution to this, the world's level of debt keeps increasing even though various banking organisations keep printing new money to try and alleviate the problem and keep economy's going. The only real solution is to abolish all debt and then implement:

A new economic paradigm

In a new paradigm, money may not be required, but if it is, the following guidelines apply:

  • no credit
  • no borrowing
  • no gambling
  • a universal currency

The role of banks would be to transact and store money for a small fee, enough for staff to live. This will put the money traders out of work as well as many lawyers and accountants who may have to learn some new skills.

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