Acquiring the tools for living

educateIn a more perfect world education would be about sharing and learning about life and all its processes, it would be about becoming a responsible human being in an intelligent civilisation. However as we are governed by ignorance and strength, learning has degraded into learning how to survive in a corrupted world.

Our modern education system is a corrupted version of an ancient Hindu system that taught children how to live in harmony with life which is why before the arrival of Islam and colonialism, it was the world's most advanced civilisation that had no need to go to war and yet had some capacity to defend itself although there was probably no Hindu who could imagine what was coming 1300 years ago.

We can't teach our children everything, and perhaps is more important to teach them respect for life and to stimulate their natural curiosity about the nature of reality. In doing this they may acquire a degree of sensibility that they may collectively make the world a better place which requires a transformation of human thinking as well as our economic and social structures.

Many parents and educators find that their children do not do well at school, they act out and sometimes even drop out and this is because to a large extent they are confused and frustrated by the general disrespect for life shown within civilisation and the bigotry and conflict that exists within local and large communities.

They are taught that marriage is the ideal and yet they can see that their parents aren't happy or connected as an efficient unit and they can see the explosiveness in the world around them. Kids are not stupid and yet the modern education system and the modern lifestyle continues to offend them and those whose spirit is broken become good citizens and those who can retain their spirit become rebels and unfortunately some of the rebels end up doing more harm than good.


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