Education Fails

When fictions and beliefs are taught as truths

Most parents want their children to become successful and happy in life, most often with more emphasis on success because they believe that success is the key to happiness. Success as in money is the flag of aspiration and meaning in life that supersedes almost everything else and children today are being driven en-mass towards this ill-defined goal.

Success is a great many things and every individual develops their own interpretation. While the most basic success is to grow into life, reproduce and see one's children grow into life to the point where one can experience grandchildren represents the greatest universal success because it is biological and represents the natural continuation of our DNA.

In the modern world, such success is less important, it's more important to carve out a social niche, to have money and social status. However from an educational perspective how the child moves from natural joy and contentment through the education system to emerge as another cog in the wheel generally costs them their natural joy and contentment.

The adults of this world, those who decide how children should be educated had their natural happiness and joy eliminated from their consciousness as they were indoctrinated with beliefs in their early formative years by parents who believed they knew best.

While there are some efforts to save and nurture some aspects of children's natural psych in the modern education system, the system itself is riddled with lies that challenge a child's ability to actually have faith not only in the educational system itself, but his or her parents and the very nature of civilisation.

While every child needs guidance to butter their toast, cross the street and be safe in this world, teaching beliefs as truths to children is child abuse. Children are perfectly entitled to come up with their own beliefs if they wish, but if parents and educators were honest, they would know that teaching beliefs as truths gives children a false sense of reality that may very well destroy them.

Modern civilisation claims to be founded on moral principles and righteousness yet we celebrate select characters from history and these are mostly the ones that bought wealth into the western fold. In the Western world, characters like Marco Polo are remembered for remarkable journeys. The character of Alexander the Greek is celebrated because he took revenge for a previous attack against Greece then went on to decimate, pillage and plunder across Persia, Bactria, Northwest India and Egypt.

Adolf Hitler on the other hand is despised because he challenged the European status quo and the sensibility of the European power structure. Through Alexander, Columbus, James Cook and so many others children learn that patriarchal capitalism is superior, always correct and has the ordained right to shape the world as it sees fit. It instils the beliefs as we see dominating the USA and its allies today, that it has the right to dictate to the world because it is somehow morally superior.

Children learn that killing and stealing from neighbours, in this case neighbouring countries is perfectly reasonable despite being taught 'that shalt not kill' and that stealing is a criminal offence. This double standard is very confusing as is the concept of a loving God that created us that allows us to do such heinous things to each other. The fact that this benevolent God has never intervened is surely proof of its nonexistence?

In this modern world teenage suicide is seen as a big problem yet no one is prepared to address the root cause which is that as teenagers they finally farewell their sense of natural innocence, happiness and joy to prepare themselves to participate in the universal corruption of life within modern society.

The suffering of teenagers comes about from being lied to and told that it's for their own good, they are taught the killing is wrong and yet so many people are being killed every day and they can see that the adults in control of this world are not really in control, they see that modern civilisation is a sham and a scam doomed to near immanent failure.

As their joyful memories of childhood begin to fade, children can see that modern life holds only suffering and misery, success requires they participate in destroying life which goes against their conscience, and the only solution to avoid becoming like those who destroy is self-termination.

We must also remember that the authoritative powers responsible for our education system and especially the history books used in schools are far from truthful. Alexander the Greek should be coloured the same as Adolf Hitler. The British East India Company and all the plundering capitalists of Europe should be spoken of as common criminals. The European occupation of the Americas and the tragic deaths of many tens of millions of indigenous people at the hands of European invaders and plunderers should be seen as truly despicable.

However these facts of life are not taught in school, the children who make it come out the other side believe that they are morally superior and they are free to shape the world in their own image in part because the creator god can't get off his fat arse to show his love and protect his creation.

Differences in education: A 13-year-old 1 Indian boy hired by Google at a package of 1.25 million dollars per annum! Right a Pakistani girl child threatening Indian PM Narendra Modi with her Ak-47!

If parents want to do right by their children, they could perhaps teach them that we don't know if there is any such thing as a god, we don't know exactly where we came from aside from the evolutionary drift, we don't know why we are here but we are beginning to learn about ourselves and this amazing place we call Earth.

If parents really want to be successful as parents, they must be brutally truthful with their children and stop pretending they have all the answers. Even an idea like which way is up is abstract and a point of agreement, not a concrete reality because we live in a world where there is no concrete reality.

At the end of the day, we are all human beings, not human doings yet we try to shape our children so that they would do as they are told and believe what they are taught. There are some mundane things we have to do such as clean house and produce food, but as human beings we can be happy, be joyful, be wonderful, be inventive, be creative in so many ways yet the modern world demands that we do stuff in the service of others that robs individuals of their most basic right to be happy.

What would you want for your children?

Teach your children well

"If we make consistent effort, based on proper education, we can change the world. We are selfish, that's natural, but we need to be wisely selfish, not foolishly selfish. We have to concern ourselves more with others well-being, that's the way to be wisely selfish. We have the ability to take the long-term benefit into account. I think it is possible to make real change in this century." ~ His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Our children will inherit our world and if we want them to be able to create a better world, its up to us to provide the tools.

  • This means being honest and teaching them about our known reality, not beliefs as beliefs are most often a fiction.
  • Teach them about the functioning of our human body
  • Teach them the reality  sex, don't bullshit about the stork
  • Be honest about relationships
  • Teach them about our dependence on the environment
  • Few people know the truth of history, so don't expect them to understand causes because  these are constantly being manipulated and causing the ongoing crises today.
  • As they are comfortable with sociology, teach them skills for life.

Rudolf Steiner had a good concept and this is a step in the right direction, but children are curious and want to know many things, but they are frustrated that their parents don't know, and  they are offended by parents lies. Unfortunately most adults and parents have huge gaps in their education and are largely ignorant of the world, so parents must also learn which often means setting aside disbeliefs and admitting their understanding and actions have been wrong.


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