Election 2016

Public disgrace as shit hits the fan

We have had many years of American drama on our big and small screens, and in recent years real-life dramas have become popular and paved the way for a smooth transition into the real world politics and drama of the US elections.

In contrast we have had years of conspiracy theories and protesters crying out that the 'king has no clothes'. The rich and powerful just laughed at the people and dismissed public concerns as they got on with playing politics and finance.

If we set this against the backdrop the past 120 years, all this political manoeuvring has resulted in a dozen wars and countless civil wars that have been mostly instigated by the USA and Allied corporations. The game is always about economic and social control and there's not a great deal of difference between Adolf Hitler's treatment of the Jews and the US treatment of anyone it dislikes, it's just that the US administration appears a little more polite and underhand in the way it does business.

The Chilcot report (officially known as the Iraq Inquiry) condemns the British government for its part in the Iraq war, a view that most educated people knew without spending a fortune to produce an epic book that few can read. This report confirms what most rational people believed and it proves that we live in information age and the nasty little secrets of our politicians are not so very secret. Thanks to the great many whistleblowers around the world and even high-ranking public officials that are so fed up with the lies and corruption who speak out, we have entered a new era of transparency.

Thanks to dedicated journalists like John Pilger and many others, they have revealed many of the dirty little secrets of the US administration as to how it replaced democratic governments with US friendly dictators. But now we can be more sure that many officials in the US administration including past presidents have a strong hand in genocide and war crimes.

The US primary has been an exciting drama for many people although they seem to be too incredulous to believe this day and age. Yet despite the transparency and the revelation of so many political lies, the game plays on without much public censure.

So why is that?

The recent trend in public protest is that any protesters who walk the streets are met with paramilitary police who literally beat the crap out of them. Not only that, mass surveillance means that that protesters suffer more than black eyes or broken limbs, they are likely to lose their rights as citizens because the government watchers place them on terrorist lists.

The new corporate, or we could say fascist leaderships that have evolved over the past 50 years invest heavily in public control. This includes everything from the low price of your TV set to full control of the media and an orchestrated plan to lock the population into modes of compulsive behaviours that can be manipulated.

So when Edward Snowden was branded a traitor for letting the cat out of the bag by informing the American people about the US governments bad behaviour, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton scarcely got more than a rap over the knuckles for her laxity in regard to equally sensitive information.

So what's ahead?

If Hillary Clinton wins presidency which is on the cards, we will see an escalation in global conflict as well is a continued repression of civilian populations. If you haven't seen the movie The Hunger Games, it's time you did as this is the type of life you can look forward to.

If by chance Bernie Sanders becomes an independent and gets a lot more grassroots support, is a chance he could displace Hillary on election day. But this is a slim chance because the electoral system is rigged in favour of the administrations desired candidate. In case you're wondering, democracy is a rather hollow term because by and large most elections are in the hands of those who predetermine the outcome and only a major upset can make any real change.

A win by Bernie Sanders would be a token move towards sanity, but unfortunately he is to closely tied into the military corporations and little would change on the foreign fronts. In contrast, a trump victory would give the world a good laugh and perhaps the US would get its just deserts.

Donald Trump is undoubtedly the joker and he seems to be the most irrational of all the players. But he could be just what America needs to curb the activities of the war machine, take the pressure off Russia and facilitate a more peaceful dissemination of the EU while began to address the criminality of past US behaviour.


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