Ending War

The dream of humanity

dbIf we look at small tribes of hunters and gatherers, they have a natural hierarchy around the collective survival of their communities because every individual is important and valued. There is no one person that can do anything nor is there any one person who would want to do everything. Overtime every individual evolved a role to play in order to support the community by doing what needed to be done.

In larger communities that arose with the development of agriculture, these gave some people more free time and occupations diversified not only for community survival but self aggrandisement. The ideas of trade and profit led to an inflated sense of self-worth as the end result justified the means even when the means were cruel and unfair.

This unfairness culminated in the formation of armies and conquest, the evolution of ideas, the creation of God's as tools to justify behaviour. Humankind evolved from a collective or communal society into an elitist structured organisation.

In the primitive tribe, a full belly and a sense of collective safety engendered a shared happiness. I'm not saying that this lifestyle was perfect. There would have been the occasional internal squabble and the occasional territorial conflict with neighbouring groups, yet by and large these groups survived for perhaps hundreds of thousands of years.

The modern structured society based on agriculture, exploitation of nature and ideas in the short time it has existed have been exceedingly violent. The distinctive feature of our history books is the violence, the oppression and the theft. In my post about the status of world war three, this reflects a doomsday story because humanity has become unmanageable and completely irresponsible.

Over many generations modern societies have come to see themselves as being separate from life and life as simply something to manipulate for profit. We use the land, we use the water and we use each other in order that we can gain physical assets or ideas to temporarily placate the unhappiness that results from the separation from life.

You know, all the cells inside our bodies are in communication communion with each other? But when they get out of sync, we label this a disease. When we become ill the new medicine that has evolved over the past 200 years offers solutions to block out the pain or remove the affected part of the body, not a cure as was sought in traditional medicine.

The real problem is caused by the degrees of separation from life. While all the cells in our body are in communication with each other it is very rare for the average person to be a party to that conversation so sickness comes as an unpleasant surprise.

The purpose of life
Sadhguru on Youtube

The disaffection that individuals and groups of people have towards each other arises from their own disaffection and separation from their own internal nature. Our entire education system has evolved around the need to manipulate life and make a profit simply an order to continue living.

This is the outcome of the patriarchal society that divides in order to conquer and rule. There can be no collective solution until such time as there is a mass awakening to the fact that we are all a part of this existence we call life. We need to wake up to the fact that we are totally depended on each other and the planet we call home.

Unfortunately the majority are blinded by false education and the susceptibility of the many factions competing for power and wealth, and there needs to be some way that is echoed in a phrase that came out in the 1960s. People need to learn to "tune in to life and dropout of the rat race."

There are many millions of people doing this all around the world through yoga, meditation and even psychedelic substances. Unfortunately the majority had become attached to what they see as the status quo the old degenerating structure of an unhealthy civilisation.

Humanity as a whole needs to face the fact that we have created a hell on earth for many. For the people who have been very nasty in this life may well find themselves suffering and even more hellish life in their next incarnation whereas the people who have developed a pleasant and loving internal disposition and have come to appreciate their own connection to life are likely to be experience heaven in this life despite the dross and continue to evolve happily.

We have reached a situation in our evolution where we have reached a population of 7.3 billion and we are destroying the environment that sustains us. Yet while the world is mired in conflicts, away from the conflict zones there is a celebration of life as millions of people come to realise their own true nature.

If you are despairing, you may wonder what is our true nature?

earth-lifeThis is a question we can really only answer for ourselves, but we have a marvellous and rich resource that have been passed on to us from ordinary people like you and I who sat down, relaxed and turned their attention inwards.

The patriarchal societies created external gods and came to fear their own internal nature. This took the quest of civilisation outwards and made it very destructive. If we go back to the small hunter gatherer tribe more often than not these are matriarchal societies were the most important activities evolved around collective survival. Conversely, the outcome of the patriarchal society is the separation of people from each other as well is themselves.

Separated from each other and alone in the world, we have become a society of individuals seeking individual survival with very sense of responsibility for one's own self and the life around.

When we consider our nature, our entire experience of life is within our own mind or consciousness. You might think that when you open your eyes you see the world as being outside of you. However if you think about this, the light is being refracted from the objects you are looking at and that light is collected at the back of the eye where it stimulates nerves which then sends a signal to the brain and then your brain decides what you are seeing.

We experience the world through our senses and as with our eyes, all our senses send signals back to our brain which interprets the world around us. One of the crazy implications of this is that there is no absolute way of knowing whether or not you or I are seeing the same thing in the same way even though we have organised ourselves in such a way that we agree.

On a material sense, we all agree that blue is blue, but we might well disagree about a right course of action or philosophy. Now, you may see yourself as a moderate individual as part of a community that has a relationship with life or a relationship exploiting life.

Yet the world is so confused even understanding this can be problematic, so the only solution for an individual who is willing to consider alternatives to humanity is self-destructive course and an increase in personal suffering is to take a little time out, to sit down and meditate.

The process of meditation counterbalances our external view of life and psychologically our outward looking as masculine and our internal contemplation or relaxation is feminine in nature. It has become an accepted fact both within modern psychology and ancient metaphysics that we have this dual masculine-feminine nature.

Similarly the entire universe embodies these principles of masculine and feminine. The earth is the feminine principle through which life comes into being to be protected and inspired by the masculine energy.

In the tribal culture, once the means for basic survival had become stable the question arises who are we, and why are we here. There seemed little doubt that these two questions, noted in the understanding of yoga and the ultimate nature of the universe.

In modern society where there is scant regard for the feminine and self-knowledge, internal exploration is actively discouraged because the people who have a deeper self-knowledge also had a broader perception and they are able to see through the games that people play. Our corporate and religious masters don't like this, so they give us lots of alcohol, fluoride and other drugs as well as mass media to distract from what's really going on in the world.

Some solutions

To begin your own journey of self-discovery, plan a little time out at the same time every day. When you wake up, realise that you are still alive, bring your palms together in front of you and give a thought or even vocalise a few words of thanks to the universe for your existence and that you are alive.

If you have a little more time either attend a local yoga class in order to maintain your general health and flexibility. As well as or instead of, you could find a meditation class.

During your day, take some micro-pauses to notice the life around you, what pleases you and what displeases you? Before the Internet I would have said to read some books about yoga and the nature of life, and you can still do this although today there are some excellent resources on you tube and you can listen to some of the world's best minds.

It is helpful to understand that what is referred to as the wisdom of the East, the philosophy from which today's religions evolved, and the sciences of yoga and meditation originate in the land we know today as India.

Historians have worked out that the Jews were in fact a group of people who migrated out of India about 4000 years ago and over time their understanding of Sanatana Dharma evolved or perhaps we could say devolved into Judaism from which Christianity and Islam have emerged.

Therefore in terms of reading and acquiring knowledge, one must really pay attention to the yogis of India. Yoga simply means unity although in common use the term refers to the activities undertaken to bring about what is referred to as unity. Yoga is to become yoked or united with all aspects of oneself and because like the plants and other species on this planet, our bodies also came into being from the mother Earth and our intellect and reason is more of a masculine or spatial aspect of our existence.

So what I'm saying here is that for the moment we cannot save the world no matter how hard we try because it's almost impossible to influence the political situation without a great deal of money. The initial task is simply to get to know yourself as a part of life and exercise your social and political voice by participating in your local elections and supporting environmental conservation initiatives.

By getting to know ourselves, by becoming more joyful and inclusive of those around us, the world becomes a better place.

What to do about the world at war?

freerideAll the people who initiate war and participate in war do so because they are unhappy or because they are forced into it. The warmongers or promoters of war and other corporate economic, power hungry and religious people who effectively run the world in order to make themselves feel better about themselves because they are so disconnected from life. Unfortunately soldiers are most often conscripted and have little choice.

War of course is one of the most profitable businesses and while corporations have been draining economies, it's only the military-industrial complex that is keeping many economies afloat.

As an individual, it's simply doing more of the above, meditating and deepening your own experience of life in a very intimate way, supporting your own local community and exercising your social responsibility by voting in every election. You can also exercise your right to public protest on matters that concern you.

I am reminded of something that happens in the New Zealand landscape. About three quarters or perhaps slightly more of all the forests have been cleared for agriculture, but some of the land is unsuitable for agriculture and it is often quickly covered by weeds like gorse. While farmers often persevere on such marginal land, there have been many instances where gorse and other weeds have taken over parts of the landscape and because has been an economic to do anything about it, it has grown and disturbed.

Yet as the gorse grows, as a monoculture it becomes weak allowing the sunlight to penetrate to the soil underneath. Then seeds from long gone trees and new seeds deposited by birds sprout and overtime a new forest emerges in the gorse becomes history.

In the past, civilisations have risen, flourished and then disappeared almost without trace. This has happened many times and when we look into the subject of forbidden archaeology, there is a probability that civilisations have been coming and going for perhaps tens of millions of years.

The civilisation that we have down is a tyrannical form of capitalism and its fair enough to call it fascism. It's also a monoculture and a civilisation doomed to fail and while the state of war and resultant climate change could wipe out 99.9% of the human population and all life on earth, the seeds and the saplings of a new civilisation are already emerging.

Humanity is not completely lost because enough people continue to enquire into the nature of life.

So can the wars be stopped and can humanity collectively see the light of reason?

Wars are driven by irrational desires and economics. If all the people who control the world suddenly realised the nature of existence and the damage they were doing to life on earth they would probably all commit suicide or turnover are radically new leaf.

This could actually happen if they sat down and meditated. This also possible that a grassroots anticorporate and anti-war movement rose up, disabled the system and disempowered the ruling elite. Unfortunately when one government is overthrown, another tyranny that is often worse usually takes its place.

So until the corporate masters and warmongers are willing to listen to reason and become an inclusive part of life, there is little chance of world war three ending anytime soon. Therefore the only immediate solution is achieving one's own personal liberation from suffering and sharing the joy in your community.

By establishing your own identity as a part of life becomes a knowing that life in fact is everlasting and there is no fear of death. When enough people achieve this personal freedom from suffering and create a community around themselves, there is a very good chance that should civilisation fall completely, your community will form the basis of the next civilisation.

Should this civilisation fall completely, that would be a tragedy because there has never been a time in human history that we know of where we have been so technologically comfortable and well off. Should civilisation fall, much of this will fall away but should we pursue this idea of yoga, this idea of understanding the nature of who we are, then no matter how stupid those who follow, there will always be the seed of knowledge and wisdom for future generations.

The hope of Sanatana Dharma

Make war fun:

  1. Let's do away with the battlefield and expensive armaments, get the protagonists into the ring and let them slog it out themselves as a spectator sport.
  2. Instead of dropping explosive bombs, drop bundles of flowers and cannabis cookies to make the soldiers feel happy and disinclined to fight.

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