Engineering Your Life

A process finding the joy within

Does your mind always do as you expect or does it keep you on the run, stressed out and dying for a break? The human mind and the seat of our intelligence is a powerful tool and when used well can help to create a joyful life, but when it's out of control it can create tremendous suffering.

The human mind is analogous to the operating system of a computer and if you use a computer you know that sometimes the software can go awry to the point where the operating system and software needs to be either rebooted or reinstalled for the machine to function properly. Few people consider that the human body and the very nature of being human is the most advanced piece of technology in existence that we know of. If you think about it, work and stuff almost any food down our throats which are body processes and turns into new body parts and energy. We know through experience that some foods work better than others and similarly we know that particular ways of thinking and using our minds can produce either desirable or undesirable results.

A common feature or desire within the psyche of all human beings and we analyse far enough, all living things desire success and happiness yet the human mind in much of our population due to programming errors prevents individuals from experiencing success and happiness. There are so many people who stumble from one misery to another, who are continually anxious, stressed or depressed because they cannot control the world.

Inner engineering is a very human process for reprogramming one's own mind. By applying attention to what is actually going on in one's own mind, thought patterns can be observed and improved upon where they are lacking. “Today modern science is proving that this whole existence is just a reverberation of energy, an endless vibration. Thoughts too are a reverberation. If you generate a powerful thought and let it out, it will always manifest itself. For this to happen, it is important that you do not impede and weaken your thought by creating negative and self-defeating thought patterns.

Generally, people use faith as a means to banish negative thoughts. Once you become a thinking human being, however, doubts invariably surface. The way your mind is made, if God appears right here this moment, you will not surrender to him or her. Instead, you will want to conduct an investigation to find out whether this is the genuine article or not.

There is an alternative to faith, which is commitment. If you simply commit yourself to creating what you really care for, now once again your thoughts get organized in such a way that there are no hurdles. Your thoughts flow freely toward what you want, and once this happens, the manifestation of your desire is a natural consequence.

To create what you really care for, your desire must first be well manifested in your mind. Is that what you really want? Think this through carefully. How many times in your life have you thought, “This is it.” The moment you got there you realized that was not it at all! So, first explore what it is that you really want. Once that is clear and you are committed to creating it, you generate a continuous process of thought in that direction. When you maintain a steady stream of thought without changing direction, it will manifest as a reality in your life.

There are yogic processes by which you can touch another dimension of intelligence, unsullied by memory, called chitta, which we have mentioned earlier. Realizing the power of chitta is called chit shakti, a simple and powerful process through which you can access the very source of creation within you.” ~ Sadhguru, Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide To Joy

Unfortunately for us the ideology that to be successful in this life we have to be somehow in control of the world which is a ridiculous notion because the world is much bigger than us and while we can sometimes influence some things, achieving control is impossible. Characteristically parents often try and control their children's behaviour and shape their lives, but those parents who are more wise lead by example to create a positive influence. Unfortunately when the parents are believers and not grounded in truth, attempts at guidance and control often backfire spectacularly.

Inner engineering simply asks us as individuals to pause, to reflect a little and become more responsible for our own lives. It's a process that refreshes the way in which we look at the world and relate to life around us. It is a yogic process of recognising that we all coexist on planet Earth which is in fact a living space ship for us. Our planet provides for all our needs but it cannot provide for all our wants and inner engineering helps to understand the difference.

By learning to act a little differently in response to life instead of attempting to enforce our will upon the earth and those around us, life becomes more pleasant, more enjoyable and even joyful.

"Your destiny is written by you unconsciously. If you have master over your physical body, fifteen to twenty percent of your life and destiny will be in your hands. If you have mastery over your mind, fifty to sixty percent of your life and destiny will be in your hands. If you have mastery over your life energies, a hundred percent of your life and destiny will be in your hands. Even now you are choosing your life, but you are choosing it in total unawareness. But whatever you do in unawareness, you can also do in awareness. That makes a world of a difference. It is the difference between ignorance and enlightenment." Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide To Joy

Having practised yoga for many years and completed Sadhguru's inner engineering program, I can attest to and validate its effectiveness. It is not something particularly foreign or requiring any change of beliefs, it's really just about paying attention to yourself and responding to life in a way that doesn't harm you or anyone else. Inner engineering has a similar effect as correcting the software on a computer, it doesn't change the fundamental nature of one's mind, but it makes the application more user-friendly and ultimately successful in life.


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  • Roland

    There seemed to be a lot of people out there who think that you can engineer your life by imitating others which means aligning yourself to an ideology and a system of behaviour but if I understand correctly, Sadhguru is saying that one must understand more of the nature of existence and build on truth?

  • Maxwell

    Hey, an excellent course. I did it a few years back and I’ve never been happier or as successful

  • Sam Mccawley

    Improving relationships, like creating art, is a process. It is on-going. It requires a cultivation and there is always room to improve relationships. We all want deeper connection and to know how to improve our relationships. Now more than ever we have a chance to connect with others through technology, increasing our chances and potential for lots of relationships, so we are very concerned with how to improve our relationships.

  • Simon Wilburn

    Hello, I tried one of those success programs and put into place action steps for success. I became accustomed to rejection and began to build a portfolio of clients. But while I was achieving the success and supported by others doing the same, it somehow seemed lifeless and artificial. More recently I heard about the inner engineering program and since completing it, of turn my life around. I quit my job and found something like doing it was much more enjoyable mostly because it supported people’s lives instead of providing tools for manipulation.

  • Lacey

    Hi, this is easier said than done because most people exist in states of slavery, belief or disbelief preventing perception and enlightenment but the idea of reprogramming one’s mind using drugs and brainwashing techniques has been going on for centuries but here using to be suggesting that it can be done by you and for you to clarify your life?

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