Enter Nigel

A Christmas Tale

Part two of a Xmas let go. Pt1

The office walls were frosted glass thankfully, but the door to my office was open.  As I walked towards the door while still adjusting my skirt to meet my client, I saw that I'd left my knickers on the floor near the drinks cabinet.  But there he was in the doorway, 6 foot four and clearly a man who worked out wearing board shorts and a T-shirt.

His appearance was rather stunning and I was all too painfully aware that I'd just been nicely fucked and had a strong drink. As I politely said hello and shook his hand, I was secretly cursing the doorman for waiting until the guy was in the outer office before calling up, he was supposed to let me know when clients came in the front door 10 floors below.

I was immediately struck by his intense dark eyes that felt like they were going to swallow me and as I let go of his hand and ushered him toward the chair, I realised that I'd only done up the bottom button on my jacket and I felt somewhat inappropriately dressed but unable to do anything about it. He made a joke about how much better off we were down here and all those poor suckers wallowing in snow to the north.

I agreed and retreated into the secure space behind my desk. He was a new client who I gathered had fallen out with his previous lawyer and he was suing his ex-wife over a property settlement. I saw straight away that he was the type of man who expected to get what he wanted and here I was slightly dishevelled but somehow defiantly not doing up my buttons while he was sitting there watching.

He made some pleasing remarks about our office being open on Christmas Day and my dedication to seeing him. His case was to be heard next Tuesday so there wasn't a lot of time. I'm not sure if it was because I was thirsty, but I offered to make him a cup of coffee but he said that he'd prefer something stronger if I'd have one with him.

I walked over aware that my skirt was not straight and kicked my knickers away from the bar as I poured a couple of shots of bourbon. Then I sat beside him to go over his paperwork, it was more practical that way. Even though I hadn't eaten much for breakfast and had skipped lunch, I felt strangely confident despite the effects of the alcohol.  He was hoping to win back a portfolio of several million dollars and it's one of our firms specialities.

As we went through his paperwork, our knees and hands sometimes touched  and each time I'd get a little electric shock. Half an hour into the exercise he asked for another drink, so I got up and made him another.  A few minutes after I'd sat down and we were going through some of the property purchase agreements, a piece of paper I could see that I needed to read on his side of the desk, I asked him to pass it and he was a bit slow so I reached across and as I did so, the button on my jacket popped open and my tits literally fell into his hands.

I smiled and apologised as I sat back trying not to reveal my astonishment that here I was holding papers in each hand and my tits were fully exposed. He laughed and said I had one of the best busts that he'd seen in a long time and it was something of a novelty to have a topless lawyer. I saw no point in hurrying, but as I put down the papers and went to button up he said "no don't, you look fantastic."

I put down the papers, pulled my jacket across my boobs a bit and turned my attention back to the work. We had to do quite a bit of paper shuffling in readiness for the court procedure that he didn't really understand, so I stood up and explained it by which time my jacket was just annoying so I took it off. He saw my point and half an hour later the job was almost complete. But as we worked there'd been quite a bit of body contact and I began probing more into his life story.

I found it interesting that by being half naked it's like he was revealing more of himself that he normally wouldn't have and then he asked for another drink to help wrap things up.  I made another and as I returned, I couldn't help notice the bulge in his pants and my own state of arousal. Just in those five steps to pass him his drink, my nipples completely went erect and he noticed.

He told me I was beautiful and as he took the drink from me, he put his hand behind my back and pulled me against him. I said "really this is not a proper client relationship." But he said "come on, relax its Christmas." I know I should have pushed myself away and I guess I made a feeble attempt, but I really just felt nice being held in that moment.

I remembered my dream and the fat man, they'd been nice and here I had a real strapping athlete. I looked up at him and said "let's finish off here" as I half turned back to the work on the table but I let my hand brush over that bulge in his pants before I started arranging the pages in their proper order. As I worked at that, his fingers were tracing over my back and I couldn't believe that I wanted him. I'd ever done anything this wild since I was at Spring Break.

By the time I'd finished which took little more than 30 seconds, his hands went from my back to my boobs and then lifted my skirt up around my waist. As I stood up and turned toward him, he was dropping his shorts. I pushed his T-shirt up and enjoyed the feel of his rippling muscles and I could feel his cock pressing against my belly.

The embrace was nice but I wasn't happy with my skirt around my waist so I undid the button and pushed away so it could fall to the floor and then I sank to my knees to have a look at his cock. Somewhere in my alcohol clouded brain I remembered that if you're gonna fuck someone, their cock should be healthy.  I was amazed, I wrapped both my hands around it and then took what was left sticking out in my mouth.

He was encouraging so I got into giving him some head but it's like I could only take about a quarter of it into my mouth and I had to keep using my hands as well. I was kinda relieved a couple of minutes later when he pulled me to my feet, pushed me back over my desk and put his mouth to work on my pussy. His mouth and tongue action was great and he almost made me come and I felt delirious with desire.

I said, "I want your cock Nigel, please fuck me." As he was positioning himself I remembered a guy that I'd dated toward the end of high school who had a 10 inch cock that had totally freaked me out and caused him some embarrassment. Then I felt my pussy stretch and fill up as he slid inside me. I couldn't tell how far in he was and I didn't really care as it just felt so great.

Then he was thrusting push into me, I pulled my legs up and held my knees with my hands and then I remember his balls slapping against my arse and I knew he was all the way in. I've heard about woman who loved really big cocks but this was my first experience and it was fantastic. At some point we were even talking about his case and then he said how he was admiring the way my boobs slapped back and forwards. I even lifted my head a little and watched as they quivered and bounced up and down. Then he reached down and held them and squeezed my nipples almost painfully yet somehow that seemed to intensify the sensations throughout my body.

Then I came, I squealed and flooded, each time he thrust into me I could feel my juice being squeezed out and still he kept on going and after a while I thought I couldn't take it anymore, but still he kept on going and the intensity kept growing and growing and when I thought I was going to pass out, he pulled out and squirted his come all over me. Then he pulled me up off the desk, sat back in his chair and made me suck him off and lick away some of the juice that had flooded down his legs which was when I realised I was kneeling in a puddle of my own juice.

I knew I had to get back into work mode, so I did my best to become a little more focused, I kissed my way up over his belly, sucked his nipples and we had quite a nice kiss and cuddle. He was very appreciative of what was achieved work was as well as the sex. I must've mentioned that I was hungry so he suggested went out to eat.

I agreed and after tidying myself up in the bathroom and getting dressed we went to a café down the street. I was ravenous and I enjoyed the food then we went back to the office we we did a quick revision of the paperwork and double checked that everything was in order. When that was done and he'd given me a bundle of cash as an interim payment, we moved over to the couch and fucked again.

It was dark by the time I'd finished cleaning up the office and set out for home, I arrived just in time to spend another half hour with the family via Skype.

Part three.. Perfect days end


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