And the nature of suffering

trppdMost people at some stage in their lives, and more so if they fall into the middle and lower socio economic classes in Western society will disparage their life and experience of time passing. How often have you heard someone say that they hate their life or that they can't wait for it to be over?

There are many reasons to take on such an attitude. When we are very young, adults tend to act very nonsensical and as such child's minds are filled with trivia until such time as they can make sense of their world. There is a time and place to go "goo goo gaga" but very often parents do not know how to treat their children as intelligent human beings.

As such, children are shielded from life, from such simple and natural things as parental nudity and as they learn to talk and asked questions, children are very often lied to. This is not always the parents fault, because this is how they were raised and they are simply emulating their own parents behaviour. This trait can be followed back through history for hundreds of years and has led to sectors of civilisation being mentally undeveloped.

As children grow and become indoctrinated into various beliefs, they become trapped and they find themselves coerced into school and they are expected to formulate some idea of a lifetime activity, but end up doing things they don't particularly enjoy, rather it's about finding something they can do in order to eat and perhaps raise their own family.

As children grow, and more especially as they go through puberty which is a rite of passage which coincidentally also expends their perception of life, they are often very frustrated because the education and suppose at truth of life that they have been taught contradicts with the truth of life as they are experiencing.

This is a very hard time for teenagers and reason why those who are resourceful or affluent enough make the effort to go overseas to in effect see how the other half lives. Tens of thousands of young adults have ended up in India where they found that they were better able to shape their questions although not necessarily find answers.

Now we must consider that humankind has the potential to become unbound from the simple karma that binds all other species on Earth and actually become co-creators with the universe.

However those who are afflicted by belief in various ideologies are unable to grasp this concept and they bind themselves in what is essentially a karma of their own creation which over the countless generations has led to the mass suffering being experienced by humanity today.

We must consider reality

The reality of existence has no concise definition, but if we turn to modern science simply because it seems to be more acceptable to the majority that mysticism, life is an illusion.

There are two directions to life, one is outwards which deals with our physical reality including our bodies, and the other is internal dealing with our most intimate human nature. Now, when we look outwards at the physical world the mystics have always said that this is an illusion so what do I mean by that?

Both the mystics and modern scientists have learned that when we get down to the atomic level, what we think is solid and tangible is in fact spacious and intangible. As an example, if we were able to remove all the empty space from inside our bodies, the solid matter left over would amount to little more than a single fly poop (I hope you like my politically correct Americanism) that would still weigh almost as much as we do now.

So we think, we believe and mostly with experience the world around us as being substantial and solid, but really it is filled with empty space and as we look outwards, we have no idea as to the ultimate reality of physicality or life.

The mystics have always said that to know the nature of life and existence, we need to turn and look inwards because what is inside is simply a reflection of what is outside. But before going into that, let's consider that the entirety of our life experience takes place only within our own mind.

You must remember that we perceive the world through our five senses so that when we experience something, let's say we see an attractive person walking by, the light from that person is refracted and it shines through the lens of the eye onto the retina. Those frequencies of light are then converted into electrical impulses and conveyed to our mind. Therefore even though we see the person at a distance in our external world, that entire experience is only taking place within one's own mind as we have no other way of perceiving.

But our external reality is real even though in the ultimate sense it is also a dream within our own consciousness. The consciousness of plants and animals is bound into particular roles. Antelope eat the grass, lions eat the antelope and after some time the Lions feed the hyenas, worms and other life forms.

If humans lived in animalistic life, they are no different from the lion or hyena although we have developed the capacity for farming and a level of control of our food supply. But this control also exists within and termite colonies, and within other other complex biological systems such as fungi.

As human beings, we can only supersede life on earth by realising our humanity. The Buddha's, Yogis and those who have elevated themselves from the mire of human suffering consistently say that life indeed is always suffering because we have not realised our humanity and until we do so, we will be forever trapped in the mire of suffering.

So we suffer the unpredictability of nature, the unreliability of our food supply, the unreliability of work and employment, the unreliability of the significant people in our lives and the unreliability to actually deal with all the stuff of life.

When something in life happens spontaneously makes us happy, we suffer from the desire for that happiness to recur, so in effect we suffer from birth all the way to death through all the fears and desires that we concoct within our own minds. Yet because this is a civilisational karma where an essence we are all on the same boat (planet Earth, capitalism or other ism) of our collective creation.

Our collective creation is the cause of the inequitable distribution of food and wealth that means a third of the entire human population of planet Earth doesn't have enough to eat today. So collectively we have created situations of dire suffering through social injustice, war and other crimes that we consider our crimes against humanity which come about through fear and the desire for self-preservation.

So we have created a world with some people hoard and thereby deprive others of their right to existence. You may have been born as one of the habits or as one of the have-nots, or even somewhere a little in between. But the how and where of our birth plays a big part in our evolution.

This has less to do with economic and social status, but it has more to do with one's ability to perceive life and relate one's environment in a way where survival is easy.

So many people talk about suffering and how to endure their suffering, but we need to turn the conversation more to ending suffering and celebrating life because life itself is a celebration. For the person suffering, the temporary reprieve is the brief pleasure offered by some external circumstance or phenomenon. But for a person even though they may be socially and economically trapped, they can know a freedom of consciousness in harmony with life.

If you are tired of your suffering and you find that life is getting you down, it is because you are not living in harmony with nature. Living in harmony with nature does not require the giving up of the trappings of modern life, all that is required is some relaxation and it can be helpful to turn your intellect towards knowing history and the concepts within Hinduism because the Hindu culture although it's very battered and torn after 1200 years of occupation, it's home to the world's greatest explorers of inner space who wrote down the formula for enjoying life as opposed to doing life.

But the real solution is enlightenment and taking responsibility for your own life



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  • Hi, in criminal law, entrapment is a practice whereby a law enforcement agent induces a person to commit a criminal offence that the person would have otherwise been unlikely to commit. It “is the conception and planning of an offence by an officer, and his procurement of its commission by one who would not have perpetrated it except for the trickery, persuasion or fraud of the officer.
    What is very common in the USA is for policewoman to pose as prostitutes who then arrest clients.

  • Winston

    Hey, I thought entrapment was all about establishing grounds for divorce because that’s what happened to me. I thought I was being a very good husband and one day I came home from work to find one of my wife’s girlfriends at home. She told me that my wife are just about to get a few things from the shop and she was staying for dinner. She was dressed more like a hooker and she started hitting on me so I told her that she’d better go. Anyhow she grabbed me and like I thought we were somehow friends that I tried to push her off gently. Then my wife came in and caught me trying to escape her clutches. But she’d also set up a hidden camera and I think that film was it slid for the benefit of the court and now I’m divorced

  • Mitch Leffelman

    Hi there, isn’t this entrapment a variation or form of co-dependency?

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