Environmental Medicine

Surviving our toxic world

aspartame2Also called Clinical Ecology, Environmental Medicine is a speciality medicine in which doctors assist patients in uncovering the cause and effect relationship between their environment and their ill-health.  This helps them avoid those inciting factors.

The theory is that a wide variety of illnesses, symptoms and complaints of 'unknown causes' actually result from a person's reactions to foods, pollution, chemical substances or other environmental factors.

The term 'allergy' was created to describe an abnormal response to substances that your system recognises as foreign. Allergy can produce symptoms in almost every organ of the body and often masquerade as other diseases. Allergy can affect your muscles, joints, the nervous system, skin, eyes and many other parts of the body.

To diagnose your condition, a detailed environmentally oriented history must be taken by your physician. You may be asked to keep a food and behaviour diary to complete the history. Each complaint or symptom is traced chronologically, possible cause and effect relationships to environmental exposures are explored.

This history, together with an objective physical examination, leads to a provisional diagnosis which is used to direct the 'testing'. The 'testing' determines those substances causing your symptoms and which treatment will improve your condition.

However you can be proactive by becoming more aware of your environment and especially the foods that you eat. If you live in a disaster zone where there is a lot of toxic waste in the general population suffers poor health, you may understand why.

If some foods make you feel unwell then it is likely because they either contain toxins that your body is reacting to the roster could be combinations of food and other environmental factors that undermine health.

We need to remember that we are mammals and that animals in the wild rarely become ill. Therefore we need to ensure that our diet and environment is free of any toxic substances if we want to have any real quality of life.


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