Environmental Poisons

The poisons we encounter in our foods and environment

"Half of All Children May be Autistic by 2025 due to Monsanto's Roundup Weed Spray"
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Stephanie Seneff made these remarks during a panel presentation in Groton, Massachusetts. She specifically cites the Monsanto herbicide, Roundup, as the culprit for the escalating incidence of autism and other neurological disorders.
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As much as our knowledge grows and our standard of living improves, we are being exposed to an increasing range of poisonous substances, yet the human body is designed to operate on naturally occurring organic foods.

Many poisons we ingest by breathing, some find their way into our water, others are in our foods and household products, or even our homes as formaldehyde is used in the manufacture of wood and household products. All poisons take away from our lives. In a healthy environment, one poison compound may not have much impact and may not even be noticed. Likewise, our bodies can tolerate mild exposure, however we believe the continual exposure to, and ingestion of toxic compounds will undermine our health and destroy us.

We have seen over the past fifty years a proliferation of new diseases and a huge increases in the known diseases along with an upsurge in allergies. In Vietnam, there are the lingering deformities due to the USA's use of chemical weapons while in Iraq and Afghanistan, many health problems caused by the use of depleted uranium weapons.  There is now a huge increase in genetically modified foods that have been released onto the market without due testing and the tests subsequently being done are proving that ge modification of our foods is toxic.

Farmers use many artificial fertilizers and pesticides to speed growth, foods are often processed where chemicals are added to enhance the colour and flavour of our food or used to change the nature of the food and now companies are making synthetic foods with no nutritive value and as yet unknown affects on our bodies.

As our waste products poison the atmosphere, such as excess carbon dioxide, methane and other gasses. All the solids in our land fills which poison the land. We find that the quality of life we desire is impossible, as we succumb to the poisons in our environment.

Poland is now the 14th nation to exercise a ban on GMOs, joining Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Latvia, Italy, Germany, Scotland, Wales, Lithuania, Austria, Ireland, France, and Greece.

Literally anything out of balance can be a poison. In other words, a diet of only one food group may cause our health to fail, and the food could then be described as a poison. Sweeteners and sugar falls into this category as it's not required for the body to function and causes type 2 diabetes.

"A man died after eating genetically modified tomatoes"
Carlos III hospital, Madrid 01/2015
The is the first case of human death officially confirmed to the ingestion of genetically modified food. It contradicts most studies on GMOs which had concluded that genetically engineered crops currently on the market were completely safe to eat..
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Many manufactured products like aspartame, otherwise known as equal and NutraSweet although approved by regulatory authorities are causing many fatalities and illnesses, are the manufacturers right that this is a harmless substance or are the consumers who became ill and died at fault for complaining? Then there is splenda which is equally toxic as it contains chlorine.

Metals like Mercury result in poisoning from dental amalgam fillings. See Chelation of Mercury for the Treatment of Autism. Plastics are very useful, but are they a poison in disguise as they contain Bisphenol A, a higly toxic compound in most plastics?

In our opinion the added load of synthetic and manufactured chemical products is undermining the health of the human race. Trans Fatty Acids have made news headlines as proof surfaces about how they are killing a large percentage of the population and governments are slow to pass laws enabling consumers right to choose and as for genetic engineering, this is a new but great unknown risk to our survival.

Lead, Fluoride, and Now Atrazine

In typical biowarfare-fashion, Atrazine is being used everywhere, and while we fret about fluoride and lead, rightfully so, in our drinking water, an even more sinister chemical is being forced into our ground water, eventually seeping into municipal water supplies.

Atrazine affects men adversely, by literally shrinking their gonads, or causing them to effectively become women, but it also affects women, causing low estrogen levels and irregular menstruation. All in all, this chemical acts exactly as many other UN Agenda poisons do - from chemtrails to vaccines, BPAs which are known xenoestrogens, to pharmaceuticals, including birth control pills that pass unharmed through sewage systems into in our drinking water - it makes fertility a genetic Russian roulette. Read more.


The idea that DNA from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is broken down in the digestive tract and rendered innocuous, a common industry claim, is patently false. A recent study published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE found that large, meal-derived DNA fragments from GMOs are fully capable of transferring their genes directly into the bloodstream, deconstructing the myth that transgenic foods act on the body in the same way as natural foods. Full article.

Chemicals in Our Food Chain
A spiritual comment

The unnecessary chemical use on plants is slowly destroying the benefit of these plants to the human body. It is pleasing to see those who are trying to grow food in a natural organic way. Plants grow well with the basic nutrients. As your bodies vibrationary level grows you will become more aware of which plants have been affected by these chemicals.

The aura around them even after harvesting will be different. Hold your hand above an organic plant and a chemical plant and feel the difference. Some of the chemicals being used on plants have a long term residual effect on the body, and are damaging over time regardless of your mental attitude. Drinking as pure water as possible helps to eliminate these chemicals. Tap water here (Christchurch New Zealand) is all right provided you allow it to sit for at least half an hour. Some of the chemicals added to the water evaporate and so do less harm to your body. Bottled water again is all right if it has not been stored for more than a month. Plastic leaches into the water again defeating what is trying to be achieved. It is better to store water in china or glass containers. Fruit juices are again all right provided they have not been stored for more than a month. There is no guarantee of no sprays from the fruit in the fruit juice, so it is better if you eat what you call organic fruit and vegetables. There are many old herbal books that are being revived . Seek these out for they contain much useful advice.

The continued use of chemicals in everyday use will be detrimental to the human race in the end and we would seek to spread the message. It is not our wish to see humans destroy other humans through needless greed and careless use of chemicals. Already people are suffering and their illness would recede if the use of chemicals was avoided. Look to other forms to cook, clean and garden. There is much out in the plant world that has been forgotten about.

Do not allow the large corporate to extend their tentacles into your home and body, for they are the ones who are creating karmic redress in their futures.

Be aware of what you use and what you eat. Go in peace love and light.
Aureila 14./02/2001 6.50pm


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