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stngDay to day there are constant attacks on men from the world of war and uncertainty to fashion statements, eating quiche or penis comparisons in the locker room.  Then there is the fact that today's women often have great expectations in the bedroom as well as a constant barrage of things that don’t even make sense half the time that make some men feel less manly.

Add in the constant pressure of being a provider, earning a living and some semblance of a lifestyle and it's no small feat that we can still get it up at the end of the day at all.  Any man who faces this constant day to day pressure knows that it is not only the woman who suffers from a lack of sex drive.

Sometimes it’s all you can do at the end of the day to pull the sheets back before crawling into bed, never mind making sure your woman is kept happy between them. There are a lot of factors that can have an adverse affect on your sexual performance and if you already are low in self esteem in that area that can spell disaster in the bedroom pretty easily.

smAn awakened man is a warrior of the heart.
He has heard the deeper calling.
He is conscious of his feelings and speaks the language of love.
He sees the beauty of the world around him, is present-minded, and knows the ways of the divine.
He is compassionate, authentically cares about people, and has the highest respect for the feminine.
He adores the woman who calls to his soul, knows how to listen and communicate to her heart, and understands how to satisfy her deepest desires.
He is comfortable being vulnerable, looks for the answers within, and is not afraid to surrender to truth.
He learns from the pain that each life-lesson teaches him, admits when he is wrong, and is always accountable for his actions.
He actively uses his sword with a dual purpose - to strip away his own ego so the light can stream in while also protecting those he loves.
He is a champion of those who do not have a voice, strength to those who need encouragement, and a light to the ones who have lost their way.
He is confident and strong, but he is also a promoter of peace, an agent of humility, and a model of grace and forgiveness.
He calls to other conscious men to join the revolution, to lay down their ego, and with true masculine energy, demonstrate what it means to be a man who is connected to his heart. ~ Daniel Nielsen

As the world around us descends into ever deeper chaos, sexual virility may seem like a waste of time yet psychologically it's a defining element of masculinity. While one may get blown away by a suicide bomb, those who don't need to man up in a great many ways and one of the most obvious is to get wood and use it to calm the flock.

The strife in the world is raising everyone's tension and anxiety levels, but good sex like meditation temporarily quells all fears and calms the environment. As our population has increased, so increasing numbers of people cling to each other under the blankets and of the real tragedy is there is that while they can be no intellectual understanding, good sex pacifies the intellect and helps to put fear into perspective.

In this modern world, the nature of politics disempowers the limits the actions of men, so all any man can do is secure his own home, protect his own family and make allies in the neighbourhood to protect the entire community. But within all of that, he still needs to be a man capable of servicing women in need.

Well the folks who have put together the For Men Only CD™ have spent years researching and compiling a set of exercises and techniques that will not only enhance  your member but enhance your sex life as well. Everyone knows that when you feel good, you act differently. When you have confidence in your abilities whether it is the boardroom or the bedroom, you know you stand taller and have a certain gleam in your eye. When you are on your game, you know nothing will stand in your way.

This program has been around for a few years and as it is chemical free, it's not going to mess with your mind like viagra does and there are no unpleasant side effects. By taking charge of your own member, you will become more responsible and experience a slightly expanded awareness of other people, their needs and agendas. So this is your opportunity to become the man that you once dreams of being.

 Not only will your penis be longer, thicker, and stronger, but you will learn techniques that will please your women from the time you turn down the lights, until the time you turn them off. Your increase in skill and confidence will give you the extra oomph you need to resist just crawling into bed to sleep. You will have the added incentive to keep on going, to keep getting better and to keep trying new things when you start to see the results of your dedication to the exercise routine.

The For Men Only CD™ will change your life. There really is nothing to lose and only better sex to gain. You and your partner can even try out these exercises together. What a great way to engage your partner in something that will benefit you both. So what are you waiting for? Order your copy of the For Men Only CD™ today and you will never look back.

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