Exploitation of Women

An age old practice

For the past 6000 years women have been second-class citizens although since the Industrial Revolution, it seems as if they have been allowed a degree of freedom. Allowed away from the kitchen and child-minding provided they look pretty and don't have an opinion.

When times get tough women most often find themselves confined to the kitchen except on rare occasions as when back in the 1700's, women stormed the palace of Versailles and demanded social equity. They didn't get it then and it wasn't long before French women became the most oppressed in Europe.

In today's Middle Eastern war, it is the Kurdish and Yazidi women who have taken up weapons against daesh as have other notable women throughout history. But in the west, in all the countries not at war, women and women's bodies are being more commonly used to gain market share or what people call as the competitive edge.

It is women who have been the receptionists of those who deal with the public because their manner is warm and accommodating in contrast to the men who tend to become so engrossed in their occupation that they can be rude when disturbed. But today women like Carlie Jo, (the cover image),  the owner of Bikini Beans Espresso in Kent, Washington are willing to bare all as increasingly women are owining these businesses.

Within capitalism the phrase "sex sells" is well-known as women's bodies have been used to sell everything from toothpaste to vehicles, a trend that continues. But now as we continue to modernise despite the Draconian administration governing life and business, the use of woman's bodies has taken a turn that many say is for the worse.

In the developed countries, sexy is fashionable so much so that its become a competition and a necessity when seeking a mate or any success. Not so many years ago it a pretty face and a nice smile was required, but now the face of marketing has become the almost naked idealised female body although to be fair, some men are also put into this role.

A few years ago when the restaurant chain hooters opened its doors, there was a great hue and cry from the moralists, but hooters has survived and continues to thrive. Now another set of entrepreneurs has come along in the form of a chain of restaurants called 'bikini beans'. In these cafe/Restaurants, the girls wear a skimpy bikini and a smile which certainly cheers up the patrons. But some people are far from happy.

The moralists of course are deeply offended as are the other restaurant chains that are losing business to the new player on the market. Some girls know they are being exploited, but in a place where there is no other work, its one of the few options they have too survive without actually resorting to prostitution as millions of women around the world are forced into.

Most of the girls interviewed from hooters have said that aside from the uncomfortable costume and a few unpleasant men, the work on the whole is actually rather pleasant and they make their money from tips which is an incentive for them to be nice.

The girls from bikini beans see the job as being fun and they're quite happy that their nakedness puts a smile on the customer's faces. But in both of these cafe chains, the girls make their money from tips rather than proper wages and most from see the work as being temporary.

Carlie Jo (left & right images) is the owner of Bikini Beans Espresso in Kent, Washington

There is no doubt that this is a form of exploitation and it helps to normalise female nudity in a different social context, after all the bikinis are generally thought of as being appropriate only for the beach or the pool. But, many of the franchise owners are women and the people who are exploited are those handing them money, so they are brilliant business women.

So for those who enjoy seeing almost naked female bodies, you can look without feeling ashamed and get to talk to pretty girls without suffering the embarrassment of hiring an escort. So you could say that even if perverse, these places serve what is probably a temporary social need.

Suspend your judgement, if these girls are happy doing the work and their clients are happy paying them, it's be none of your business and you must realise that there are far worse occupations such as prostitution which is something most of our politicians indulge in. And, did you know that there are more important things to get upset about, like pollution and environmental degradation?

Now, time for some coffee...... of shit, that's harvested by slaves and the profits help deprive you of your water rights..


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