Exposing the breasts

For women that is..

boobs1As campaigns like free the nipple gather momentum and other campaigns for social equity and the right for both women and men to be able to go topless in public, what is the problem with breasts?

The real problem is religion and the idea that the human body is somehow sinful. This is a moral overlay on humanity. In the animal kingdom, there is no discrimination between breasts and the nose or the penis and the tail.

With the advent of Christianity which was designed for population control under the pretext of spiritual freedom, the new Christians could not accept the human body as it was. They had to put it down and decided that pleasure was somehow sinful, yet as we know pleasure is a temporary relief from suffering.

Christian society laid down concepts of morality and like Islam, religions became exclusive as with modern America. You're either with us or against us.

In  humanity there is no 'either or', there are a zillion shades of grey and each one of them is valid. So really there should be no morality, everyone should be free to make up their own minds whether or not they walk naked in public or whether they cover up.

As small children, we all loved to run around naked to celebrate our bodies and the wonder of life, but from the age of three, the pressure of morality was forced upon us.  The moral laws that we live under do not support humanity in any way, but they do support those who hold power over us and in fact morality has been written into law.

The joy of the breast

Contrary to American opinion, the human breast is a source of nutrition providing the gift of life to the newborn during those first years in physical form. In all the countries of the world, there are little over a dozen of our ~200 countries that identify the female breasts as objects of sexuality, however the sexualisation of the female body is undermining the health of the global population.

As babies, most of us were suckled on the breast and we have a very warm association with our mothers and her breasts. But then we were weaned, this was often a cold turkey procedure is if we were addicted to drugs.  This left us sad and even heartbroken regardless of our gender.  But we took it on the chin and got on with life despite the fact that deep down inside us, we mourned the loss of that essential femininity and sustenance.

That loss is in part of what lies behind our appreciation of the female body and breasts in particular. This is not a gender issue because women as much as men love the sight of female breasts.  However in the light of changes in modern society, women are more likely to compare their own breasts with those of their peers.

So, should the female breasts the exposed and public?

They must be. If they are not exposed or partially exposed, newborns cannot feed and no one wants to impose that deprivation on the youngest members of our society.

By exposing their breasts publicly when temperature and environmental conditions are suited, men will become acclimatised as it were to the normal anatomy of the female body and they will eventually be less likely to fantasise and draw false conclusions about women.


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Women will come to realise that there is no point in comparing because everyone is different. But the biggest concern are those corporations and marketers who use the female body to twist and coerce peoples minds through the objective desirability of the female body to associate their products with a sexualised misconception of the female form.

So women of every race and culture need to step out to save their men from stupidity, to save themselves from being victims of the corporate machine and to undermine the very power of those corporations who are using women's bodies in a most inappropriate way to increase their profitability.

If you are a man reading this article, this is a call to see breasts as they are without the fantasy overlay of your mind. If you are a woman, you have every right to walk topless in public as every man and corporations who use your image to market their products should be boycotted.

A woman's breasts are not a marketable commodity and they should not be objects of fascination, but rather objects of nature and respect that on a day-to-day level few people should take notice of.  The smile on the lips and the twinkle in the eye is far more important to focus on.


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