Flavours in times of of change

fshnistFashion changes by the season and to a large extent is driven by the marketing division of the fashion industry, but it's really an age-old phenomenon that's probably existed since before we wore clothes and is inspired by people's sense of ascetics and comfort.

In some ancient cultures, fashion is irrelevant as people wear traditional costumes although even within them, there is room for subtlety to express better quality, greater comfort and social status. To a large extent the idea of fashion has driven the clothing industry since it began and yet today it has become something of a monster as the fashion change from year to year and a great many garments may only be worn a few times before they are consigned to the rag bin.

The dictates of modern fashion are driven by the big fashion houses in Europe and America with the growing influence from Asia. But all this is market-driven and some of the most fashionable clothing is overpriced and impractical.

The fashion also applies to ideas and behaviours, so everyone needs to be fairly circumspect and not take fashion to seriously because in many ways it's a little like the breeze rippling the water that only camouflages the ocean.


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