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fshnistPublished on: 2 Nov 2014, updated, 2 Nov 2018

Fashion changes by the season and to a large extent is driven by the marketing division of the fashion industry, but it's really an age-old phenomenon that's probably existed since before we wore clothes and is inspired by people's sense of ascetics and comfort.

In some ancient cultures, fashion is irrelevant as people wear traditional costumes although even within those cultures, there is room for subtlety to express better quality, greater comfort and social status. To a large extent the idea of fashion has driven the clothing industry since it began and today it has become something of a monster as the fashions change from year to year and a great many garments may only be worn a few times before they are consigned to the rag bin.

The dictates of modern fashion are driven by the big fashion houses in Europe and America with the growing influence from Asia. But all this is market-driven and some of the most fashionable clothing is overpriced and impractical.

The fashion also applies to ideas and behaviours, so everyone needs to be fairly circumspect and not take fashion to seriously because in many ways it's a little like the breeze rippling the water that only camouflages the ocean.

"A fashion is nothing but an induced epidemic." ~ George Bernard Shaw

So what to wear and how do you fit in?

Traditional natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, linen and silk and in terms of clothing are available as T-shirts, vests, croptops, halter tops, button-down shirts or blouses, dresses, skirts and trousers are well-suited for many people and because they are made from natural fibres that are benign or complimentary to the way they interact with one's skin and bioelectrical signature. These products grow naturally and are easily replaceable and recyclable.

Synthetic garments on the other hand are generally made from plastics and polymers, rayons and nylons which are all made from oil. They are also used in many natural fibre garments to give increased elasticity but they are widely used in combination with other fibres to create a bewildering array of styles to reveal or camouflage one's body and colours to excite.

Over the past millennia, men's clothing has evolved from a wide range of shirts and jackets, short skirts, breach clouts and trousers into the evolution of underwear as boxer shorts and in more recent times shrinking to the point where many men have abandoned underwear altogether. Similarly women's clothing has evolved from simple skirts without any tops or underwear through a range of gowns, skirts and top combinations.

Over the past hundred years men's fashions have only changed slightly in terms of style and materials that women's fashions have exploded into a kaleidoscope of range in colour. Women's bras and panties were invented in the early 1900s and have become almost mandatory with the bra designed to hold breasts in place during intense physical activities now serves as a moral straitjacket although it does serve to balance or accentuate a woman's breasts. Panties were invented as a medical device to be used during the menstrual cycle and today many women prefer tiniest of thongs as part of their own fashion statement.

So most of today's fashion tool is about women and what they wear. The more morally afflicted women are deeply conservative wearing restrictive underwear, longer skirts and clothes that generally hide their bodies because they have bought into this religious notion that the body is somehow a crime against nature (sin). After World War II Western women to a large extent rebels against that conservativism and a great many dispensed with their underwear and celebrated by wearing has little as climatic conditions allowed. Miniskirts along with various styles of body hugging for revealing tops became normal but as the age of political correctness began to evolve back in the 1990s, woman once more began covering up a little more.

In this new age governed by the opinions and politically correct neoliberal policies, only women with anatomically beautiful bodies may display them wearing the most minimal costumes and those less than perfect make do by exposing their best features with the understanding that people are allowed to look but not touch. Over recent years the rise in prosecutions against mostly men who couldn't help but make some of that comment or touch the forbidden fruit so nicely displayed a killing off flirtation and destroying an important aspect of our humanity.

On one hand fashion is all about the exterior gloss but today it's price is that of neglecting and even denying the inner beauty and the role of the mind, that ability to be naturally spontaneous and joyful.

The most important aspect of fashion is to be comfortable in your own skin, to be able to stand and interact with other people when completely naked doing simple everyday things. It's in that space when there is no effort to be sexual yet recognising that you are sexual without participating in any provocative or sexual activity that provides the ground for you to develop your own fashion sense.

Being naked with other people may and may not be sexy or have any sexual connotations at all yet when engaged in honestly generates a little natural flirtation and enables one to develop one's physical posture, intellectual and verbal capacity to encourage or discourage such interest which flows into when one is dressed for any occasion. Inner knowing and inner strength is also enhanced through the practices of yoga and meditation.

In summary, to be honestly fashionable you first need to be able to look good naked and have a natural ability to respond to the sexual interests others may have in you. After that it simply a matter of dressing comfortably in a way that gives you freedom of movement to suit the occasion. Unless you suffer from a hygiene problem, underwear is unnecessary and as discussed above, a bra is an imposition.

What you wear is your own business and must comply with the laws of the land where you live. In most countries the human body is not a crime although in some states breasts and genitals must be kept covered. But the state of bigotry is so entrenched that pretty girls are allowed to break these rules whereas men and less attractive woman are not. So beautiful body and a beautiful fashion sense reflects a certain earthiness and soundness of mind responsive to life and people. It is the reactive mind gets upset and vindictive.

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