Female breasts

Delight or trauma?

nice bust

nice breasts

Everyone adores women's breasts. After we receive that precious gift of life, our mother's breasts provide us with essential nutritionals that kickstarts our immune system and provides us with sustenance.

When they are not being used to nurture the newborn, in most cultures they become an insignificant part of a woman's anatomy. However thanks to the gross exploitation and sexualisation of women's bodies, the female breasts have been redefined as sexual objects in a small number of countries.

As with other mammals, the human female breast is comprised mostly of fatty tissue and milk ducts. In the latter stages of pregnancy, the milk ducts begin to fill with colostrum which contains the key nutrients to kick-start a newborns digestive and immune systems before the milk flows to provide daily nutrition.

The symbiosis between mother and child is normally such that the mother will keep producing milk for as long as the child needs it. Depending on the circumstances of the mother, this relationship may continue for five or six years although breastfeeding for this period of time is a controversial subject in itself.

Social aspects of breasts

In cultures where women go about their daily business with their breasts uncovered, there are no social issues. The people in these societies have little interest in woman's breasts beyond their nurturing aspect.  However in Western cultures where the female body has become a marketable commodity, her breasts had economic and social values as well as stigmas associated with them.

Women display their breasts can gain social and economic advantages.

Women who display their breasts can gain social and economic advantages.

This can be seen as a perversion of human nature as depraved social attitudes causes so many women to have issues with their bodies. Women are relentlessly pressured into believing that their body must reach a certain standard to be accepted and yet if she achieves that standard she will encounter yet another set of social conditions.

A small breasted women may well live her life without ever wearing a bra however socialisation often forces her to wear a bra in the same way that Islamic women are forced to wear their full cover dress. It is well-known that the brassiere has no health giving function and that wearing one does not prevent the breasts from sagging. The real issue is that today women are forced to conform in order to protect other economic and social interests. A small breasted women who is lacking that one element of her femininity must to fit in socially, employ other feminine charms.

Socially, women with medium sized breasts will feel more comfortable socially because they appear to conform more to that feminine ideal. They are more able to use their bust and cleavage for social and economic advantages.

Large breasted women sometimes at times have a more difficult time.  When their breasts exceed a D cup, the very weight of her breasts can overstress her upper body leading to back, shoulder and neck discomfort. Unfortunately for them, they are often forced to wear a bra from a very young age which prevents the muscles that normally support the breasts from fully developing. Therefore she is likely to be dependent on a bra for most of her life.

Both small and large breasted women may be stigmatised because they don't conform to perceived ideals, yet if they can accept that reality, then they need not be affected by it.

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