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Celebrate the Goddess

We have lived for several thousand years as a predominantly patriarchal society creating forms of injustice that have always been apparent. Yet populations are coerced and indeed many times forced to adhere to the patriarchal and commercial ideologies that continue to govern human life.

From this injustice the woman's movements have arisen and successfully lobbied for equal rights, but this has been limited to the physical, the material world gaining women equal opportunities and payment in the workplace along with other social and political benefits. Woman's movements to date have done little to achieve actual woman's liberation, they have simply opened a floodgate so they have more physical and intellectual freedom.

Like men, women are identifying themselves as their bodies and/or intellect so in effect they have escaped the red tent into the male domain where they are being forced to compete with men on men's terms where power and possession take precedent over life. This is why there is such an increase in suffering in the world and while women seek social equity with men, they surrender a piece of themselves and become part of the problem instead of the solution.

The problem here is false identification. As men and women, as human beings, we are ultimately the soul within this physical body-mind. It is only as a soul that one can recognise that body and mind are trapped in this karmic state, an existance in symbiosis with our planetary environment. From the perspective of one's soul, the earth is feminine, the earth is our mother from which the physicality of our lives emerge and return to whereas space is masculine and holds earth.

This divine mother, this Devi or Gaia comes into existence and is sustained by a universal spiritual process that we have the ability to be a part of, but only when we activate the Divine feminine within ourselves. To be sure the Divine feminine wants social and political equity, yet it also needs to be respected, to be loved and appreciated. Because women become mothers, they intuitively know this because this is how they want to be treated as mothers but it's not going to happen if they continue to compete with men in this economic and patriarchal game we call modern society.

The administrators of this civilisation have long known this yet they have conspired on a grandiose scale to deceive the human population that their deceptions rooted in ignorance have become embedded in our cultural roots stretching back thousands of years. The ideas of commerce, religion and political allegiances are all about population control with freedom a false promise encouraging people to play the game. But this freedom is another illusion, your body and mind grow, mature and fade away over a short period of years. The ideas of heaven and hell are part of the sales package to confuse and motivate people to be obedient citizens.

US government policy was to break up the family unit and allow the state to take more control of our children. What was sold as social equality and female liberation is really the opposite. A generation ago only one parent needed to work, all be it usually the man. Women were then encouraged to work to better themselves and raise themselves up as equals to their male counterparts and to gain financial independence. Now while gender equality is fair and right, what we have actually been left with through freezing of wages and inflation is a reality where both parents have to work just to survive and children missing out on the natural bond of family and the unnatural manipulation and control by the state.
Another step towards Orwell's dystopian police state.

If we look at where it's got us to, sure we have some remarkable technology and for the majority of us we have a better standard of living than at any time in our history. But the price is that we are destroying our planetary home, destroying the divine within us as we move and compete to survive in the world where we even abandon our physical mothers (and fathers) to foster care. Within our capitalist empire we have turned our back on the source of life, the source of our lives and we are destroying the foundations of future generations.

Biological men who transgender as women will dominate women making transgenderism a new form of patriarchy.

There is a wide recognition amongst the wise, the mystics and freethinkers that the earth (the material physical world) is the root of our physical existence which we are confined to. There is nowhere we can go, yet capitalism is locked into a bitter struggle, a death match where there is no winner, only more suffering and extinction.

Celebrating the Goddess is a solution, a way to genuine happiness and key to all solutions to improve our fortune and prevent the extinction of our species. Just because we are an abundant species, it does not mean that we will endure because the increasing population puts greater pressure on the environment and the symbiotic relationship we should be having with our mothers and the earth who represents the Divine feminine within each and every one of us.


The spiritual traditions of India give us the keys to the Goddess wisdom through which each and everyone of us can transform our lives. It requires a little relaxation of beliefs and tasting the nectar of existence by simply singing songs of praise to the Divine feminine or simply repeat the names of the Divine feminine. The Hindu traditions are rich in tools for feminine worship and there is no valid God without his female counterpart because men and women were meant to walk together and share this life.

The Divine feminine resides in that deep and mysterious part of ourselves that many have been taught to fear. For several generations now men have been encouraged to release their attachment to 'Iron John', the black and white depiction of what it is to be male and embrace their shadow self that lies hidden within. The Divine feminine is a key to that domain and within the old spiritual traditions, it is the Divine feminine that leads the masculine to know its true identity.

The Divine feminine is unpredictable but not reactive unless seriously abused which is why so many women who are abused still love their abusers yet it is not a domain only for women, it is this power that gives men the balance to welcome home the prodigal son and become truly compassionate human beings. As men and women, we are a mix of masculine and feminine energy but under patriarchal society, the feminine, the illogical, the colourful and the uplifting in joy are primary traits.

As examples of the Divine feminine, we have the goddesses, Lakshmi, Tara, Dhurga, Kali, Isis, Diana, Asherah, Lileth and countless others although most have fallen by the wayside. The Persian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman goddesses exist more as legend but the Hindu goddesses remain strong and are intrinsically active in the world. And even within Christianity, there is a natural affection for Mary as the divine mother whose worship irritates the church establishment because it goes against patriarchal rule.

The real key to developing a relationship with the Goddess within yourself is through meditation, a state of inward relaxation and giving some thoughts to the idea of Dharma and yourself as a spiritual being rather than a cold in the industrial machine.

One day we’re going to wake up in the morning and the world is going to be exquisitely beautiful. And it’s not going to be because the world has changed… it will be because we have changed.

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