Filipinos can Sing

The Filipino industry of sound

Music and song is culturally endemic and for many career minded Filipino's, a good voice can launch a great career.

The Aegis Band performing in Christchurch,
New Zealand 31-01-15

Charice Pempengco; a child star who's reputation
soared after her appearance on the Ellen
DeGeneres show.

Pinikpikan Butanding

Consequently almost every Filipino learns to sing from a young age and for many it represents a pathway out of poverty. Whe you're touring the country, there's music everywhere and people either singing along or wowing the performer.

It's hard to believe that many girls who are scarcely five feet tall can hit and hold those high notes that many singers can only dream of. Charice Pempengco blew the world away with her high notes and flawlewss renditions of hits by Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Celine Dion.

The lead vocalists in the Aegis band have powerful voices that can send nice shivers down your spine. The Aegis band is a family affair from the Southern Philippines. They are a family band and are one of the better know groups who have toured internationally. They perform a mix of their own work, traditional songs and popular covers. Aegis greatest Hits on youtube.

One of my favourite bands is Pinikpikan, a band sarcastically named after Pinikpikan which is a cruel method of killing and cooking chicken. There is a wide selection of their music on youtube as is everyone else's. Pinikpikan however embrace Phillipine tribal music and present it as a mix of new age fusion. Ravers will love it and on a global level can be seen as similar to the great Australian band Yothu Yindi. Youtube

The Filipino music hazard

If you know Filipino's and are invited to their homes and functions, there's a good chance you'll end up listening to those who dream of singing and have the enthusiasm but just haven't found the notes. The Filipino's however understand and support even the worst singers, so while you're cringing in agony, the family and community will behave as if their beloved is a star and interestingly, they will make you feel like a star no matter how badly you perform. This is an aspect of Filipino culture that makes them so endearing.

So on your Philippine holiday or business trip, when the music sucks, don't get dispirited, the next singer may be much better and it may be you.

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    Nice writeup! Pinikpikan band is one of my favorites, too. Whenever I’m in Manila I stay at the family guesthouse in the compound where they formed, Lemurian Guesthouse. It’s managed by one of the founding members. It’s a private facility, but easy on the wallet and undeniably cool. They offer rooms through their website,

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