Mexican Food and Drink

Tacos away mama

Think tortilla, think salsa, think hot. Tortilla is made from cornflour, salt and water, rolled very thin and baked. This is a basic Mexican staple, and you will find it served how other people serve bread with their meals. Tacos, fajitas, nachos, jalepenos, quesadillas, burritos - all with guacamole and salsa.

Be prepared to be burnt! The street vendors are a great place to find cheap and tasty food, the real flavours of Mexico. This is where the locals eat - so when in Mexico, do as the Mexicans! Do try traditional Mexican food like the "crepas de huitlacoche" and the "mole chicken" - if you're such a newcomer that you don't know these dishes, try them, they're funky without being scary.

In many places bugs and insects are popular. They are more like snack foods really, you will find grasshoppers that have been cooked with chili and lime, and surprisingly they taste good and are high in protein, try some.

Mexico City there is a revolving restaurant called the Bellini on the 45th floor of the World Trade Centre with great views. Get in before sunset and you have yourself a treat and try La Opera, one of the capital's best-known cantina's located in the historical centre.

Drinks and Cacti
Tequila! And lots of it. The Tequila industry is tightly controlled, and due to the time it takes to grow and prepare, tequila is more expensive than you might think. It is made from blue agave cactus which is ready for harvest after eight - ten years, (you will find cactus everywhere here) and this particular cactus is also used to make the fabric for blankets, ponchos and clothes. The plant is also used to make sombreros and strangely enough, writing paper. Very versatile. The other drink to come out of Mexico is Corona beer (translated means crown) which is very cheap here, but very expensive most other places in the world. Maybe you pay extra for a new bottle - here they recycle them and it can be a little disconcerting when you wind up with a very, very old bottle! But, the beer is good.

Tipping 10% is recommended, although many waiters deserve more and they will be thankful for a little extra.


By Jessica Lloyd


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