Future USA

The truth is out

Thanks to WikiLeaks, Edward Snowden and all the other informants, the world is now learning about the behaviour of the United States of America. Since its very inception as an independent nation. It has acted as a high-minded, authoritarian and warmongering state which uses lies and deceptions to initiate conflict.

Often referred to as the world's policeman or as many insiders refer, the bully in the playground. The USA today is exposed for what it is; a tyranny inflicting suffering on the world and its own people.

The question now is, how will the USA respond?

Will this new transparency unite the world in such a way to hold the USA to account and profit to reform itself to a position where it can deal with the administrative criminals within its own government and society?

Or, will it simply ignore the voice of the world and continue down the path of instituting a one world government and its leadership in the way that would likely have Adolf Hitler, dancing in his grave?

At present, Russia seems to be the only country that is publicly naming America for what it is in doing is diplomatic best to act as a referee while trying not to reinstate the Cold War. It seems that most of the European Union, along with New Zealand and Australia who have embraced everything American from Friedman economics, toxic health and social policies as well, as opening the doors for US exploitation of their economies.

The USA is home to some of the worlds master criminals disguised as corporate CEOs and politicians. Given their 200 year legacy, they are unlikely to reform themselves without a huge internal struggle which would likely end up in a civil war, within the United States.

Apparently this is being planned for, as we have seen in recent years that American police force has been militarised, to the extent they have prepared a number of large prison complexes throughout the country.

But any civil unrest in the USA will be caused by basic hunger and human need, as in all countries that have embraced US economic's. It is the struggling middle-class pace to support the poor while the very rich minority continue to take and don't give anything back, except suffering.

Throughout this twisted history, there has been a minority who saw the truth of what was going on from the initiation of America's own internal war to the expelling of the Spanish from the Pacific, the rape and genocide in the Philippines,Korea, Vietnam, Chile, Nicaragua and the overthrow of democratically elected governments in many other countries and then is installing its own puppet regime.

Back in the 60s when large numbers of people turned on and dropped out of the rat race, there was an underlying excitement that insufficient people became enlightened that goodness would replace tyranny and the world would come to know an unprecedented period of peace.

Over the past years was dream of a peaceful world seems to have been eroding and those old hippies became corporate CEOs because they lost faith with the dream of peace and joined the march of tyranny under the motto, if you can't beat them, then join them.

At present, the US is still beating its war drums, so dare you stand for truth and justice, and help convince your community to care?

The only way to stop this monster is collectively and we can do this through economics and severing many ties.


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