Genetics and Golden Rice

The tip of a growing wedge into Asia

ricephThe topic of genetic engineering, only occurs in the mainstream media when groups like Greenpeace and other concerned citizens take action by destroying genetically modified crops. Yet most of our mainstream media has not bothered to look into the genetic modifications of food and its reporting mostly supports the corporate bias.

In the United States of America, it is estimated that genetically modified food can be found in about 80% of all processed food products and meat. Within the USA, the public has no right to know what foods are or are not geneticly modified and the genetics industry there has government endorsement and protection.

The primary reasons for growing genetically modified crops, as claimed by the corporations producing them are increased yields and the ability of these crops to grow and slightly more marginalised soils. However in Bihar, India, one India’s poorest states, farmers are setting world-breaking records growing rice and other staple foods, without the help of genetically modified organisms, and none of Monsanto’s billion-dollar herbicides.

All testing of genetically modified foods and food products in the United States is done by the companies engaged in genetic modification. Research by any independent body is actually illegal, now let's look at Monsanto.

Monsanto is a large and powerful United States corporation that manufactured agent Orange that was used by the USA in its war on Vietnam and the toxic residue from this event many years ago continues maiming and killing people today. Its move into genetic modification of food crops probably began to address the needs of farmers to control weeds which were becoming herbicide resistance. Consequently they modify crops so that they would be tolerant of herbicides and in particular roundup.

Roundup is a general purpose weedkiller that can be sprayed over farmland to kill all the weeds but not kill the crops. One unforeseen consequence of this is that the roundup herbicide is absorbed into the crop to be consumed by the end user.

Unfortunately, animals including humans are not designed to digest this herbicide and it is making millions of people chronically ill.

Golden rice

The sentiment of the researcher in this video is actually noble but yet in the light of what we now know about genetic modification seems somewhat naiive. Normal plant breeding, as in the story about the potatoes in this video is actually different, here they are simply crossbreeding different types of potato to produce a potato with the desired qualities and farmers have been doing this with their crops for millennia.

The difference with genetic modification is that the gene from a completely different species is being introduced into a plant variety. With golden rice, they use genes from a daffodil and if you did not know, daffodils are extremely poisonous and eating only a small bite would kill us.

In the video they also talk about introducing mangrove genes into rice so that the rice can be grown in more saline conditions. In Vietnam, they used to have a rice they grew in such sale and conditions. However, the seed for that species was bought up and is no longer available to the local farmers and other chemical corporation, DuPont is actively marketing a genetically modified breed of rice to do the same job.

In the Philippines where this golden rice trial is being staged, they have over 2400 species of rice with varieties of different levels of nutrition and that can be grown in a wide range of environments.

Vitamin A

In this video, it is claimed that one in three Filipino children is vitamin A deficient and yet from all the research done on the ground by independent bodies in consultation with Filipino health workers in the poorest areas, there are no recorded cases of illness caused by vitamin A deficiency. In some of the poorest areas, whether people simply survive by scavenging, the government provides a bi-annual vitamin A supplement which is inexpensive and enough to prevent any vitamin A deficiency symptoms appearing.

The real problem with vitamin A deficiency and malnutrition is poverty and poverty as a social disease caused by greed and injustice that prevents the poor people from having access to healthy food that contains the daily nutritional requirements.

The symptoms of poisoning by genetically engineered organisms may take a long time to show up in the population as is happening in the United States, where since the introduction of the modified foods into the public diet, there has been an increase in digestive problems, allergies, stomach cancers, chronic fatigue syndrome, leaky gut and related afflictions. Natural health practitioners dealing with clients, displaying these symptoms get their clients onto a more natural diet that has not been genetically modified and their symptoms immediately began to dissipate.

All hunger and malnutrition is a direct result of social and political injustice and inequality.

There are no success stories with genetically engineered foods. It has been a great failure from start to finish. Not only do the genetically modified crops failed to live up to expectations in terms of yield and nutrient requirements, they make everyone who consumes them ill.

Golden rice which is now owned by the Syngenta corporation is seen by onlookers and investigators as the thin edge of the wedge. Due to the unprecedented failure of GMO in the United States, where despite the failure, it is not hindering its expansion; global resistance to GMOs is gaining support.

Golden rice is being introduced as a free public service to pave the way for the more widespread introduction of GMOs not only into the Philippines, but the entire developing world.

In the video above made by Jakob Gottschau and his team, the story is very pro golden rice and genetic modification, but another documentary which aired on Russian television and due to copyright reasons is currently unavailable dug deep into the background of the Golden Rice story to prove it was a danger and the spin of the geneticists a danger to humanity.

If all these scientists are so concerned about the malnutrition and suffering in the Third World, they should put their energy into creating social and political justice so that these people have access to good nutritional foods.

The bottom line on genetically modified foods is about corporate ownership of the food supply and in light of the behaviour of the world's corporations which are backed by the United States military machine, GMOs may well be a tool to undermine the health and reduce the density of the third world population.

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    This has to be one of the greatest modern tragedies because only are we destroying our environment and so many other ways but the genetic manipulation of our foods could one day destroy us

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