Getting Massaged

And how to get the best treatment - a personal story

back_rubI love being massaged and the first few times I was rather shy and thankfully I was treated respectfully. On the few occasions I went to a male therapist I became aware that I had this unique power, and on reflection I became aware that it was not nice.

I must tell you that most guys think I am pretty hot although I think I'm rather average although if I scrubbed up I guess I'd fit quite nicely into any sexy magazine although I don't do that. If you're a woman you'll probably understand that almost every guy is attracted to you in some way and it's very easy to play on that and lead them on a little.

Most girls I know you think this is fair play because guys are such dickheads and somehow they probably deserve it, being teased that is. Anyhow, for a while I was a bit of a covert tease towards my therapist and then one day I went to a woman who I hadn't seen before. The girls and women who'd massaged me before had been fairly politically correct and I was comfortable taking everything off and lying naked on the table and then don't cover me with a sheet or towel.

Anyhow this woman started the massage nicely but by the time she was halfway through she had me completely uncovered and her fingers were becoming more invasive if you know what I mean. Then she told me she was gay and hit on me. Well, that was the end of the massage and I got out of there, but a few weeks later I did a short introductory massage course after which I found that when I practised on some of my friends, I began to see the body in a different light.

I'd also been doing more yoga and meditation than normal and I had what I guess is called an Epiphany. I saw the whole body is a complete unit and that when trying to massage someone, any clothing on the body simply got in the way because the muscles don't stop at the line of clothing and around the hips, they all attach onto the bony structure of the pelvis as well as the spine and thigh bones.

In other words, to massage the muscles the body effectively, I actually had to touch into those bony areas around the anus and genitals wishes seen as politically correct and a taboo for any therapist except for doctors and nurses.

I discussed this with some of my friends who although they can see the logic of what I was saying thought that massaging around these areas was just too sensitive mostly because they were afraid they might become sexually aroused.

Anyhow a few guys were willing to be experimented on, actually there were five guys and surprisingly only one of them got a stiffy that he was kind of embarrassed about. Then I was too busy to give people massages, but I began to realise that our bodies are not our problem, rather it's our attitude toward our bodies for main problem.

Just think, our bodies are the most complex and amazing things on the planet. In yoga they talk about the body being in a vehicle for the spirit, or a temple for the divine within. So if you think of the body being like a vehicle, like a car for instance; we take our car to the service station and the mechanic lifts the hood, opens the bits inside and does whatever is necessary for repair and maintenance.

Even a temple has to be repaired and repainted but when we take our bodies to a massage therapist for maintenance, we have this weird idea that the therapist is not allowed to see or touch our tits and other bits.

Like in yoga we are whole body and if we women go to a doctor, we think nothing about opening our legs so they can look up inside us and yet if a massage therapist sees our bits it's like they have committed some kind of crime.

So the next time I went to a guy for a massage, I took everything off and while he was politically correct and kept all my bits covered, I actually enjoyed the massage more than usual. I also met a few people that like to hangout in the nude and after my initial anxiety passed, I couldn't see what all the fuss is about. It's just so natural and easy to be naked with like-minded people and its a nice equaliser.

But I still had this curiosity to be massaged completely all over. So I went saw this tantra goddess and it was really nice and kind of liberating somehow that I could simply lay back without having to do anything and having not only my body being massaged but also my tits and pussy. I didn't get off of that's what you're thinking and in some ways I kinda felt completely innocent like a newborn baby.

So this has got me thinking that every massage for relaxation, therapy and body balancing should include the entirety of the body although I wouldn't bother with any internal massage.

We live in such a mixed up and screwed up world that it's time we got over our bodies and all those restrictive judgements that limit us in so many ways. It's time we woke up and accepted our bodies without judgement because our body can give us so much pleasure and when the body is satisfied and at ease, I know for sure that my mind works much better and when I meditate even that is improved.

Mandi went to her first massage today.

I got a back, leg, foot, and scalp massage. My body feels amazing and I'm super relaxed, but when I was being massaged, wow, I got very turned on, like i could seriously feel my clit swelling during the foot massage - omg and when she did my front legs I felt really wet down there and my nipples erected.

I hope the masseuse didn't notice, but now I'm in a quandary!

I’m so secretly turned on by massages, but I'm not gay and that is my dilemma. What should I do?

Our truest self realizations might require us, to learn to close our eyes: to let ourselves be taken unawares, to follow our dark angels, to risk illegal instincts. ~ Jean Cocteau


Since I wrote this piece I've made some more observations. I've been to quite a few male therapists basically because I like their touch more than women's and of asked them for complete full body massages. Some of them have asked me to sign a waiver to that effect which of course I do.

Apart from one guy who was a bit of a creep, by being completely naked not only did I get a better massage but it's almost like my openness bought out a level of respect that I'd never really felt before from any therapist. They may well have become aroused, but that didn't concern or interest me because what I wanted was a complete massage and I got it without being molested.

So if you've read this, next time you go for a massage and you really do want a thorough massage and not just to piss about, tell your therapist exactly what you want and get over your body as the only sure thing about that is that it will wither and die one day so you may as well enjoy it now before it's worn out.



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