The ideological battle over the states of Jammu and Kashmir

Pakistanis sacrifice goats before aircraft take off to ensure a safe flight.

The issue of ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’ otherwise known as Islam’s Prophetic war against India is a subject that Islamic clerics don’t wish to discuss and something that indigenous Hindus of India know next to nothing about let alone the rest of the world where minds are preoccupied with other global disasters.

It is also a problem that confounds Indian politicians, academics and those in the military as Pakistan’s Military-Mullah Establishment continues supporting extremists with a clear intent of taking over Kashmir and in doing so provoking an all out war with India.

Pakistan is renowned for sponsoring terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Toiba, Lashkar-e-Omar, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Jamaat-ud-dawa, hijb-ul-mujahideen, and many more. As well as funding the insurgency in Kashmir, it is also funding insurgencies in Afghanistan. It is also engaged in a genocide in Baluchistan, the southern coastal state it illegally occupied following the partition of India.

Pakistan is an Islamic country and the mandate of Islam is to take control of the world by whatever means necessary. Soon after the inception of Islam, Islamic armies swept across Persia but after 1400 years the remain steadfast in their resolve to conquer India and convert the entire population Islam or execute those who refuse to convert.

While Muslim groups from time to time have taken administrative control of India, they have not been able to convert the population and today India contains the world's third largest Muslim population. The direction of the Islamic conquest is dictated by Saudi Arabia who fund Pakistan's nuclear program and keep pressing Pakistan to convert itself and its neighbours to the extreme form of Islam known as Wahabism as practised by groups like daesh in Iraq and Syria.

The state of Jammu & Kashmir of India in area excluding Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) by size are Kashmir: 15%, Jammu: 26%* and Ladakh: 59%* of which 85,000 sq km or 85% of the region is not controlled by the Muslim Majority and the indigenous Hindu population after years of abuse, crimes and mass killings hate Muslim fanaticism and the Pakistani backed terrorism.

The population of J&K is about 12.5 millions with 6.9 million in Kashmir where only 5.5 million speak Kashmiri and the remaining 1.3 million speak non Kashmiri languages.  Jammu with a population of 5.33 million speak Dogri, Punjabi and Hindi, and Ladakh has a population of 30,000 speaking their own Ladakhi language. These figures don not include 750,000+ Pakistanis who have settled without citizenship and a recent migration of Rohingas from Myanmar who have taken the Pakistani side.

History Of Kashmir Conflict Sept 2016

Of the 22 districts in J&K, only the five districts of Srinagar, Anantnag, Baramullah, Kulgam and Pulwarma are dominated by Pakistani Muslim insurgents and the majority, 17 districts are resisting occupation, but the Hindu population is in decline as many flee and those who remain are being slowly exterminated.

The separatist's who control 15% of the population are fanatical Sunni Muslims yet their gains have been in districts are far away from the Indo Pakistan Border and line of control as the Indian army has a lesser presence.

There are more than fourteen major religious or ethnic groups in J&K and only 33% people in Kashmir speak Kashmiri. Unfortunately, this group controls narrative from the Hurriyat to the militants, the terrorists and from the National Conference (NC) and the Peoples Democratic Party who are the so-called soft separatists who control the majority of business, bureaucracy & agriculture.

This religious fanatic Islamic Sunni faction of 33% is opposed to India yet the majority of all other Muslims in J&K (69%) are pro-India because they want peace and prosperity along with good healthcare, governance and education for their children which would be denied under Islamic rule.

The separatists anthem

Pakistan has several strategies, on the ground in Kashmir it hires underemployed young men to harass the Indian Army by throwing stones at them. It organises groups to harass the indigenous population and in many cases drive them from their homes and businesses or as frequently happens, execute entire communities. On the political front, there are sufficient numbers in the Kashmiri government that they can stymie political processes through agitation and what the Americans would call filibustering.

In other countries around the world, paid Pakistani activists stand on street corners trying to raise public awareness and spreading lies that Kashmir was always a part of Pakistan which is completely false, that when lies repeated often enough and people she had enough tears they are often believed. This in effect is a form of fundraising to supply weapons to the separatists.

Pakistan also has a huge control over the Indian media to the point where the Indian public are becoming more sympathetic to the Muslim cause. This is portrayed as mistreatment of stone throwers by the army and yet when a Hindu family is murdered, somehow that's all right?  It is only the anti-national, largely anti-Hindu English media, journalists and other anti-India forces funded by nefarious foreign interests and nations which have created created an impression that the J&K region is seeking independence from India and closer ties with Pakistan.

The truth is that with collaboration and support of Pakistan, a 15% minority of the population comprised fanatic Sunni Muslims within 5 districts of Kashmir province are fanning all the separatist activities.


Lecture on Ghazwa-e-Hind in English

"Before I explain this controversial doctrine that is based on the Hadees (saying) of Prophet Muhammad, it is worth nothing that Indian politicians and academics, as well as men and women of the military, have remained confounded at what they see as the irrational urge among Pakistan’s Military-Mullah Establishment to provoke a war with India despite repeated defeats in 1947-48, 1965, 1971, and 1999.

The answer may be in this explanation by an Islamic cleric from the Caribbean, speaking in English (above right video). This fellow uses clever doublespeak to not only use the lecture about ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’ to spread hatred against Hindus, but also against Jews and Israel while provoking the Pakistani Army to become more radical and more anti-India than they already are, taunting them to go further.

In a 2011 lecture, the prominent Islamic cleric and former banker Irfan-ul-Haq explains (with English subtitles) the genesis of Pakistan being the prophesied defeat of India and Hinduism at the hands of Pakistan in what is known in the Hadith (Hadees) literature as the ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’ or the Prophet’s War on India.

The cleric tells his enthralled audience that Pakistan came about for the sole purpose of being the springboard of the end-of-times ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’ when Pakistan’s military and people will swarm India and wipe out once and for all the practice of Hinduism from the face of the earth.

He says, only then will the armies of Islam march to meet the reincarnation of Jesus Christ in Syria from where Europe will be conquered and once that is done, human civilization will end on the prophesied day of Qayamat (Qayama in Arabic, the end of times) will come."

This Islamic inspired Pakistani war against India as been going on for more than 1000 years and the Moslems remain steadfast in their belief that India can be overcome. Yet India has proved itself time and again that cannot be overcome as it has survived multitudes of invasion, Islamic rule and colonial rule yet continues to survive.

You would think that given that the Moslems want to possess India and either convert or exterminate the Hindu population that the Moslems in India would be taking up arms and joining the Islamic cause. This is happening to a certain extent in places like Bengal and Korela, but the vast majority of Muslims in India understand that Islamic rule would be terrible for them.

Under Islamic rule the colour of India would vanish to be replaced by the pale blue or black hijab, the only education would be Koranic and the country would slide back into feudalism. Under democratic secular rule, the Moslem's in India have a better life than Moslems in most other countries and while some are being converted to Wahabism, the majority prefer peace and happiness.

Islam is a religion of fear and happiness is a privilege of the ruling elite, but what is referred to as Hinduism is a way of life, a way of living that makes genuine happiness not only a possibility, but a right of all the people including the Muslims and other minorities. The conflict in Jammu and Kashmir is real, everyday hordes of an educated young men are paid to harass the army by throwing stones and within the government, those seeking separation from India and union with Pakistan hold up progress and do everything they can to prevent peace while secretive Muslim groups prowl the region executing Hindu families and communities and distributing their properties to illegal Muslim migrants.

Tarek Fatah
Muslim conquests of the Indian subcontinent
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