Girls are Not Sluts

A language correction

twinssSlut is a derogatory term and unhelpful in any society and as the world slides deeper into strife, it's totally unhelpful and uncalled for and remember one of the key phrases with and religion is 'judge not so that ye shall not be judged'.

Labels that are applied to anyone are limiting and therefore depressing, and depression is what we need to lift the world out of. But in many societies today woman are expected to dress for a sexual effect and yet if they have sex without someone else's consent, they are derided.

This is not only unfair, it is also unjust and offensive to all concerned even though the perpetrator may believe they are behaving justly. This comes from ignorance and stupidity, and that's something we're trying to grow out of the create healthy lives and a healthy world.

The age of consent

The age of consent varies around the world loosely based on the onset of puberty, however within Islam, many sects advocate sex with very young children (as young as 6 and those younger are often raped). Today girls are reaching puberty much younger - 8 - 12 and want to experiment. This results in prisons being filled with young men that have been robbed of their youth, condemned to rot in jail from an act that should not be a crime. This experimentation can be safe and as a consequence the legal age of consent in most developed countries is from 13 years and up.

Real woman own their bodies and their lives, and when they own their power, they support all life.

For many generations than we care to count, the role of women has mostly been to remain chaste (virgin) until after marriage, have babies and keep house while the men were free to express themselves and the world as they saw fit. When we say most of the woman, others served as Courtesan's and Escort's servicing the needs of men when they were away from home.

Traditionally the supposedly 'good girl' in training to become a wife and mother was ostracised if she dared to follow her natural instincts. It was not so much a matter of having sex with someone, even speaking to an unauthorised man would see her being chastised.

While the woman were in effect locked away in the so-called developed world, there were remote places where people practised a natural and open lifestyle. In such places as long as the parentage was known, no one really cared who had sex who and in some places, even extramarital relationships fitted in to the cultural understanding.

In ancient traditional cultures, couples who came together to produce children never belonged to each other and there was very little in the way of possessiveness if one partner went off to have an intimate moment with someone else or even moved in with someone else in the village.

In these ancient cultures which are now almost gone, human sexuality was another form of communication, but with the advent of Greek culture and later religions, a system of possessiveness emerged and unfortunately, it was all one sided. In Greek culture, the men were always allowed to go and have sex with whoever they wanted but the woman were forced to stay home and care for the children. If they got caught screwing around, they may have found themselves in a situation that exist in some cultures today where they could actually lose their lives.

As Catholicism progressed, the priests were forced to be celibate as far as woman were concerned but homosexuality and sex with young boys was widespread. Step forward into the Industrial Revolution and Protestantism, for the working classes the ideal was one man and one wife as an economic and social unit of society.

Working classes were tied to this by law and yet there were always sex workers available to service the men when their wives were unavailable. On the other hand, the ruling elite have always been free to pursue whatever relationships they wanted to.

The elite of European society were renowned for their fornication which was often facilitated with the use of opiates and other substances that today are highly illegal. The people now regarded as some of Europe's finest thinkers got their inspiration from drugs and sex, and of course many died of syphilis and other diseases.

Women have always been offended by being treated as second-class citizens and many of them have been rightly annoyed that men had sexual freedom and they did not. European woman knew the men were out screwing around, but that was just a fact of life and although they may not have liked it there was nothing they could do about it.

Step forward into today

With the arrival of the contraceptive pill, improved sex education, a general acceptance of condoms and a woman's liberation movement, the call for social equity became loud and clear. As well as social pressures to normalise woman's rights on an equal footing with men, more women into the workforce and their financial independence supported the changes.

In the modern world of today, woman are just as likely as men to hire the services of escorts because their sex drive as more or less equal to that of men. The men today who call woman slats for having sex outside of marriage or having more sex than what they are living in an ancient fantasy.

The mentality of people who deride others stems from ignorance and is really time they got over themselves. Anyone who wants more sex needs to work on their own personal growth and development. They need to turn themselves into people that others want to be with simply because they are lovely people.

The women who play the traditional men's game soon come unstuck and like many men, the only way they can get laid as to pay for it like so many men do.

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