Giving Selflessly

India : impressions of all times

"The visible world passing though the passage of time is continually changing and morphing into new forms, shapes, realities and surrealistic ideas." We have evolved from being hunter gatherers and around the world people have evolved into a mixture of believers and seekers. The majority of people in India have always been seekers which gave rise to scientific enquiry leading to a clear understanding of the world.

At the core of this enquiry was the question "who am I?" In the modern world many people simply accept the religious or state-sponsored answer that an individual is a body and mind. But the serious Inquirer learns that body and mind physical, borrowed from the earth and returned at death. One's real identity is that of the soul and Hindu civilisation revolved around experiencing oneself as a sole while maintaining the integrity of the body, a social structure and the requirements for life.

The scientific enquiry into the nature of self and the world around us gave rise to Sanatana Dharma, a way of living in harmony existence. It was recognised that one of the soul preferences was to experience joy and happiness and that suffering was a conscious choice. In the modern world suffering is more a subconscious choice and a karmic consequence because Western civilisation has yet to learn true responsibility.

By seeking to understand nature and by seeking to develop a happiness that arises from within oneself, the clarification of language evolved into what we refer to as Sanskrit. Along with language, numbers and calculus were developed along with medicine, astronomy and metallurgy. With the sea-level rise after the last ice age and the collapse of the Indus Valley civilisation, migrations from India took vestiges of all that knowledge around the world and some was exported.

There is evidence of Hindu technology being exported before thirty thousand BC and other evidences of Hindu technology spreading around the world prior to 5000 BC. But it is after the collapse of the Indus Valley civilisation that it's thought larger groups migrated out of India taking with them vestments of technology some of which would become corrupted and form the basis of belief systems.

Under the newly established patriarchal rule in Persia and the marriage of patriarchy and capitalism, an "I centric" civilisation emerged in Greece than Rome and across Europe. Up until about one thousand A.D., India was the source of knowledge. It's thought that Indian elephants helped with the burden of construction during development of the Roman Empire. The African elephant does not have temperament to serve mankind and it's likely that Hannibal used Asian elephants in his campaign against Rome.

With the rise of the Roman Empire and the spread of Christianity came the control of knowledge by church and state. The libraries of Alexandria were systematically destroyed and the knowledge generated in India was suppressed as state and church sanctioned plagiarism evolved. At this time in world history, Europeans were "I centric" barbarians but they were beginning to use and adapt Hindu science and technology to improve their lives.

With the spread of Islam, Hindu science and technology spread more rapidly and the Europeans erroneously attributed this new knowledge to the Muslims who had just stolen it from the Hindus. Even Hippocrates with his statement "let thy food be thy medicine" is taken directly from Ayurveda. With colonialism, the exploitation of India's wealth and technology was accelerated and the people of India continued to suffer increasing misfortune.

In our modern era, India has not only proved herself to be indestructible, she continues to give. One of India's biggest exports today is the science of knowing oneself, the science of yoga and the principles of Sanatana Dharma. It matters not if we are born in Birmingham, Baghdad, Beijing or Mexico. We are all human beings built to the same specifications but limited by our ability or inability to appreciate the nature of existence and our own unique identity.

The science of yoga helps individuals to establish their identity and Sanatana Dharma helps to build peaceful communities. The great yogis like Paramahansa Yogananda, BKS Iyengar and so many others have inspired people to look inside themselves and root out their own truths. It is when individuals are in touch with their own inner truth that they are more able to perceive the outer truth and become more responsible in their own lives. They might not be able to overcome the fact that they are slaves to our economic and social systems, but they will know an internal freedom.

"India has been that passage of time for timeless dimensions and once you are in that tunnel of time - you can witness entire past of Earthian reality, the forever present and the forming future - all in one shot & glance. It is timeless and yet time's stamps are most visible in this land that has been target of invaders and thugs attempting to rip off its shining gold, colorful preciousness and they ripped it all but could not rip its soul.

India is indeed, the mother of civilisation, the soul of humanity on this planet. Its cover may be dusty, wrinkled or faded at times but you can see all colors of the universe once you see the colors of spirit that cross in front of our eyes in a split second in any one street of India at any point of time....... The history of humanity lives in the people of India.. They survive despite attacks and suppression for continual 1000 years - their civilization wounded, their faith invaded even after so called freedom from foreigners, and yet they are the most tolerant, calmly suffering the onslaughts of times." ~ BrotherMaitreya

By NZYogi


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