Going Braless

Moving beyond the bigotry and social injustice

It is rather sad that we live in such a twisted world with different rules for everyone based on their social class. Hollywood and the fashion industry sets a precedent for women to be as daring and minimally clad as possible while the working classes are required to be strapped up and their bodies a tool of industry, not for public display, because that is the role of the glamour model and movie star.

Perhaps this stems from the time when the Romanised version of Christianity became vogue and a tool to help maintain the capitalist empire with privileges for the rich and mundane work for the poor. In terms of wearing a bra, the science tells us that a bra is often benign (without physiological purpose) but most commonly harmful to breast health.

It has become almost universal that young girls begin wearing a bra as soon as their breasts begin to develop except of course those more privileged despite the fact that the brass serves no physiological purpose although it is most important to the ruling elite because it is a tool of restraint.

Some argue that such restraint and camouflage of the breasts is necessary because some men lack sufficient self control that the outline of a woman's breasts under her shirt will set his mind to fantasising about sex and unleash the rapist within. It is true that many men need to grow up in this respect but is more probable that they would if breasts were seen in their proper context.

However if we look back into our history, clothing is a relatively new invention and the tribal cultures who are being forced to dress in this modern age saw breasts and their proper perspective, exposed and in all shapes and sizes without any sexual fixation in their minds. The human being who is grounded in reality makes no distinction between breasts or toes while understanding that both have a different purpose. Unfortunately this natural man has almost been extinguished and turned into a perverted beast by market forces making it more difficult for women who dare to bare even just a little. There are course exceptions with topless and clothing optional beaches around the world where the working classes can find a degree of balance but even the reality of these places is distorted by sociological forces.

Some women are fighting for the right to be braless in the workplace. One B.C. woman filed a human rights complaint after her employer demanded she wear a bra. Whether or not employers can mandate a woman’s undergarments is now the subject of a case before the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal. A hearing date has not been set yet.

It was prompted by a complaint from Christina Schell who claims her previous employer — the Osoyoos Golf Club in Osoyoos, B.C. — discriminated against her by requiring that female staff wear a bra.

“It’s gender-based and that’s why it’s a human rights issue,” she said. “I have nipples and so do the men.”

Schell discarded her bras more than two years ago because she finds them uncomfortable.

“They’re horrible,” said the 25-year-old who took a job as a server at the golf club’s restaurant in May.

She says she had no inkling being braless was an issue until a few weeks later when she received the restaurant’s new dress code. It stated: “Women must wear either a tank top or bra under their uniform shirt.”

Because she served tables at an outdoor patio in hot weather, Schell had no desire to wear an undershirt, either.

“It was absurd,” she said. “Why do you get to dictate what’s underneath my clothes?” ~ Sophia Harris

Of course in other workplaces like bars and café's, employers want female staff to go bra less and create a certain degree of sex appeal to attract customers, so let's examine some of the social changes over history. There was of course a time when no one wore clothes, then people began wearing a simple loincloth for protection during their activities. As communities became larger with more dominating power structures, the loincloth was taken between the legs and tied at the back. This gave men a certain degree of discretion should they become aroused in the course of activities. Over the millennia the loincloth expanded into a variety of robes yet there was never any perversion about the body until capitalism arrived.

The capitalist, the creator of garments began incentivising people to wear more clothes so that he could make more profits, but until the arrival of Judaism, being naked was perfectly fine although no doubt there were societies where the politics of self-centredness were stronger and the idea of fashion was an important social element. Back then of course there was no concept of a bra although it is probable that some large breasted women would tie their breasts to keep their boobs out of the way when working.

The heat was applied to the population under the Roman version of Christianity which was created as a tool to help maintain the empire. That failed yet the Romanised Christianity took over Europe and the population was forced to obey or die, a threatening concept that was also applied within Islam.  Under Christianity the body became a thing of shame and boosted the wealth of the cloth merchants who gained sufficient economic and political influence. They used various forms of coercion and today with companies like Victoria's Secret turning over seven billion dollars, they don't want any woman to stop buying bras and will invest/lobby governments to assist leveraging women into their garments.

"wore a bra today after not wearing a bra for months and when i took it off, my nipples hurt so bad so moral of the story is that bras are evil contraptions used to stop women from feeling pure joy" ~ Justine

In summary

  • Except for large breasted woman in some circumstances, wearing a bra has no physical benefits and is an economic drain on the individuals who choose to wear a bra.
  • There is a huge amount of social and political pressure placed on women to wear a bra and thus conform to the industrialists ideal and increase his profits.
  • As to the argument that people (men) stare and comment or get other ideas, women themselves need to grow up, exert their power and tell these men to grow up or get a life.
  • For many women of course, wearing a bra is all about conformity and trying to look as good as the supermodel yet camouflaging one's true self. Pretending to be who you are not serves no purpose and leads to a life of ever increasing delusion.
  • People will notice and look to a certain extent because there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who carries herself well and allows her breasts unrestrained freedom of movement. But for the most part the unenclosed breasts will put a smile on people's faces and inspire humaneness in what is becoming increasingly cruel world.

"the only reason girls are shamed for going braless is because the boys who stare are “just going to be boys” and nobody ever shames them for invading the privacy of a woman who just wants to be comfortable." malananicole


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