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Golden Rice

Poison in disguise


Over 1/2 the world population relies on
rice as a staple food

Protesters against GE have regularly torn up GE crops all over the world and in August 2013, farmers in the Philippines destroyed 1000 square metres of Golden Rice – a variety created to reduce vitamin A deficiency in fear that it will contaminate their traditional rice crops.

If you have played the video above, you will understand that all the research done on genetic modification has been done by the corporations promoting GM. Until now there has been almost no research done outside of those corporate bodies and yet institutions like the FDA have accepted these in-house trials as acceptable.

The health workers acting basically as the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff are seeing a huge increase in health problems that are attributed to genetically modified crops from an increase in allergies, a breakdown in the immune system, and a host of digestive disorders.

With golden rice, one of the genes used to create the variety comes from a daffodil which in itself is extremely poison and ingestion causes death. But there are many problems with golden rice besides this; there are many better and less expensive options to get vitamin A into the national diet, such as encouraging population to produce and consume sweet potatoes, which contain more vitamin A than golden rice.

Many people forget that the American rice crop was contaminated with genetically modified rice grown alongside traditional rice which resulted in a ban on the export of American rice because no other country with import it.

The work done in the USA to introduce and promote genetically modified foods has been led by Monsanto, working hand in hand with the FDA and the US government. As such, genetically modified foods are being released in the United States with totally inadequate levels of research done to ensure public health and safety, and as we are now learning genetically modified foods are highly unsafe.

But not only are genetically modified foods, proving to have toxic side-effects, the genetic traits are transferred through pollination to other crops in the area and in effect are spreading those toxic elements, as has happened with canola. Canola is one of the most widely used crops for cooking oil production, but the contamination has spread to the extent that all canola in the United States and Canada is affected with the genetic modification and it’s like virus that simply spreads the food chain.

Without health, we cannot be whole

United States laws prohibit any independent research on genetic modification and its implications which allows the corporations producing juniper modified foods to do all the research in-house and for them to dictate it as it is their desire to take ownership of the world’s food supply. Genetic modification allows them to do this and US courts impose harsh penalties on farmers who grow GE modified food crops, not because they planted them, but because their crop was contaminated from a neighbouring GE crop.

Not only does this demonstrate the insidiousness of the US administration and the corporations, it demonstrates a very real threat to their long-term survival of humanity as the more genetically modified crops are released, the greater the damage to our food chain and for our civilisation to continue scientists will have to come up with a way to remove those genetically modified traits from our food.

Back to golden rice

The introduction of genetically modified food crops has met with huge resistance outside of the USA where there are some half million acres of land devoted to GE production, despite local opposition

and now the corporations have a new tactic to introduce or rather impose GE on the world; they are doing it in the name of aid and public health which in this case is because vitamin A deficiency kills up to 2 million people and causes blindness in 500,000 children worldwide each year. It was recently shown that replacing half of a child’s rice intake with Golden Rice provides them with 60 per cent of their daily vitamin A requirement.

So Golden Rice is engineered to contain beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A which gives the rice its distinctive yellow colour, but vitamin A is something which does not naturally occur in rice.
International Rice Research Institutes in house research indicates that Golden Rice is safe and its promoters say that it won’t be made available to eat until further testing is completed. The IRRI is a non-profit research body that develops new rice varieties which in this case is believed to be funded by corporations who want to promote genetic modification. The Philippine Department of Agriculture is a partner in this adventure, however, Filipino officials are notoriously corrupt and if they can be persuaded that people will not begin dying in large numbers then is probable they will recommend to the Philippines government that golden rice is accepted as a national crop.

Not everyone views golden rice positively though, Willy Marbella, a farmer and deputy secretary general of the Philippine militant farmers’ group KMP is reported to have said “Golden Rice is a poison.”

So here we have golden rice being rolled out as a charity in the Philippines, which is one of the poorer countries in the world and once this is accepted there, it will spread through all the impoverished countries where the increased vitamin A level may actually help those who can afford to eat this new riots which will appear in the markets is a luxury item and probably not, and an inexpensive food available to those who need it.

But the remaining I’m answered question is, will Golden Rice turn out to be something which serves the needs of humanity, all will it simply taint the world’s rice crops forever and become another nail in the coffin of human civilisation?

Genetic roulette, the last word on the GE threat


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