Growing Up

An art few truly accomplish

What does it mean to grow up? It means to become a responsible human being, and this is a subject rarely discussed and what is spoken of more commonly is that we become obedient citizens. Yet before we can become a citizen and carry out any civic duty, we need to become complete human beings.

It is from our incompleteness and failure to become human that we are engaged in so much conflict, that we are destroying our environment and living factionalised lives. If we were mature and responsible human beings we would coexist peaceably with each other and be proper custodians of our planetary environment.

By being grown up I mean that one has reached a state of his evolution where life is in balance, selfish desires have been consigned to their proper place and one's actions are minimally harmless and at best supportive of all life, and this has nothing to do with the sociological, the political and economic's of modern life. This is about being the true primal human being in service to the long-term evolution of our species.

Our hunter gathering ancestors worked for the collective survival of their group that then with agriculture we got more political and certain individuals allowed selfish desires to dominate their lives and other people became servants or slaves. This is where we are today, even though we have a democracy, our politicians and market forces make up the rules for how we should live and how we should be.

There is no such thing as freedom. We have a limited freedom to turn left or right yet we are bound by the needs of our bodies. We have created a prison of discontent through overpopulation and out of control desires which have led to a current sociopolitical situation and handed the direction of civilisation over to the market forces which of themselves are corrupt that that's another story.

The fact of life is that we exist, we have this remarkable body/mind within which we exist as a soul. Not everyone recognises this and I will not dwell on the point, yet we are remarkable creatures with the intelligence to be responsible cocreator is on this planet to ensure our survival as a species until such time and some 4 billion years when our sun withdraws its support for our existence.

In terms of growing up, this is about becoming a responsible human being and having genuine concern for the welfare not only of your immediate kith and kin, but for our entire species and our collective journey into an unknown future. In today's world everyone is so tossed between opinions that they're becoming more and more incapable of sound decision-making for our collective well-being.

Instinctively we all want what is best for humanity but this basic instinct today is overwhelmed with the noise, the glamour and the opinions flying out of every communication device that we possess. Even our art and music represents an opinion making demands on our energy in addition to civic requirements.

Our world is so overwhelmed that it's almost impossible for anyone to successfully grow up and become a mature human being although many finally achieve this in their later years when they no longer have the energy to make a difference.

Know that you have the potential to be more than just another statistic, another cog in the machine. Know that some short-term pleasures are fine but pleasure does not endure unless you are a truly loving person. Remember that our social structure is an artificial man-made construct and not the only reality. Train your body through yoga, sport or martial arts. Train your mind and know how it works through meditation, it's your life, your responsibility, not only to yourself, but to all humanity and our planetary home.

It is difficult to give advise, instead we have an extensive rang of stories of growing up, especially in relation to sexuality and erotic stories, but these are not searchable.



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