Growing Up Sensibly Continued

Melanie continues her story - part one

In my opinion, learning about sex is easy but only if you ignore everyone else's advice. I listened to girls and guys about their experiences but when anyone tried to tell me what to do, I instinctively switched off to whatever they happened to be saying. As you recall I told you about beginning to have sex at age 11, an age by which a lot of girls are having babies, a lot of Islamic girls in particular are marrying old men or who are being traded for some political favour or kidnapped and sold into the brothels of the world.

You asked me about the morality of what I was doing which was having sex just for the fun of it and it just happened to work out that guys wanted to give me money. In the beginning I never asked for it and didn't even expect it.

You may also recall that I had my first experience with my girlfriends brother followed by a rather shy schoolfriend then one of our neighbourhoods more interesting characters and after that, Lorna and Trevor invited me to this party where I enjoyed a number of guys who gave me money. I didn't know then, that this was Lorna and Trev's business. His job was to organise girls like me and have sex with some of the single women. even some guys wives. The idea of swinging was something I'd read about in Cleo and I can't believe how innocent I was back then.

I would never recommend to any girl to try doing what I did but I know some girls are forced into it before they are ready and a long way before their bodies are ready. I was fortunate that I was physically well-developed and with a bit of make up and dressing carefully, I could pass as a 25-year-old. Girls like me are perhaps not common, but we're not uncommon. Over the next few months I met several girls my own age working the business although I thought they were a bit more crude.

I was more interested in the people and exploring the realms of physical pleasure. Life wasn't always plain sailing, I had to fuck some real creeps but thankfully they were few. I continued working for Trevor and Lorna on occasions but I preferred working for Clive, the guy who picked me up and the following weekend took me to a gang bang.

Since you asked me so nicely Dianna and it could well be in the public good to share my story. I should add that one of the books that initially shocked but continues to inspire me was Born With A Cunt by Donna Barber. I started reading that a couple of weeks after I'd commenced having sex. It kind of shook me to my core but then I began to think about a woman's lot in this world.

We were expected to look good, dressed well and have a good fashion sense but only in regard to our bodies, but in regard to our homes and gardens. We had the vote that we were still second-class citizens but from Donna I think I got the idea that women were actually much stronger and more resilient than men, especially in regard to our emotions. I saw morality is being mostly about political control and only a token amount advising against breeding within the same extended family unit as the most relevant piece of advice and I kinda got the idea I could see that advice hadn't been taken by some of the Pakistani guys I'd had some brief associations with. The idea of waiting to be married before having sex and not having sex with someone you weren't married to just didn't register as being true, it was more about political control and the people who made those rules were in fact some of the most unscrupulous and likely to break them.

Rather than go on about the social injustice and the suffering it causes, I'll tell you about some of my sexual antics and the fun I had moving on after that first week.

That Monday morning after the long weekend and a week of being fucked by God knows, perhaps 50 men I was unbelievably happy as I went to school. I connected with Lorna for a few seconds before going to my first class and I was dutifully attentive. Henry came looking for me during lunch break and demanded to know why I'd been so elusive. I tried to explain to him that I hadn't been elusive, I'd been busy and he had the good sense not to press the point although he did press me for another date.

I figured that since he was the second boy I'd had sex with, he deserved another go but I made him wait until Wednesday after school because there was a better chance that his parents would be out. I avoided Lorna after school but she rang up not long after I got home and tried to impress me into going to a party but I refused. I spent the evening catching up with homework from last week and reading through some of my class notes.

On Wednesday Henry's scooter was in the shop so we walked there after school and the day was a bit damp, not quite raining but drizzly. I dressed myself quite professionally, regulation shoes and socks, skirt the minimum regulation length with the hem about mid thigh and my blouse mostly buttoned above my boobs. I wasn't much into sports although we went swimming sometimes and I liked but but I couldn't believe no one seemed to notice my absence of underwear.

I'm not sure what came over me once got on the back of Henry's scooter, we set out with me holding around his waist and squeezing myself against him but then I impulsively reached under his shirt and started playing with his boobs, not that he had anything much to play with and just before we go back to his place I had a hand down the front of his pants to let him know I wanted him.

I couldn't believe how much I wanted sex actually. When he pulled up in the driveway, he asked me to push the garage door open so I climbed off and did that, then he drove inside and with the garage door still open I started kissing and molesting him. The poor guy was so nervous about being seen and when we got into his room, he had trouble getting a stiffy but somehow my mouth knew what to do. Fortunately he found his Mojo and we had fun for an hour or so before his mum came home at which point we quickly dressed and began talking about Plato and I tried to make him see my view that the world hadn't really changed much since then. The Greeks had democracy for the ruling class, a kind of socialism for the rich and the poor had to pay for any mistakes just as in the world today. I know everyone has the right to vote but it doesn't count for much.

I found Plato to be interesting and I was curious about the different language and contemplated learning Greek so I could read the original text. But Henry's mum wanted some help and I was going to go home but he insisted I stay read more of the book then later as I was leaving I had a close call with his father in the hallway. He looked me up and down and said that I was turning into a fine looking young woman and he just managed to grab one of my tits before I got away.

I remained focused on school work and on Friday night dad's brother and his wife came over for dinner so I played the dutiful daughter. Mum asked me to wear something sensible and dad asked me to wear something to show off. I also had a date with Bernie but the dinner was quite funny. I wore a boob tube and a mini skirt to please dad but because I was home I remained barefoot.

Mum and aunt Essie looked at me with a sense of admiration and wonder mostly that I had a body like this at such a young age and Ted looked at me as though he wanted to devour me. Well, we never stopped talking about my appearance and that I could get a job as a model or an actress. It seems that every parent wants the children to get a high-paid job and these were two popular options for pretty girls although I'd heard that the girls in the industry also have to spread their legs just because there were so many wanna be successfuls, the casting couch was the only way up the list.

Aunt Essie made sure that uncle Ted wasn't alone with me for a second over the meal but when it was clean up time, I helped mum and Essie clear the table and there was a moment when I came back into the dining room when dad put his arm around me and exclaimed to uncle Ted how beautiful I was and how lucky I was to have such a gorgeous body. I can't remember exactly what I  Ted said, something to do with my boobs and I couldn't believe that dad's dead pulled my top-down and they both gave them a quick squeeze before I had time to react.

I covered up and told dad that I wanted a word and led him to my bedroom. I said to him "daddy dear, I know I have this body but is my body and not yours to show off. I don't mind you looking or even touching if you want and I guess you know that incest is totally out of the question. I stripped then put my arms around his neck kissing his cheeks and saying "I think what it means to be a man in this context is that you have to be proud of who I am and how I look. After all its your DNA that gave birth to this" and I cuddled against him.

Seconds later I stepped back, turned around a few times then held his hands against my boobs and said something about mum must've been this good-looking when she was young? He replied that she was but then he was crying so I gave him a hug, kissed his cheeks again and suggested that if he should remember his love and commitment for mum and just be pleased that I was turning out the way I was. I got dressed and he said something about my absence of underwear. I told him that I was a modern girl and knew how to look after myself.

He asked how so I said that if any guy got too fresh I knew how to incapacitate him and then with my clothes and shoes on, I gave him some more assurances as I put on a little make up. We went back downstairs together and I said that I didn't need desert when it was offered. Then right on time I heard Bernie's car pull up outside. I said my goodbyes to mum and Essie in the kitchen and walked through the living room pausing to say goodbye to uncle Ted and whispering to him that confidences are best kept in the family and there are other things that can never happen inside the family.

Bernie was pretty excited to see me, we went back to his place and fucked. He was so excited he came too quick and we were both getting settled into a second round when someone knocked on the door. I suggested that we pretended there was no one home but whoever it was was persistent and then a woman's voice called.

He cursed and said something about forgetting he'd made another date and he apologised to me as he quickly pulled his trousers on and told me to keep the engine running. I lay there masturbating, after all he had said to keep the engine warm and I was itching to have him back in there. But the argument outside was interesting and I couldn't believe that he had made dates with two different women on the same night. Through her words I got a sense of her power and she was persuasive enough that he came in to grab his wallet shirt and shoes. He gave me a quick apology and looked pretty miserable as he left.

I tidied myself up and it was way too early to go home. When I stepped out of Bernie's's door, the door to the next flat was open and there was a big man facing away from me so I closed the door softly, adjusted my top down until my nipples were almost in view and then knocked loudly. I knocked twice and the big guy was talking to someone who couldn't see so I knocked on his door and asked loudly if he had seen Bernie.

Once his eyes saw me, he kinda froze for a split second and then his expression turned into this most amazing smile before his brain cells connected sufficiently for him to ask if I was looking for Bernie to which I said yes and then he commented that Bernie knows the most beautiful girls. I asked who they were and he said "you are surely one of the most beautiful". We exchanged a couple of sentences during which time I walked across the hallway and leaned against his doorjamb. I said that he had invited me to a party but clearly forgotten and what was a poor stood up girl to do on a Friday night. He said that I was welcome to join him for the evening so I asked what he was gonna be doing.

The other voice interrupted asking who he was talking to? He said that he was talking to the prettiest young girl he'd seen for a long time and then the other guy walked to where he could see me. Then he kind of jumped me and pulled me into the room sliding my top down in the same move. I was amused but I squealed and told him not to be so rude and somehow I pushed myself away and pressed myself against the big guy.

He was a big guy, perhaps 6 foot four and a good 200 pounds but he was all muscle. The other guy was almost puny beside him then he made an excuse and left. So here I was being enveloped in this guy's arms and enjoying the sensation of my boobs against his big hairy chest. He tried apologising for his friend and I told him I wasn't really all that offended but I liked guys with manners.

I guess he must've felt as if he was on shaky ground, his arms went soft and he asked if I wanted to straighten myself up. I stepped back and I said that its nice that he was a gentleman and I cupped my boobs and and squeezed them a little. He said that I could put them away so I replied "I could but I heard that an eyeful every day keeps the doctor away and honestly, if that's true then I'm more than happy to pose.

He laughed and told a couple of jokes and then he asked why I didn't wear a bra so I said "I guess God gave me this body and he supports my boobs too." We laughed and chatted a bit and eventually he said that he'd had been planning on going to visit some friends and maybe go out drinking.

I said that I was into hanging out with friends and liked drinking but I wasn't really into the pub scene, I preferred more intimate parties. I guess I must have had a bit of a glint in my eye as I said that and he stepped closer and tweaked one of my nipples declaring my body really was a sight for sore eyes. I asked him if he was feeling better and he said "almost never better" then offered me a drink. I said yes then asked what he had and followed him over to the drinks cabinet. He had a good stock of spirits and I said that I liked vodka or rum if there was something nice to mix it with. He poured vodka with some orange from the fridge. When I took the glass from him, he gave me a kind of sideways glance and said that I was really beautiful as he grabbed my nearer boob.

He said they were amazing and I replied that I thought so too and we laughed. I guess as I didn't try to pull away he felt it was okay to help himself and for a big man he was exceptionally tender so I told him that he had a lovely touch. One thing quickly led to another and a couple of minutes later we were fucking. I fondled his cock for a few seconds before he pushed it up inside me and I kind of expected it to really hurt because it was the biggest I'd ever seen, but it was just wonderment and pleasure.

He fucked me so bloody good I couldn't believe it. It was kind of like being gang banged, just one big long orgasm. At one point I had to go pee and after going at it for fully two hours. Returning I picked up my drink which was still in the living room as stood the against the door post looking at him, he was looking back at me and grinning like a Cheshire cat, I told him he was a real handsome stud and if he did to every girl what he'd just done to me, I couldn't understand why there wasn't a queue outside his door. I emptied my glass and went down on him. It was my first close-up look at his big cock.

Still soft, was like a big sausage but in my mouth he soon got hard again and there was no way I could get it all in. We had sex again but not for quite so long. We agreed that he had a good excuse for not catching up with his mates and when he said that he would tell them all about me, I cautioned him not to. He asked for my number and for some reason I was a little apprehensive so I told them that I wasn't reachable by phone and suggested I might knock on his door again someday.

After another drink I found my clothes and went out onto the street. There was a cold breeze and I figured that I probably should have had a jacket but on the other hand it was refreshing. It wasn't long after midnight so I figured I'd walk up to the shops and then go home. I guess is because it was cold I walked a bit more briskly and my boobs popped out a couple of times.

As I came into the shopping area, a group of guys were walking home and clearly fairly well pissed. I soon caught up with them and they were going in the same direction so as I came alongside a said "Hi boys, looks like you've been having fun" and then I asked if it was any special occasion? They stopped and gathered around me and said that been celebrating the end of a good week. Apparently they all worked in the same office and they'd received a productivity bonus.

Then they were inviting me to have a drink. I found them amusing and joked that they were probably drunk enough already they didn't need another drink but then they reckoned they needed to get me drunk. We laughed, they told jokes and we walked back to their place sometimes with one of two of them leaning on me. They didn't react on a few occasions my tits were uncovered other than offering a few complements.

The flat we went to belonged to one of the guys, just a tiny bedsit really with a fridge full of booze. Someone put some music on, someone else made drinks and one guy wanted to dance so I danced. The song playing stopped and as the next one started another guy wanted to dance with me so I figured I'd better be fair and dance with each of them. Then my boobs made another unexpected appearance which began a round of boob jokes and one remembered the line about the view keeping the doctor away.

They were also drunk I didn't know how they were keeping it together but they were really happy and I guess that's what matters most. One of them had sat back in a chair and fallen asleep leaving me with four guys who are getting a bit more touchy. My boobs made another appearance so I figured I'd leave them uncovered and a few minutes later I had my skirt up around my waist and was getting groped. They were fairly nice although a little inept and then I had sex with all four of them.

By the time I left it was about 3 a.m. and I had about a 15 minute walk to get home. I was almost home when Mister Charlesworth, one of the neighbours who lived four doors along pulled up beside me and asked by needed a ride. I was well aware that my skirt had ridden up and my arse was hanging out. I'd seen the car lights flickering down the street and figured I could have made myself look a little more decent which I did as I spoke to him and then he recognised me. He said I looked all grown-up and then he pulled into his driveway just a few doors down.

He intercepted me as I was walking past and told me how beautiful I was. I said that it was a bit late and I was tired after going to a party. But he was like a bloody octopus and from somewhere inside, some defence mechanism kicked in and this power flowed through me. I grabbed him by the collar and pressed him back over the boot of this car telling him in no uncertain terms that he was welcome to look but not to touch. We were neighbours and family friends for God sake and he should know better.

I stormed off but by the time I walked in the front door I was fine. I had a wash and went to bed to be woken at 9 a.m. the next morning by Lorna. She had said something about going shopping when we spoke briefly during the week and I'd completely forgotten. But here she was telling me that we were going to the pool. I was still half asleep so I quickly got myself together and told mum I was going swimming and we'd probably go op-shopping and not to expect me for lunch.

I gave Lorna a bit of a hard time about how we were supposed to be going shopping this afternoon as we hurried down to the bus stop. She said she had someone she wanted me to meet and we'd probably get invited for lunch if we played our cards right. Suddenly I knew that her plan included me having sex with someone but that was all right - kind of exciting actually

A body like mine although in this story, the top was smaller and the bottom tied at the hips

We got off the bus and walked to the pool and both of us were wearing mini dresses and talking about the parties I've been to and the guys I'd had sex with. Lorna had sex with some of the same guys and it was interesting to swap notes so we were in a good mood and laughing when we arrived. I only had my one-piece bathers but Lorna gave me a tiny string bikini and insisted that I wore it to make a good impression but she wouldn't tell me anything about the guy she wanted me to meet although by then I figured it was seduce.

We went into the pool was more for adults that I'd only ever been in for competitions and I was relieved that there were a few other girls wearing bikinis although perhaps none quite so tiny as mine. Lorna's bikini covered a lot more by comparison but then we were in the water and it didn't seem to matter. We swam a few lengths and I noticed Lorna tracking this guy. He looked a bit like Patrick Duffy from the old TV serious Dallas as a young man.

We coincided that we stopped for a breather just before he did although I wasn't sure how Lorna calculated that. But sure enough we stopped and she half uncovered one of my nipples which was fairly easy considering the piece of cloth only just covered them and had me kind of posed as he swam up and put his hand on the end of the pool. He pulled up taking a deep breath and glanced around and as his gaze came my way, I said "it looks like you're having fun."

He looked into my eyes and smiled then glanced at my tits and asked if I could swim or if I was just posing. I challenged him to a race and a minute later as we pushed off, bloody Lorna pulled the bikini string that tied behind by neck. I tell you, string bikinis are so dangerous at times, if someone pulled the string at the side, the bottom comes off and of someone pulls either string at the back, the top half comes off.

He was bloody quick and I finished the two laps half a body length behind him and he was impressed because he training for the national championships. I think he was probably more impressed that as I stood up, my boobs were fully exposed. I'd almost forgotten that as I'd put all my energy into just keeping up with him. I said that bikinis were prone to such mishaps and I sunk myself back under water, retied it then he introduced himself when she resurfaced.

His name turned out to be Patrick, but not Duffy but Rosenthall. He complimented me on my swimming ability then invited us to join him in the diving pool. I indicated my boobs and said that it might be a bit dangerous but he laughed and said if there was another mishap, the pool was closed to the public but because of his position, he was allowed with his guests. Against my better judgement we followed him through into the next building. It was empty and the lights were off not that we needed them.

Swimming was obviously a subject we had in common and Patrick was eager to continue practising. I almost had to keep up as he walked out to the low board and before he dived in he glanced back and asked me to follow him in. Lorna sensed my reluctance so she gave me a shove. I went noting his nice clean entry into the water and seconds later having checked that my bikini ties were at least tight, I dived in.

He was in the water watching me and miraculously my bikini stayed in place. Lorna also dived in and ironically it was her boobs that floated free and I laughed. She's shorter than me and probably a couple of pounds overweight. Her boobs are about the same size but whereas mine  are firm, hers are a bit floppy. We didn't muck about, we had several more dives of the low board and my top came off on my third dive. He seemed pleased with my decision to leave it off and then we went up onto the next highest board. I'd never dived offered before and I must admit it looked a bit scary but after watching him go in, I followed and never actually noticed I'd lost my bikini bottom until I pulled out of the pool.

Of course I acted as if I was embarrassed but since I was out of the pool he suggested that I may as well dive in again to try and find it. I noticed Lorna hanging back as I dived in and he was right there watching. I saw my bikini bottom lying on the bottom to one side but I figured it was a bit too far with what air I had left my lungs. I smiled at him and then I had to surface for breath. He came up behind me grabbing my pussy as he did so then he asked where I swam.

I told him the truth missing out that I was the runner-up junior champion but he figured that I must've been a senior contender whereas he was in a university team. I suggested it was time to retrieve my bikini but I allowed him to persuade me to do one more nude dive. I took a breath before I dived in and surfaced with my bikini but climbed out to put it on relieved that there was no one else watching.

Then he went up onto the next level and from the ground it doesn't look very high but I followed him up there and like its 25 feet and almost scary to look down into the water. I watched him dive in and stood peering down almost dreading something happening to him but he turned gracefully and surfaced. He called for me to dive in but I said that I was too chicken. He came back up, dived again then persuaded me to jump in. That was kinda scary but when I entered the water off course I lost my bikini top again but that didn't matter. My feet actually touched the bottom and I pushed up somewhat elated.

Back up on the platform he reminded me of the procedure and to try and keep my body nice and straight then I watched him and when he surfaced, I dived in. I didn't care about being naked, he couldn't have held me back and I dived in another six times and was surprised that his togs didn't come off. While we were doing that Lorna went and got changed and left my stuff beside the pool. I saw her leaving and called out and she called back that we'd catch up later.

I guess she figured that the meeting had been made and by then it was near midday, he invited me to lunch. I've been having a nice time with him so I said yes and while he went to get changed, I retrieved my bikini from the bottom of the pool, dried off and put my dress on along with my bikini bottom because for some reason I figured I should have on a semblance of underwear.

We met up again outside the main entrance and when I asked if he had a car, he pointed at a chauffeur driven Rolls-Royce. The door was held open and we climbed in and he must have noticed I looked a little uncertain. He asked what was wrong? I said that I felt so out of place and in fact I was wearing a dress that I'd purchased for 10p and I was worried about the moisture from my bikini bottom damaging the fine leather seat. I put my towel under myself and he laughed and said not to worry.

We drove for 20 minutes to this ruddy great mansion but there wasn't any butler to open the door. Apparently there was one but he was attending to something else. In the grand hallway I looked around in amazement and he told me to drop my bag and follow him. My bag only contained my towel and bikini top, I didn't even have any money with me.

I followed him through to the kitchen and he introduced me to Hetty the cook then asked her if there was anything to eat. She addressed him as Master Patrick and referred to me as Miss Melanie although most people called me Mel. Hetty said that Patrick's sister was home so I gave him a questioning look and he said that he had a younger sister called Veronica who was actually 14 and when I met her half an hour later, she looked like a typical 14-year-old with a thorn up her arse.

She looked at me like I was a bit tatty and when I said that we had just been swimming and I hadn't been expecting to come here, she offered me a spare dress. I looked a Patrick and he told me to go ahead because she had hundreds of clothes she didn't know what to do with.

On the way to her room she told me that I smelled of the swimming pool and when I stepped into the shower she picked up my dress as though it were something disgusting and dropped it in the wastebin. She said that I could take it home if I wanted but she would get me something much nicer and because I had a nice body, she thought I should look very sexy and elegant. I tried to be quick on the shower but it was so luxurious that I lingered and washed my hair. Later I was sitting at her dresser and she was brushing my hair and sometimes passing favourable comments about my boobs and general appearance.

I'm not wanting to bore the reader, be brief I'll say that hour with her was very memorable and she agreed entirely that proper women should not wear underwear, a French trait apparently. So with my hair and make up done and wearing a very sexy dress that must have cost at least 1000 quid and shoes to match we set out looking for Patrick.

Suddenly I was trying to be elegant and ladylike but that really wasn't me, after we learned where Patrick was, Veronica pointed me in the direction and said she had something else to do. Patrick was in the games room with another boy playing billiards and almost straightaway he tried to persuade me to stay for dinner. I didn't take much persuading but when I'd agreed, he asked me to wait while he went out to attend some personal business.

He didn't even introduce me to his friend and then they were gone. I practised sinking billiard balls, it was a lot harder than on the smaller pool table and I was interrupted by Hetty who came through with a big glass of fruit juice and some snacks. The lunch had been nice but I was still hungry and I was beginning to enjoy being in such a curious place and being dressed so beautifully that it took me a few minutes to cotton on to the fact that I was being watched.

A man, an older version of Patrick was watching me but when he realised that I knew he was there he stepped out of the shadows and introduced himself as Patrick's father. But he had also been appraised of the fact that I'd been swimming with Patrick that morning and his son was impressed by my performance.

I expect that like Patrick he assumed I was probably 18 or 19 but then he was offering to play a game of billiards. I didn't really know the difference between pool and billiards but I said yes. He invited me to break and said that he would explain the rules as we went along that it was more about having a little fun. I got the hint by the way he stared at my boobs when I took the first shot.

The top of the dress was cut in a way that left nothing to imagination when I leaned forward and I hadn't envisaged myself being in that situation nevertheless I carried on as if it was perfectly normal. Two shots later and he was standing beside me teaching me how to hold the cue properly and having a little play with my arse. I told him he was naughty but he kind of liked that and asked me if I was ever naughty.

I replied that I liked to be fairly responsible but it depends what he meant by naughty. I was leaning over the table for my next turn because despite him playing with my arse, I actually put a ball down. So as I lined up he lifted the back of my dress up and he told me that I must be very naughty considering I didn't wear underwear and I replied that it wasn't naughtiness, it was just a matter of being practical and since I didn't leak, there was little point apart from being generous towards the shopkeepers.

He cracked up laughing at that and I put another ball down. I didn't touch my dress as I moved to take my next shot and I said to him that I thought he was being naughty and the banter went on for another 10 minutes before he fucked me.

He only lasted 10 minutes which was something of a disappointment but I behaved as though I was totally delighted. It seemed as if there was some secret clockwork to that house, we finished fucking and tidied ourselves up and were just resuming the game when Veronica came in to see her father about something. She looked at me lining up for another shot and suggested that had she known I was going to play pool she may have given me a different dress so I told her that I wasn't particularly shy and sometimes that was an advantage in a game like this. Veronica and her father laughed and then he had a phone call to take.

I think Veronica was a bit peeved that my tits were bigger than hers and that overall I had a nicer figure. Her dress sure fitted me perfectly though. I figured I should be going home and said so but she offered me a drink insisting that there was no rush so I agreed to have one if she did. We walked over to the drinks cabinet, it was more of a bar really and as she poured a couple of generous vodkas and orange, I asked her if she was trying to get me plastered and then she asked if I liked sex with girls?

I just about choked, she sensibly took that as a no and said it was a shame because she was quite fond of girls. I complemented her skills and dress sense from the way that she had done me up but she didn't seem at all put out and offered me a tour of the house. I was surprised they had a pool but it was only 33 metres which I guess is why Patrick went to the public pool. We mostly talked about fashion and then suddenly she had to go and get ready for a dinner date.

I asked her if she wanted some help but she said no so I went to the kitchen and perhaps the cook had stepped out. I was wondering back toward the games room when the father reappeared. He seemed surprised that I'd been left alone and I said that I probably should be going home. He pulled me into a small side room, fucked me again and gave me 500 quid. I called a cab and went home.

Mum and dad were somewhat astonished by my appearance, they agreed that I looked like a supermodel and later mum suggested it could be an interesting line of work so I reminded her that for a girl to get very far in that industry led to open their legs to quite a few men. She said that expected sex was sometimes a bit distasteful but I was surprised she wasn't totally against it.

Mum and dad were going to spend the evening with Mister and Mrs Charlesworth and even suggested that I came if I wasn't doing anything else. It was Saturday night and I had nothing planned. My folks had just gone out when Lorna phoned. She quizzed me in some detail about my time with Patrick so I complained that I'd been left alone in that big house most of the afternoon and been totally bored then I asked her why she wanted me to hook up with Patrick?

She said that she had tried herself but he hadn't taken any interest so she wanted to see if I could get any further. I reminded her that he'd palmed me off onto his sister so he could spend time with one of his mates and when I caught up with him, they took off and left me alone again. She asked about Patrick's father and I said that I'd met him briefly but I started talking about the house then she asked what I was doing for the evening.

I figured I might as well go out and she said that Trevor would pick me up in half an hour. We had a quick discussion about what was likely to happen and what to wear but she said that I had pretty good taste and everyone liked my tits. I had a really quick shower and put on a flowing semi-sheer skirt and a pretty lace boob tube that left nothing to the imagination, my boobs were on for view but by then I'd acquired a jacket that matched my general ensemble of clothing.

Trevor was by himself and insisted I take off my jacket then he almost drove off the road. I gave him a damn good ribbing and teased him by playing with my nipples. I turned myself on somewhat and my nipples were really hard and pointy as we walked into what was a birthday party for a couple of 18-year-old boys. There were quite a few other sexy girls there which always made me feel better, I hated being the only person with my body on show.

The party was a follow-on from dinner and the parents had gone out to let the youngsters enjoy themselves in peace. A lot of guys were a bit drunk and more people were arriving. We danced and chatted in the living room that had been partly cleared and then the birthday boy latched onto me, literally. He started dancing with me and I turned to him out of courtesy then he grabbed my arse somehow lifting my skirt up in the process and his hands were a bit clammy against my skin. A few guys actually tried to stick her fingers up my bum but I clenched a little so they couldn't.

Oddly it was Lorna who rescued me but then she introduced me to an older guy who insisted on showing me upstairs. A minute later I had my legs in the air and was getting fucked then a couple of the girls propositioned me to dress in a veil later on and be the young man's birthday present. I said that I had to go home at some point during the night and there'd be hell to pay if I stayed out but the guy I'd fucked offered me an extra 200 quid and said I wouldn't have to stay so I figured why not.

I danced with the birthday boy again and he did exactly the same bloody thing. I told him that he was rude and crude and then whispered that I hoped he had what it took to be a real man. I think he was a bit too pissed to fully understand and then I was kind of in a sea of hands. I didn't bother trying to push them away, I tried to engage the owners in conversation which didn't work completely but at least it was a pleasant way of dealing with them and they were gentler.

I went off and fucked another guy and soon after that a couple of girls came looking for me. They had a kind of bridal veil that covered my head and down to my thighs all the way around. They put lipstick around my nipples and then one of them wanted to put a remote controlled vibrator in my pussy. I'd read about such things but never dreamed it would happen to me so naturally I was curious and I had an orgasm before I was finally prepared to go and seduce the birthday boy.

Some bloody idiot actually put on the here comes the bride music. I walked in proud and raunchy, the birthday boy had been put on a chair so I danced suggestively in front of him ignoring the hands that grabbed my arse and tried to remove the veil. When I got close in  to him he tried to put his fingers up inside me and he was puzzled by the solid object in there, then one of the girls gave him the remote control.

I continued dancing but I tell you it was ever so hard because I had orgasmic waves flowing from my pussy that caused me to squirm and tremble. Someone pulled off the veil and I started giving him a lap dance and then he was sucking my tits while he had the speed of the vibrator turned up high. I didn't want to but I couldn't stop myself from coming.

After that we were almost carried to a bedroom but he was a totally hopeless lover probably because he was too drunk. We ended up chatting for what seemed like an appropriate amount of time and then I led him back downstairs and made out that he was a champion. After that I had to go and find my clothes and my money but I was interrupted and fucked by a couple of guys. It was interesting just with two guys, they were both very capable and well-equipped. It's not easy sucking one guy off while another is banging away inside and having both of them trying to fuck me at the same time was just a bit awkward and uncomfortable.

At least they gave me some money so it was a fairly profitable right and after I'd found my stuff, I walked down the street and hailed a taxi. Next morning I was chatting to mum as she was preparing to go to church and the she said she hadn't heard me come in. It had been about 3 a.m. so when they went off to ask some favours from their gods, I had a nice long hot shower then worried about the power bill that dad always went on about.

I had one of the guys numbers from last night so after fixing myself some breakfast, I gave him a call. He was a bit hung over but remembered me well and asked what I was doing. I said that I was sitting in the nude eating breakfast and he asked if he could come and watch?

I laughed and said that I would even open the front door in my birthday suit. It took him 15 minutes to arrive and I took him straight to bed. We had to be done with him out of the house before mum and dad came home because I knew they definitely wouldn't approve. The sex was unexpectedly good and I was thinking about asking him about Lorna and Trevor's involvement and how much they were paid but suddenly he was volunteering that information.

Lorna and Trevor worked as a team supplying girls to various people and they were generally paid about 200 quid for every girl they supplied for an evening or an event. I'd spoken some of the other girls these places and they'd said that Trevor had bought them there so I figured they were probably making a few thousand quid every week because there was something on almost every night.

This guy apparently was fairly well-to-do because he gave me another 200 quid for spending an hour in bed with me on a Sunday morning. He'd not long gone when mum and dad came home and I set to helping mum with Sunday lunch and again dad's brother was coming over.

We had lunch already to serve when uncle Ted and aunt Essie arrived. I said hello and excused myself to go to the bathroom but somehow uncle Ted contrived and followed me to the stairs and stood watching as I went up. I knew he couldn't see anything and I wouldn't have cared if he did but it was weird the way he was staring.

After lunch I made my excuses and went for a walk going first through the local shops with the intention of walking to the park. As I was walking past the corner grocer, who should step out but my big friend who lived opposite Bernie. We said hello and he was a bit shy but we got chatting and I almost had to seduce him to get an invitation back to his flat. He said that he had a meeting to go to so we had a nice fuck then I kissed him goodbye. On the way out the door he called and asked if I wanted some money that I declined."

I walked back up to the grocery and bought a soft drink before sitting on the steps to drink it. Four of the local bad boys came up and started chatting. I knew they were into all sorts of petty theft and drugs but I wasn't particularly concerned about that and then one of them propositioned me. I said maybe if he had condoms and they assured me they had plenty of condoms and they would give me a good time that I'd never forget.

I couldn't believe how gullible I was, I walked back with them to this grotty flat. Apparently it belonged to one of the boys older brothers and was kind of a meeting place and distribution point. They tried to act up by saying they were getting some more drugs soon but I said that I didn't use them and that they had to be pretty mad to use them also because it was a fast track to depravity. At that point one lifted the back of my skirt and it was like a signal that they all started having a go at me.

I pushed myself away and looked at them then asked who had the condoms? A strip of condoms was pulled out so I asked them to show me what they had. They took their shirts off and I walked around testing their muscles and they posed like they were real men. They were only aged between 16 and 19, the older boy thought he was the toughest. Since they were topless I slid my boob tube down and put my jacket aside and let them play with my tits.

The older boy pulled out a bottle of vodka and they took a swig each before passing the bottle to me. I figured I might as well because they were already a bit boring and as I took a swig, one of them pulled my skirt down. I stepped out of it and kicked it onto the chair beside my jacket and I bent over presented my arse and I said "help yourselves, you a choice of two holes there but make sure you're appropriately dressed."

They were shy in front of each other but they slowly got it together and took turns sticking their cocks into me. I was dressed and back out the door within an hour and for some reason I felt delightfully happy. I still had time to go to the park where I couldn't avoid stopping to say hello to the mother of one of my classmates. I couldn't get away because she had seen me first and she was a little condescending about my dress although I told her that it was such a nice warm day and short skirts were back in fashion, but I kept my jacket close so she couldn't see my boobs.

Then I was walking down an avenue of large trees, there was Mister bloody Charleswirth my somewhat obnoxious neighbour. I knew he couldn't help himself, fate had somehow made it that I couldn't avoid him without being rude. He said he was delighted he was to see me again and that my parents had said that I'd turned a new leaf in life. I think that might have been an understatement but already he was standing a little too close for comfort and since the afternoon was passing offered to walk me home.

My mind was a bit divided on that score but I figured that I'd been groped and fucked by so many different men that I'd lost count and figured what the hell. We walked on down the avenue and then he suggested cutting through a couple of meadows. He was being fairly pleasant so I agreed and for a while we talked about history, historians and philosophy. The ground was a bit rough and he stumbled a couple of times so I told him to watch where he was going although he had a tendency to stare at my boobs.

The third time he stumbled I said "my my Mister Charlesworth, you should really keep your eyes on where you are going, staring at a girls boobs is guaranteed to drop you into something unpleasant."

He replied "an eye full every day keeps the doctor away and by looking at your pretty body, I can feel myself getting younger by the minute."

I suggested that he could have been a friend of Dorian Gray and he laughed so I turned to him and let my boobs out as I said "there you go Mister Charlesworth, if you feel a bit younger for the sight of these, I'm very happy for you." Of course he couldn't be content with just looking and he playfully groped me as we walked on and I had to explain all over again my absence of underwear but I said that a bra was uncomfortable and I liked to have Sundays off wearing one, but I'd totally forgotten to put my knickers on and hoped he would be discreet.

Then the old barstard suggested that discretion came with a price and he gave me a damn good feeling up but I flatly refused to have sex with him, I just couldn't get my head around it and told him that he was more or less a member of the family and it just wasn't right.

We walked most of the way home together and then I was helping Mum with dinner and cleaning up. A little after dark Trevor turned up so I went out and sat in his car but I ended up giving him a blow job but all he really wanted was to know if I could be available during the week and I flatly said no.

Mum wanted me to sit and watch TV with them for a while which I did for a few minutes but then I went up and looked into my schoolwork. Off in the distance I could hear the sound of the TV and then mum looked in on her way to bed. Apparently dad was watching another program so I had a quick wash and got ready for bed. I'd begun sleeping naked so I was sitting on my bed reading Plato when dad looked in.

He said I should be asleep and I told him that mum was expecting him but I stood up and we had a nice cuddle although his hands wandered a little. I saw how easy it would be or incest to happen and our cuddle was a lot more intimate than at any other time. I told him it was time to go to bed and he kind of wrestled me as he used to when I was much younger and copped a good handful at which point I pushed him out of the room and told him to go and be romantic with mum.

That night my period arrived and I must add that I was somewhat relieved and for the school week that followed, I kept my legs crossed not that I didn't want to have sex with guys, but I decided that I needed some self-discipline although I masturbated frequently and I bought myself a couple of sex toys. And so ends the second week of my sex life. I should add that its rather therapeutic to reflect and write about this stuff but I have absolutely no regrets and think that girls who say no to sex need to get themselves sorted.

I'll write you some more as I have time xxx Mel


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