Growing Up Sensibly Pt3

Melanie continues her story - part one - part two

Hi Dianna, after writing in some detail about my first sexual experiences I figure if I continue, it will take me a month of Sundays and I should probably write an entire book. But I have to be practical and there is no way I can continue with such detail so instead I'll summarise and perhaps describe some of the interesting bits along with my philosophical view.

I haven't reread what I wrote and I haven't corrected any spelling errors so picking up from where I left off as I recall as it's over a month since I wrote that last piece, I'd been swimming and spent an interesting afternoon at the Rosenthall mansion and then been served up for a birthday boy. The week following that I was totally focused on schoolwork which also involved a lot of swimming.

My teachers were impressed with my times which had improved not that I'd done any extra training and it crossed my mind that perhaps all the sex had something to do with it, but suddenly I was the fastest girl in my age group. So I was graduated to swim with the seniors and that also meant that I was more or less required to buy a new high cut swimming costume as the other girls were wearing.

The costumes were cut so that the water didn't get pushed down between our boobs, and I disliked the way they pulled up between my legs and having the fabric wedge between our cheeks was a common problem that we tried to ignore. There was also the occasional accidental genital exposure that tended to happen after relieving oneself from a wedgy in the pool. Some of the students and teachers gawked a bit and some of the teachers began hitting on me.

I refused to entertain them and as a swimming competitions became more serious and demanded more time with practice on Saturdays, I'd arrive almost directly from a Friday night party and really struggled to keep up though on school days I did a great deal better. But in the next month or so after meeting Patrick, I had quite a lot more to do with him and even more with his father who wanted to install me in one of his city apartments where he could call and get laid at his leisure.

The hardest thing was saying no and being nice enough that he and they didn't feel bad. I talked about my swimming and that I wanted to continue at school so we compromised that I'd spend time with him as it worked out. For a few weeks it worked out on Wednesday evenings. He'd phone up around dinner time then I'd dress as he requested and take a taxi to wherever he happened to be.

I think the fourth time that happened he asked me to wear a coat with nothing underneath and come to a private club in the city. The doorman was expecting me, one of the staff was summoned and he escorted me through the building, then he opened the door and announced me to those inside. Teddy as I called him came over and gave me a hug then he asked me to undo my coat buttons which I did. Then he turned to all those gathered and said "I'd like you all to meet my charming young friend Melanie and display her natural beauty unadorned" at which point he pulled my coat off and patted my arse pushing me towards the group of men.

So I walked around wearing only my shoes making small talk and answering questions like if my boobs were real. I got fairly well fondled but they were gentle and not particularly invasive. Teddy was alongside for the most part introducing me but I had no real idea what was expected so I just played along.

The Smalltalk and flirting went on forever and I just wanted to get fucked. There came a point when I was asked to display my pussy so I sat on the back of a couch and opened my legs which began a round of exploratory touching before they finally started to undress and take turns fucking me. They were ready rather sweet and shy. After that Teddy drove me back to his house and I hoped that I wouldn't meet Patrick or Veronica. I went to bed with him and later he sent me home in a taxi and I think I was safe inside before mum and dad woke up.

I tell you that school that day was somewhat of a challenge but thankfully we weren't swimming. I was quite okay with Trevor and Lorna setting me up with dates because most of the guys were fairly pleasant and I was well paid. We had swimming meets on Saturday mornings throughout this period and my coach thought I could do better but he didn't realise that I'd sometimes only had a couple of hours sleep the night before and one of those mornings I'd been to an all-night party and actually arrived at the pool straight from some guys bed.

Mum and dad reluctantly accepted that I was sleeping over with friends on Friday and Saturday nights. My friend Clive would often pick me up for a Saturday night and give me a good fuck before setting me up with the date or taking me somewhere to be gangbanged. I didn't really care, I was having a grand adventure.

I ended up coming third in the swim Championships which I figured wasn't too bad considering I was four years younger than the girls who beat me. With the competitions over I continued swimming on Saturday mornings, sometimes Patrick would be there, and because I was swimming for my own pleasure, I wore a bikini similar to the one in the picture I sent with my previous letter.

I'd been doing yoga somewhat irregularly and six months after the start of this story I was beginning to notice my improved flexibility and I think perhaps it helped my swimming as well. About a month after being gangbanged by Teddy and his friends he invited me to a party up at his house. A few of the guys who'd gang banged me were there with their wives and girlfriends but when I arrived, Teddy gave me a beautiful diamond necklace.

I felt like a million dollars but he also arranged for me to have an interlude with one of his out-of-town friends who was rather charming and as it turned out, extremely good sex. Teddy introduced us then suggested that I could give him a tour of the house and I knew exactly what he wanted me to do. I took him to one of the guest bedrooms and seduced him although that wasn't a very hard thing to do. When we returned to the party, it was pretty much all over and when my date had gone, Teddy took me to bed and my parents gave me a long questioning look when I came home the next morning.

I told them about the fabulous party at the Rosenthall's and did my best to make it sound as though it had been an innocent teenage party. Then Mum noticed my necklace so I passed it to her and said that it was a particularly good quality fake but to be careful because this sort of imitation diamonds were prone to breaking rather easily.

Teddy had also given me an envelope, I think there was probably more than 2000 quid but I didn't bother to count it, I stashed it in another shoebox because by then, I had several that were full. Then Mum and dad were going to church, Bernie who I was still seeing turned up and fucked me but he also made me laugh then I was doing homework when mum and dad came in from church.

By the way, a few weeks after I'd started showing off my body, Mum confided in me that dad was being a lot more amorous and she appreciated his attention. So Bernie had gone and I was chatting to Henry over the Internet. I recently bought a laptop and was really just learning to use it but Henry was helping me with my maths and I was helping him with history and classic literature. We had sex on occasions but on this day I was sitting naked at my desk and we were discussing calculus when dad's brother appeared in my doorway.

By then he'd groped me a few times and his wife seemed more relaxed about my promiscuity as she saw it or at least she wasn't giving him such a hard time. I expect he'd said he was going to the bathroom after all, it was of the end of the hallway and he had to go by my room though he could have used the downstairs loo. I didn't know he was coming for lunch otherwise I probably would have been more prepared. Anyhow he came in and grabbed me but I successfully deterred him although not before he'd given me a good groping.

I'd spoken with Teddy about keeping myself fairly private and I hadn't seen him for a few weeks when he called and invited me out for a Saturday night. I've been waiting to hear back from Lorna about a party but I figured Teddy would introduce me to a better class of people.

I got myself all dolled up as requested and I loved how I looked. I had modest 3 inch heels, and wore a snug little black dress that had a tendency to ride up. I find most elasticised garments do that but I guess by now you know that I quite like that, you know showing a bit of bottom cheek. Teddy sent his Rolls-Royce for me and it was ever so nice. The hotel doorman opened my door and bid me welcome. I must've looked at least 10 years older than what I really was and like I was still only 12.

I found Teddy in the bar that he'd described and then he took me to a party up in the hotel. It was quite a sober event, we mixed around chatting for perhaps an hour and then the whole thing fizzled out. Teddy took a call and decided he had somewhere else to be so I phoned home to see if there were any messages. Lorna had called and so had Clive so I called Clive to see what was up.

He said that if I was up for it he wanted me to seduce some American tycoon. I didn't really know many Americans and figured it could be interesting. I was supposed to be waiting outside for him but I got chatting to this guy who bought me a drink. Clive came over and found me in the bar and I felt it was very civilised as I introduced the two men and apologised I had to leave to the guy who'd bought me a drink.

In the car Clive suggested I needed to have a cell phone and we drove to another hotel. I'd made a deal with my parents that I would get a cell phone when I was 15 but of course I couldn't tell anyone that except the kids in my class at school. Anyhow we drove to another posh hotel, parked and then took the left up to about the 10th floor.

Clive praised my appearance and we walked into some kind of casino. Clive was known, people greeted him and I was introduced to a couple of guys. Because I'd never been there, Clive showed me around a bit, he was a helpful kind of guy and we were approached by one of the security guys who had the audacity to ask if I was a hooker. Clive clarified in no uncertain terms that I wasn't, I was his invited guest so the guy apologised and went away without questioning my age.

I must admit I felt pretty good about myself in terms of my appearance. There were a few other very pretty girls somewhat inadequately dressed and one older and overweight lady sitting at a table had her nipples in plain view though no one seemed to care. Then Clive pointed out the guy he wanted me to seduce. He was playing cards and we stood watching the game. Clive called one of the waitresses over and we had a glass of champagne. I didn't appreciate the taste so much but I enjoyed the effect.

The guy sitting beside our target called it quits and stood up, I think he'd just about run out of luck and was beginning to lose so Clive took his seat and I stood against his shoulder. They were playing a version of poker and while they were making up their minds, Clive would put his hand up the inside of my leg and rub his fingers over my pussy in such a way that his movements could be seen through the front of my dress. It was a very subtle distraction and our target who introduced himself as John soon afterwards noticed.

I don't know if Clive had ever done that before, but I stood with my legs far enough apart to make it easy for him and I kinda wished that he didn't have to take his hand away. He won a few hands and lost a few before John finally had to see what everyone else was looking at. I was only looking at him from the corner of my eye and exchanging comments with Clive although another guy had asked me to stand by him to bring him luck.

I noticed John get his cards sorted quickly then his hand went up between my legs. I knew Clive was about to do the same so I squeezed his shoulder and he got the message but John not only touched my pussy, he pushed his thumb deep up inside. It seemed so unbelievably wrong yet I was so unbelievably turned on and I had to use all my power of restraint to stand still as his thumb slid up and down inside me several times and I guess his finger rubbed over my clit.

I complimented Clive on his hand and then John took his hand away and sucked his thumb as he thoughtfully turned his attention back to his cards. Clive asked for another card then bet small, I couldn't see John's hand clearly but he was confident and won that round, but I think it was more bluff. John's hand returned between my legs a few times and a few hands later Clive called it quits. He was happy to leave the table with most of his money.

As he was standing up John asked him if he could buy me a drink. Clive suggested he could look after me while he went off to the men's room and John asked me to step closer to him and bring him some good luck. Even as Clive was walking away he had his thumb back up inside me and I played my fingers gently on the side of his neck.

No one had taught me how to do what I did, it just seemed natural and four or five hands later Clive still wasn't back and John asked where he was. I said that he was easily distracted. John had already given me another glass of champagne and I guess anyone standing behind me could see that he was groping me although the room was fairly full.

He was groping me at one point when someone else lifted up the back of my dress and I heard whoever was commenting that I had a nice arse but they thoughtfully pulled it down again before moving away. Then John decided he was going to buy me a real drink. He finished his game and asked one of the staff to pack up his chips. He'd done rather well and walked me across to the bar where I had a vodka and lime.

He told me about his life in Texas and I was amused by his accent and use of words. After a drink there was still no sign of Clive and he invited me to his room so I said sure. He prattled on about how brave I was for going without underwear and that I had been so unresponsive when he had his thumb inside me. I said underwear was at tie impractical and it would have been too unladylike to react in such a situation but he wanted to see how reactive I could be….

I was pleased that he had a fairly huge cock and knew how to use it, and he was absolutely delighted by my responsiveness and sexual creativity. I didn't plan on it, but I was lying in his arms when daylight penetrated the room. When he mentioned Clive, I said that we weren't serious about each other and for all I knew, he might've gotten lucky with someone else. He fucked me again after which I called home. Dad answered the phone and as expected they were getting ready to go to church so I said that I'd called just to let them know I was fine and I'd be home sometime later.

Then he ordered up breakfast, ham eggs on toast for himself and fruit with cereal for me. I wasn't particularly hungry but I knew I had to eat and we were eating when Clive phoned looking for me. I figured Clive was somewhere nearby and after briefly discussing me they started talking about some other business so John invited him over. With breakfast done, we had more sex and we were almost done when Clive arrived. John told me to hold that position and he'd be right back. I was laying on my back and holding my legs back under my arms as much as I could.

John opened the door and told Clive to come in and watch since I was his girlfriend or even join in. John didn't muck around, he resumed fucking me while Clive leaned back against the wall wearing a wide grin as he watched. I didn't care about Clive in that moment, I was just enjoying the fact that John was giving me such a good pounding. A few times his cock struck hard against my cervix but most of the time it went up alongside it somehow and like he must've been a good 9 inches long.

When we finally came, I didn't hold anything back and I guess the people in the next rooms probably heard me moaning and my nails probably scratched his back a little but some guys like that. I felt so wonderful I just relaxed back on the bed playing with myself because I figured John would probably like that. He and Clive spent an hour talking business but I didn't take too much notice. I had to pull up the sheet when room service arrived with some tea and coffee then with business dealt with, Clive went downstairs to wait for me and John fucked me again.

Each time was equally good and when he was done with me, it felt a bit odd going down to the bar to find Clive the way I was dressed. On the other hand though, I got a few pleasant compliments and today because mum and dad had gone out for lunch after church, I took Clive to my bed and he'd not long gone when Henry called. I told him I couldn't be bothered talking over the computer and invited him over. We had sex and then we settled into some school work and my folks were very relieved to come home and find us dressed and studying together. That evening on the pretext of going for a walk I visited my well-built friend who lived opposite Bernie.

The next weekend I went to a gang bang organised by Lorna where I had about 10 guys. I didn't think there were any limits to how many men I could have sex with and by then I was getting fucked in the arse quite a lot even I tried to discourage it. When guys tried to double penetrate me, I tried to persuade them to use my vagina and most of the time it worked because I said I didn't like the idea of getting covered in shit or getting shit and my vagina although some didn't understand the health issue.

The next day I was leaving the pool when I got chatted up by one of the guys who'd been watching me swim and we had a quickie in the bushes across the road. I went home for lunch and to help out Lorna, Trevor drove me to 3 different guys places and then in the evening Clive took me to a full on sex party. I hardly had a moment to myself and even when I used the bathroom, there was someone following me. I think everyone had taken Viagra or something like that but I lost count of how many guys fucked me. At one point I got fucked more or less in the middle of the room by a guy with a fairly huge cock and there was some applause when I came I guess because I vocalised the experience without restraint.

My orgasms had been slowly changing, developing perhaps and my entire body tingled from end to end. It didn't seem to matter too much how big the guys cock was, as long as he could keep going for half an hour I was well satisfied. It was almost dawn I got home from that last party and I'd slept for a couple of hours maybe when I got a surprise call from Patrick inviting me to go swimming.

I felt like saying no but I didn't, again we used the diving pool that was closed to the public which also gave us access to a smaller pool that was closed for some reason. I figured that since my bikini would come off when I dived into the water and was about to take it off, but Patrick wanted me to wear it and watch me dive in. I think he's a bit weird that boy so I humoured him and to my surprise he grabbed me and fucked me. That was the first with him wereas I'd fucked his father on numerous occasions.

A month or so later he invited me to be his date for Veronica's birthday party. Of course I accepted even though it meant turning down a date with Clive. Their mother was always away overseas somewhere and I couldn't believe she didn't come home for her daughter's birthday party. Anyhow Veronica dressed herself up like a very beautiful slut mind you my dress didn't leave anything to imagination either.

Their big living room had been rearranged and like it was big enough to have 30 people dancing at one end and seating for as many towards the other. Anyhow I arrived, had a few drinks with Patrick and some of his friends, mostly all young guys many who had a hard on for Veronica but she was somewhat prone to teasing them. I was surprised that Patrick suggested we go somewhere quiet and he took me down to the pool and fucked me. That was really nice but we also had an audience and then clothes came off and some of the kids were swimming.

We got in the water and I tried to keep my head up but with the girls outnumbered 2 to 1 there was a whole lot of groping that went on then I ended up giving a few guys blow jobs and then another couple fucked me before I noticed Veronica on her back with some boys queueing up to put their cocks into her while she made out with a couple of her girlfriends who were similarly naked and being groped and fucked.

I finally got tired, found my clothes and discreetly left. I caught up with Patrick and Veronica a few days later and then school holidays arrived. My parents were delighted with my school report and my consistently high marks. We had a family night out at the movies which was something of a rare event but it was really nice. Mum had let me know that dad was still attending to her regularly and while he and I kissed and cuddled more than what we used to before I became sexually awakened, it was always just a nice cuddle and a bit of playful fun even though he rubbed his nose in my pussy a few times.

I had two weeks of school and I definitely didn't want to work for Lorna and Trevor but Clive told me that the American guy John would be visiting and he very much wanted to see me again. I saw him on the Wednesday before school finished and he bragged about about his travel plans over the next couple of weeks. He was flying to Berlin the next day and spending the weekend in Paris then blow me,  he invited me to come along.

I didn't even have a passport although I guess for Europe I didn't need one. But he was dead keen on the idea of me travelling with him and Clive knew someone who could get me a fake driving license proving I was 21 just in case anyone asked my age. My parents were reluctant for me to go although I was so excited. I'd spoken to my parents over breakfast on Thursday morning and I knew I'd need some outside help. I called Clive who was already organising my drivers license and I said that I needed to show my parents I was travelling with some other kids and responsible adults. It turned out that John had a brother, his wife and their three kids were touring Europe and would be in London on the Saturday morning.

So it was contrived that my parents and I would meet them and even I didn't have a cell phone, I was communicating a lot over the Internet so I had a good idea of the family before I even met them. Their younger daughter was the same age as me although I looked 10 years older even though I'd tried to dress appropriately for the occasion. The meeting was brief and my parents saw some merit in me travelling with this family so the next morning I went to Paris with them. I was just as amazed as my young American companions and it was quite nice to act my own age.

That evening the parents were planning to see the show crazy horse and a chaperone was arranged to take us kids to a kids theme park. It was kind of fun but when we got back to the hotel John was there. He'd just arrived from Berlin. His brothers kids were soon put to bed, the chaperone left and we were fucking until his brother and wife came in after what they described as a fantastic night out. We'd just enough time to put our clothes on and look innocent before they walked in. The wife clearly didn't like John very much, she told her husband to join her soon knowing that he and John would be talking for a while because they were in the same business and had things to discuss. But as soon as she'd gone to bed, they fucked me and they were both big men. It was a curious challenge trying to get those two big cocks in me at the same time but somehow they managed but I generally had better orgasms when it was just one although they were delighted with the outcome.

I slept with John and in the morning when the family asked where I been, I said that I'd been for a walk and in fact I was thoughtful enough to be wearing my sneakers. We spent the day sightseeing and from time to time John and her brother got me a little away from the family and molested me but it wasn't really proper sex.

I was very pleased with my false drivers license and it was a very good photo. His sister-in-law didn't approve but John insisted on taking me out that evening. We went to a seedy bar and watched couples fucking onstage, part of it with me sitting on his lap fucking him. Some friends of his came in and when I was introduced, instead of shaking hands, they stuck their fingers in my pussy and I hoped they were clean.

You might remember I'd been on the pill since almost the start of my sex life so I wasn't too concerned about getting pregnant but I often worried about getting some form of STD. Anyhow we went with these three guys to an apartment and they all took turns fucking me and I totally loved it. They were talking business and they'd all fucked me once and then it was just me and all of them on the one bed. After time I had won a two cocks up inside me and another in my mouth. I tried to treat them all somewhat equally though later I was relieved to be back in John's bed.

It was late and we were both exhausted, I remember waking up in the morning when his brother came in and said they were leaving for the Alps. I was still half asleep but he gave me a quick fuck and returned to tell his wife and kids that I was going with John to Marseille.

He had a rental car and drove out of the city but when we got the start of the motorway, he insisted that I drive. I'd never driven a car before and told him that but he was insistent. I quickly got the hang of it and because it was an automatic, it was pretty easy. All I had to do was keep it pointed in the middle of the lane and not go too much over the speed limit.

We stopped in a pretty town for lunch then he bought me a new dress and insisted I wore it. It had a very deep plunging neckline and my boobs were a bit bigger by then. Weeks before I'd been pressed into attending a lingerie party with some girls from my class. That meant I had to go out and buy a new bra and I was officially size D.

Being with him was so easy, it's like we'd known each other for years and on the next section of motorway, he pulled the front of my dress open then sat back and masturbated as we tried to outdo each other in talking sexy. Then when we got to Marseille we checked into a hotel as Mister and Mrs but he also had a girlfriend waiting.

He gave me an address and said I might enjoy myself but first he fucked me then we showered and dressed before I took a cab to the address. I rang the doorbell, a small slide opened in the door and a pair of eyes looked out. I said bonjour and that I'd been invited by Mister John though I won't tell you his surname. The door opened and I was welcomed inside.

It was some kind of swingers club, the doorman took me to a room where I could leave my possessions in one of the lockers, reminded me not to forget the combination number and pointed to some towels and costumes if I wasn't comfortable naked.

He watched me an undress and load my things into the locker then he pointed in the direction of the activity and wished me a good evening. I walked into what was like a large living room and there was a large TV playing porn although I noticed in the shadows to one side of the room a couple were fucking. Ahead of me was a bar and half a dozen guys. They had their backs to me and were chatting to the nude girl behind the bar. One had a towel around his waist but otherwise they were all naked. They were spaced far enough apart that when I walked up I stepped between two of them and as I did so, I slid my fingernails down over their arses as I said "hello, would someone like to buy a girl drink?"

We kind of chatted over a drink and I got lightly groped as I practised my French and then they offered to show me around. There was a spa pool with a couple making out, half a dozen guys and a couple of women watching a threesome in the next room through a window and then there was an empty room and I was invited to play.

Fortunately there were trays of ready to use condoms at hand and for the next couple of hours I got well and truly fucked. By then I realised I hadn't eaten dinner and told the guys I was starving so a meal was organised. The food was really nice but I got quite a bit still over me and a woman with huge boobs took a fancy to me and licked it off. As you may recall I'm not much into women, but her licking concluded with her sucking me off and I must admit she was a lot better than some men. I got carried away with another couple of guys who wanted to exclusively fuck my arse so I let them and I had not long taken a shower when John arrived. He had a friend with him who fucked me then I got John alone. I quizzed him about his girlfriend and he said that she had been taken care of and that it was more of a business arrangement than a girlfriend arrangement.

John took me back to the hotel and we had little more than a quickie before he fell asleep. We slept until late morning and had a proper fuck before getting ready to go out. I was ravenous and he was rather amazed that my appetite and there was so many possibilities. I wanted to go swimming, I wanted to climb a mountain, I wanted to see some raunchy stage show, I wanted him to fuck me again and again and when he was tired, get fucked by some of his friends.

I considered the idea that I might be something of a nymphomaniac but I countered that idea with the fact that when I was at school, when I wasn't having sex I was open to the possibility but I wasn't desperate. If it happened it happened. I talked about this with John and he seemed to understand. During that holiday he used me to seduce a couple of his business associates and there were other days where I got fucked by a dozen or more different men.

It was almost a culture shock to arrive back home on the Sunday and go to school the next morning. It took me a couple of days to get focused and I turned down all date requests, at least until the weekend. Instead of giving my phone number to people, I was giving my email address. I also learned to completely expunge any trace of those emails from my computer with the help of the guy that I'd met.

A few weeks after I got back I was the girl in the cake for a guys 21st birthday party. I got sugar and cream over myself just getting into that cake and practically the whole thing was edible. I had to crouch down inside and on cue to the music and what the compere was saying, I burst up through the cake to a wild round of applause and then I got layered with cake and cream as I was climbing out. If that wasn't enough I was laid on a table and the guys ate cake of my body. It was pretty hard to stay still but when the game was pretty much done, I was taken to the bathroom where I showered then gave the birthday boy a lap dance, slowly undressed him and fucked him in front of all his friends after which everyone figured I was fair game. There were lots of girls there and the event turned into an orgy.

I felt very confident, I could walk amongst groups of people naked and say exactly what I thought. If they weren't going as I liked, I could step in and make things better. I encountered one sad sack that guys had been teasing a little cruelly in a bar. Somehow I knew he was going to crack up and make trouble so I pushed away the guys who wanted to fuck me and got talking to this guy. He was into guns and admired Adolf Hitler. I fucked him several days later and regularly for a couple of months. Slowly the chip on his shoulder melted. But then I had to focus on schoolwork because I had exams coming up.

I didn't quite get all straight A's, I had a B and a couple of B pluses but overall I was fairly pleased and so were my parents. Then there were Christmas holidays and the weather was bloody cold. I had a nice warm jacket to wear over my little dresses although sometimes when there was snow on the ground I would dash out to a waiting car and from it into whatever venue wearing the skimpiest outfits.

I still loved wearing boob tubes but I was wearing skirts that were a little longer. Sometimes I got dressed up in layers and did striptease. I was continuing my yoga practice and still getting more supple but I still had a long way to go before I could cross my ankles behind my head even though I worked at it almost every day. On the other hand I could do a full split forwards and sideways and I was often asked to demonstrate in my yoga classes.

I splashed out on the occasional massage and beauty treatment but I found them a bit insipid. A guy gave me a massage once and predictably it ended up with him fucking me but before that he made me come using his hands and mouth. I figured I'd like to know how to do that but I had a fairly busy schedule. Clive had something for me every two or three weeks and I think Lorna and Trevor would have had me working every day had I been willing plus there was all the other guys I knew.

We had a family Christmas party at my uncle's house and I was pleased that it meant a lot less work for mum and me. I dressed to my conception of a pixie, white stockings and matching white suspenders with a semi sheer red dress with white trim that only just covered my arse and in the right light it was easy enough to see my boobs. The family didn't know whether or not to be shocked or delighted but certainly the men were delighted and those who were too young didn't take any notice.

Trevor had arranged to pick me up after dinner and when I stepped outside he was just pulling up. This was for what I call a lonely heart date, him hiring an escort to ease his suffering. He wasn't the easiest man to deal with but he loved my outfit and made me leave it on while he fucked me. That was 200 quid to me and one hundred to Trevor. We had an hour to wait till my next appointment so we fucked on the back of the car outside the place. I didn't really see myself as an escort, I knocked on the door and this guy happened to be wearing a bath robe. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and said hello darling as if we'd known each other for a long time. He said something about how I was a new girl and that I had an interesting manner. I replied that I was offering Christmas cheer and asked what he had to drink because I was afraid that I was a naughty girl who came empty-handed.

He told me that naughty girls needed to be punished and I didn't expect it, he grabbed me, threw me over his knee and gave me a spanking. I didn't exactly appreciate that and did my best to play his game, but afterwards I told Trevor to never ever take me back there.

By then I'd heard about some girls getting into trouble, fighting and getting beaten up. Up until then getting my arse smacked was the worst I got. I'd encountered a few guys who wanted me to strap on a dildo and fuck them which I still think is bloody weird and I make a point of never going back. I had one guy later on who bloody near strangled me. I sharply bought up my knee up between his legs and that made him let go but as he recovered he said he was going to fucking kill me so I picked up my stuff and fled.

I was miles from home but in a very nice neighbourhood and I ran a few hundred yards down the street before I stopped to get dressed then I realised that I didn't have my skirt. I used my boob tube as a skirt and I looked respectable enough with my jacket that just about covered my boobs though it didn't have any buttons and was never designed to close properly. I walked out to the main road and took a taxi to Lorna's. She said she liked the look and insisted I continue for the evening but I only had another two clients and she gave me a dress to wear home.

I was so busy with school and the swimming season had just commenced, I was enjoying yoga classes and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life and have as much sex as possible. Bernie had a full-time girlfriend and his neighbour across the hall had moved away. The local boys always wanted to fuck me but I couldn't be bothered with them although I fucked a guy they wanted for some favour on on one occasion.

I squeezed in a couple of self defence classes but they were a waste of time. It was a cool evening so I wore a fairly modest skirt and top and the gung ho instructor pranced up and down in front of I guess there were about 25 women introducing the subject and asking what sort of problems they faced in daily life that they needed to defend themselves from?

One of them said something about wandering hands and sexual assaults and I guess because I was the prettiest he got me to step forwards and asked the audience what was the most common form of sexual assault? They said guys trying to put their hands between their legs then he turned to me and asked how I would defend myself if someone did that.

I replied that I didn't know, I didn't have a strategy so he asked if he could try it and I said yes. He moved in kind of slow motion and as his hand came toward the bottom of my skirt I touched his wrist with my fingertips and almost seductively brushed over his skin as I met his eyes but then I also smiled and he got a total fucking shock when he touched my pussy because of course I wasn't wearing knickers and by that time I think I could have done anything I wanted with him. It was so funny because he was so embarrassed and instead of stepping away, I stepped into him and I was about to ask if the was serious when he pushed himself away.

He said that I was supposed to be scared and fight him but I said that I didn't see any point in being scared, and besides he had rather a nice physique and I might have enjoyed seeing where that was going to go. I got moved to the back of the class and he struggled to make the next hour a bit more serious and I didn't bother going back.

Clive had told me that the American guy John might be back and suggested I get myself a passport so I did. His visit coincided with term break and he took me sailing around the Greek islands and he called me his favourite nymphomaniac because I never said no to sex and I was open to everything except pain. I think he enjoyed sending me out to fuck his friends and we spent a couple of days completely nude, that was absolutely fabulous.

Just over a year into this adventure Clive took me to a party where I met this high-powered lawyer called Olly, his father had been caught up in the Profumo affair years ago but he was charming and funny. He wanted me as a date to go to some decadent party that he couldn't take his wife or current girlfriend to so I was dressed more formally and I was well enough practised socially that we were quite a good match.

When we arrived at this function, we were given masks and someone called it a Roman orgy. Once our clothes came off he kept me on a lead and that was pretty weird, mind you the collar he had me wearing was studded with real diamonds. After he had taken his pleasure with me he let me out on my lead just enough to be fucked by other guys and it was rather weird being controlled. I played along but I never enjoyed it although I could see how some were enjoying themselves. An older woman took a fancy to me so I ended up having to have sex with her although I enjoyed it more once I was wearing a strap on with a rather large dildo and I gave her a damn good fucking. My date took me home afterwards and wouldn't let me go until Sunday evening when I finally had to tell him that I was still under age which made him fearful but in some ways more excited and he wanted me the following night.

Clive respected my rules and I didn't see that guy again for a few weeks but he was far too manipulative. I had a few more dates with him and quite a few more with some of his friends. They were all controlling but I learned to act pretty much as they wanted and that also meant I was having a lot more anal sex. I found myself in the BDSM fringe I didn't really like that very much but I had to play along because they'd pay me 1000 euros and more for an evening or sometimes just for an hour or so.

I think by then if anyone had been told my age they'd never have believed. The following Christmas I went to Spain and Morocco with John and in Morocco we had to pretend that we were relatives and have separate rooms in some hotel's. Two years out and I wasn't doing quite so well swimming, I think my boobs slowed me down and on one occasion I was at the pool with Patrick, I had him time me as I swam with different costumes on and then I swam a few lengths in the nude. Swimming nude was great but some of the costumes slowed me as much as five seconds a length in the 33 m pool. We talked about getting a proper Olympic swimsuit that apparently had a lot less resistance, but that wasn't in keeping with the school rules so I slowly dropped out of competition.

Quite often I didn't get enough sleep and there were a few Monday mornings I arrived home just in time to get changed and hurry to school. Mum had long since figured out that I was being paid for sex but she didn't say anything about it, but I don't think dad knows. I had loads of money and clothing spilling out of my wardrobe which I'd give away occasionally. I'd quite often buy stuff at the op shop and make a point of showing it to dad because he liked to know that I was somewhat thrifty although I had quite a few designer dresses and thousands of pounds worth of jewelry that I was also prone to giving away. It was about then that I stashed my first box of money in the garage.

I contemplated renting a flat to entertain guys and Trevor was pushing me to do that but I didn't want to be tied to one place. That year I had a guy who wanted me to educate his son and be like a girlfriend for him because he was somewhat lacking in confidence with girls, he wasn't particularly interested. When he rather sullenly asked me why I his father got me to hang about, I told him straight up that his father wanted him to appear as if he had a girlfriend and an interest in girls.

Paul said that he wasn't gay but really he couldn't be bothered, he was more interested in getting through university so I took an interest in his projects. He had a Saturday morning physics lecture and a few times I went to it and it was rather interesting although not exactly what I was interested in. But we had some good long conversations on history and human nature. I continued seeing quite a bit of Henry and we had some great discussions that flowed into what I talked about with Paul.

I got mostly straight A's aside from maths in my second year, I don't know how but I was having some disquiet about what I was learning and in my third year I'd been jumped forwards so I was 14 and and in class with mostly 16-year-olds and preparing for O levels. I had to do that same paper that Henry did on Alexander the Greek and I knew that to get good marks I had to follow the standard line which was so bloody annoying so I added my objections to him being considered a hero as a footnote. The teacher said that while my general overview was as good as could be expected, my discussion was beyond the realm of high school.

I was always careful not to drink to excess, I found that I could well tolerate two or three shots of vodka or something similar and I'd just be rather tipsy for a while and several glasses of champagne had the same effect but I didn't want to be out of control and I felt as if I had a kind of duty toward my dates, I didn't really like to see them as clients and I guess I was kind of the perfect girlfriend.

As I write this, I'm part way through my law degree and its such a fucking joke. There's different laws for the rich and poor and there are so many archaic laws still on the books that are completely irrelevant in this modern age and I figure that if they wanted, at the stroke of a pen by some arsehole could make witchcraft a crime once more.

At the moment I'm rather disillusioned with the human race but being a nice-looking girl has its perks but I can only date so many guys at once. I haven't seen much of Lorna and Trevor for a long time. Henry's moved towards archaeology and historic research, and we catch up every month so. We have some really nice long conversations and some really great sex as we have absolutely no inhibitions with each other.  I should probably tell you that Henry went out with a girl for a while he gave him a hard time that his penis was too small so he took this vigrx stuff for about six or eight months and I was amazed that this penis grew by almost 3 inches in length and quite a bit in girth. I'd never believed that those things worked but on the other hand, I massaged my boobs every day so with a firming cream. They're bloody gorgeous, double D and they haven't started sagging yet and I sometimes refer to them as my man magnets.

Actually my lack of inhibitions sometimes frightens people but generally I try to be kind to them if they are just a little bit nice and if they're not, I refuse to have anything else to do with them. I'm flatting in Oxford at the moment and almost every time I go home mum pressures me to get married and she thinks Henry is suited to me. I suppose he is in some ways but am not ready to settle down and make babies. I keep in touch with John, the American guy and am going to be travelling with him to Berlin, Monaco and Dubai 'n a couple of weeks. He's thoughtfully sent me the profiles of the men he wants me to fuck and is promising a lot of time with the two of us together which am looking for is to immensely.

I figure that I'll stop at this point and I'll save what I've written and expand it into a novel one day or perhaps a memoir should I have daughters. So thanks again Dianna for asking me to do this, has been rather lovely strolling down memory lane and if there's one thing important that I've learned, it is that pleasure only gives you short-term relief from some pains and self inflicted suffering, it's being the person you want to be that makes you happy. So while I love pleasure, I give more importance to my happiness.


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