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Piles and anal discomfort


Haemorrhoids or piles are swollen veins in the region of the anal cavity, (singular haemorrhoid). This inflammation can happen to anyone and the first symptom is often discomfort.

The blood vessels that swell to become piles surround the anal canal and serve as cushions to help with stool control.  They can enlarge and or prolapse to cause discomfort, pain or bleeding so that cleaning your anus becomes a problem due to the discomfort.

The principal causes are thought to be an inadequate consumption of water and fibre rich fresh vegetables along with an excess of processed foods.

Internal haemorrhoids are a prolapse of the veins inside the anal canal and typically they swell and protrude from the anus while external haemorrhoids occur around the opening of the anus.

Both types are similarly caused and once they erupt, cleaning also becomes a problem. But with either type of haemorrhoid, cleaning/ wiping after defalcation often aggravates the condition.  While toilet paper may feel soft to your skin, to an exposed haemorrhoid, it is in effect like sand paper.  Therefore washing with soap and water is a gentler alternative and the piles can be massaged which may provide some relief.

A quick fix: constipation

  1. For both internal and external piles, avoid all processed foods, eat lots of fresh vegetables or alternatively purée vegetables, especially leafy greens.
  2. Increase water consumption.
  3. Massage - push the internal piles back inside the anal canal. If they are not too serious, this may resolve the problem over several weeks.
  4. Over the counter creams may help a little.

If a person affected by piles is unable to modify their diet and the piles remain painful, then surgery is the only option and the affected veins are removed.

Other tips

The modern western style toilet is a modern invention and before that, everyone squatted to poop. By squatting, not only is the back passage opened and aligned, but the large intestine is compressed which helps to empty the bowel.

As the European style of toilet seat is set far too high for proper defecation, having a stool on the floor under one's feet helps to correct the sitting posture making for a more complete defecation.

In summary, piles or haemorrhoids are a lifestyle affliction that can be treated naturally or as a resort, surgically.



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