Hair is Beautiful

Increasing numbers of women quit shaving

We all love the hair that grows on our heads and we spend a fortune over a lifetime looking after it. Some people even spend small fortunes trying to retain hair when nature decides otherwise, but then there are varying aspects to body hair.

We have some insight from our history books that the Egyptians and Romans extended personal grooming from basic cleanliness to various hairstyles to the trimming of beards and other ascetics like plucking eyebrows and removing undesired here from other parts of the body.

There is a wide variance between peoples in terms of how much body hair individuals may have. The actual amount is determined by body chemistry, inheritance and to some degree by lifestyle. Some people are very hairy and some have very little but almost everyone has some armpit and pubic hair.

The aesthetic of beauty goes far back in history with body hair being cut, shaped or completely removed as the winds of fashion change. Over the past hundred years the image of woman has been perfected as having bootable head hair but no other hair on her body. For thousands of years, scissors, shavers and waxing have all been employed to deliver the desired aesthetic and a degree of striving towards physical perfection.

In today's world this is all well and good for the celebrity model whose body is her business, but it's not so good for the individual who is likely to work in a much less glamorous environment and possibly begin raising a family within a few years. The dictates of fashion is applied to single individuals looking to find marriage partners can be seen as a double edged sword.

Having one's body beautifully presented (stylised through waxing or shaving) certainly increases one's chances of finding eroticism and pleasure, but when searching for a mate what happens when body hair sprouts out all over?

Consider this: you make yourself look beautiful and glamorous even with regular hair removal and cosmetic applications. You meet the person of your dreams and you sell them this package but over a short space of time that package changes and suddenly you look a lot more like Cousin Itt.

The partner who was unprepared for such a dramatic change may think of you like any other product and consider an exchange or refund.

It's common for many young men and women to begin removing body hair as soon as it begins to appear. This becomes a normal routine and the individual never actually gets to experience their natural self because the body is always cosmetically altered slightly.

Fashion is a very unruly beast and it generates a great deal of peer pressure which in particular forces young women to remove the hair from their arms, armpits, pubic area and legs in addition to the more isolated hair that grows elsewhere in the body.

Like all other mammals we have body hair for warmth but the hair that grows in our armpits and groin is there for lubrication. It prevents the skin from being damaged during strenuous activities.

Our physical bodies are very robust and self-healing, and hair removal poses very little risk to our physical health beyond a little skin damage and perhaps a few minor infections. While here removal is mostly about fitting into society and presenting an image of yourself, you need to let those who are close to you know that what they see as a glamorised image.

As the case may be, women need to let guys know that when you stop shaving, your legs will be as hairy as his although he should have the common sense to know that in a few years time you may well look like your mother. And consequently, men may soon look more like their grandfathers.

There is a movement amongst women following on from 'free the nipple', it's all about not shaving and allowing yourself to be more natural and owning those fuzzy parts of yourself. Remember, fashion is something that always changes, you do not have to be fashionable and it's healthy to embrace your natural self on occasions.


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