Hard Times

When economies fall, women sell their bodies for cash

The development of the modern economy began thousands of years ago which gave rise to slavery and prostitution as we came to know it. With the development of agriculture men developed unhealthy desires for the fruit of labour and the joy of pleasure without earning it themselves.

They rated neighbouring lands bringing it back strong men to do the physical work and women for sex. Over these thousands of years, little has changed only the methodology governing the acquisition and control of slaves for any purpose has modernised.

Traditionally in countries without social welfare, the poor have been disposed of or conscripted into another service as soldiers or comfort women. As I look back over this long history, little has changed and given the scale of our population today, conditions seem to abysmally worse for those locked out of any rights to life or liberty.

This is the condition of millions of women around the world, banned from employment, banned from accessing land and resources to survive, the last resort of millions of women is to trade their bodies for money. No one knows how many women and children work in the global sex trade but the true number would alarm most people and yet around the world exchanging sex for money is seen as the least desirable of all occupations.

The very fabric of our civilisation as this concept firmly embedded and no one can change it even though occasionally sex trafficking rings are busted. The exchange of sex for money is a huge part of the global economy and the people who rule our world are resistant to change because they are the ones who profit the most.

Since 2013 when the article below was written, conditions have gone from bad to worse. The moral fabric of the world is being torn apart by war, the flood of refugees and political correctness which believes that it is the antidote to the world's problems yet political correctness only furthers the stigmatisation of all those people unable to succeed or adapt to modern life.

In 2013 as world economies crumble the price of sexual services in affected countries like Europe, the US and the UK is dropping as fewer clients find themselves in a market place flooded with new entrants. Recently, the escort population in Greece increased sharply as the economy collapsed and prices have fallen.

For women who enjoy sex and multiple partners, and enjoy earning some extra cash, this is often good career move although in hard times, it's sometimes the only way to get by.

Women who feel that it's a job of last resort and think of themselves as prostitutes have a major problem as they are compromising their values even if they have chosen mates in the past based more on their wealth than any genuine love interest.

In hard times, escorts not only need to lower their prices, they need to diversify. Unfortunately unless they are well grounded and relatively unaffected by life's dramas, they can succumb to the job pressures. To stay sane in this mad world, they need to take care of themselves with a good diet and exercise plan. Being independent also helps as they don't have to pay a cut to an agency.

They also need to recognise, or learn the psychology of their clients in order to offer the best service. This includes listening skills and good client management as this helps them to stay safe and make their clients happy.

When times get really tough, any sex worker may find herself jumping the next man who comes along and ten finding herself playing housewife as she cooks his meal before satisfying him in bed. If he's a nice man, congratulations, you're assured room and board. This has occurred in many places over the past 100 years and many sex workers will find themselves in this situation as economies continue to crumble. Such a life is not too bad, it keeps one alive and there maybe a new social life opening.

When one has dependants like children and a mortgage, one must become a very nice person as well as an astute business person of good character. Having a good bag of tricks also helps; its no good just being passive and being shagged for money, one must engage the client, maybe he needs a massage, or maybe he needs spanking and this is an area where there is real money. The greedy bankers need some B&D, after all they are causing the global financial crises, so ladies, get out you leathers and paddle some ass.



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