Head and Face Massage

A genuine Indian head massage

There's nothing else so good as a complete head and face massage. It smooths out not only those wrinkles and make the recipient look younger, it's deeply relaxing and recipients often fall asleep,

Warning - do not get oil in in the eyes, and without training,  it's best to totally avoid touching the eyes. Normally when you have massaged other parts of the body the residue of oil on your hands is sufficient for the face as facial skin is naturally more oily than the rest of the body and adding oil can leave the face feeling greasy and unpleasant.

Even with the thought of only doing a facial massage, the treatment is far more effective if you include the complete head and shoulders. Read through then watch the first video, when ready copy some methods from the second.

Start by placing a hands on the top of the chest, sweeping out over the shoulders and back through under the neck and back of the head.

When you come through under the back of the head, don't try to lift the head, rather that your hands simply slide under the back of the head and keep a little space between your fingers and that way you are unlikely to pull the hair but still you need to be sensitive. This introductory stroke is best done several times as it gives a sense of wholesomeness and comfort.

Spend some time squeezing and kneading over the shoulders and back of the neck, pressed gently and rub between the bones and along the bones to give them some definition. This makes for a living anatomy lesson.

Try stroking into the sides of the neck by pressing in and pulling back with your fingertips, it feels really nice if you can/back with the fingers are one hand and then the fingers of the other to create a kind of a wave and/or simply press into the side of the neck and make small circles with your fingertips from the base of the neck up to the base of the skull.

Massaging the face

If you watch the video you see that I commence with the thumbs together on the forehead stroking out. At this point if the skin feels dry and is dragging under your thumb/fingers, rub one or two drops of oil over your thumbs and fingers and continue.

The sequence here is thumbs stroking out across the forehead and down into the hairline.
The tips of your middle/longest fingers delicately tracing up the bridge of the nose and flying a little more firmly under the eye sockets and down over the temples. The move that I demonstrate next commence is with your fingers curled and to your palms and you need to lean forwards and stick your elbows to the sides to get your thumbs in position on the bridge of the nose and is close to the inside corners of the eyes without actually touching them. The stroke then flows down around the cheekbones before bringing a light touch back on to your fingertips and coming back up to the top of the head.

All these strokes can be repeated from 2 to 5 times. Ask your friend from time to time how the pressure is and how they are feeling and from there massage over the top and bottom lips. Massage the chin, trace the jawline and make upward circles from the edge of the jawbone up over the bottom teeth. From their press a hands on the face and move the skin and flesh several times with a circular motion moving the tissues over the scull before squeezing and rubbing into the ears opening out the folds.

From there massage the scalp in its entirety and you can spend several minutes doing this. Use a firm pressure and the hair itself acts as a lubricant so you don't need to use any oil. You can also turn the head slightly side to side so that you massage completely under the back of the head as well and when you are done come back to the beginning stroke, hands of the top of the chest, sliding out over the shoulders, conjuring back under the neck and gently lengthening the head away from the body so the hands slide under the back of the head.

When you have finished, if the person is content to continue relaxing, if their head is tilted back slightly they may need a pillow under the head and this may apply also at the commencement of the treatment because it helps to keep the neck settled in its natural structural alignment.

Actually we can include the neck here; begin with your hands on the shoulders and attempt to slide your hands from the shoulders as in the image below, out over the top of the arm, under the back shoulders, up under the neck and back of the head

Advanced techniques
If you are confident and have some experience, you can try the techniques below, but you must do the same to both sides of the head/neck.

George Downing


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