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The Healing power

Of Massage

masaNo doubt you have been told that if it's unpleasant or tastes bad, it must be good for you but if you experience pleasure, you have been naughty!

Western civilisation is so unbelievably backward that it celebrates suffering as being good for us whereas the ideal state of living is to be in joy and bliss for the entirety of our existence. We have created a civilisation based on suffering in a world where everyone turns a blind eye to the wars, mass starvation and social injustice.

Yet everyone knows that pleasure provides temporary relief from suffering. Pleasure may be a good meal, time with friends and activities that don't involve adding any more suffering to our lives.

So what about massage?

Massage is an instinctive response to pain and discomfort, and it's something that most mammals do (like rub against things). In modern history, the practice of massage has had a chequered existence. Before World War I, massage was frequently used to relieve muscular aches and pains, but it was also the only tool available at the time to help women with a prolapsed uterus. Then someone came up with the idea of genital massage to relieve "women's hysteria".

Since then, sex toys were invented and medical science progressed to the point where it has been deemed as the only suitable treatment for every human ailment even though it is still experimental.  Massage began to go out of fashion as new medical treatments, pills and potions became vogue. At the same time morality was transforming and the idea of physical pleasure involving touch became not only frowned upon, it became illegal.

After World War II, Western society began to change rapidly, big oil and big Pharma took over the reins of civilisation. Then with the Korean and Vietnam wars, the war industry recognised that men needed sexual relief and as many of the troops had some R&R in Southeast Asia, the "happy ending" massage came into existence.

Of course brothels and the sex industry have existed since time and immemorial, it seems that this is a basic human need and despite all the laws and regulations it is unlikely to ever go away. An unfortunate consequence of the illegality of the sex industry in many countries over the past 60 years or so is that massage became the business description for thousands of sex workers.

In the United States where sex work remains illegal in most states, this problem still exists. Society is generally well aware that there are two types of massage on offer, one has a happy ending in terms of sexual relief but the other has a happy ending in terms of relief from stress and other physical pains.

On one side of the massage spectrum there are technical massage styles such as trigger point, shiatsu and acupressure. Then there is what is generally referred to as Swedish massage, this is a heavily regulated practice that has become very superficial and largely ineffective at treating the problems that people suffer from.

Massage where the boundaries are blurred

fineThere are various styles of massage that may be called tantric or holistic that treat the entire body including the anal and genital region. The focus of these styles of massage are not about sexual pleasure (although that's possible), they are more about balancing the body energies and returning the individual to a state of harmony.

In effect the benefits of massage include treatments for everything from backaches and repetitive stress injuries to mental and emotional stress, and distress within the internal organs.

For example, massage when it is done well can help to relieve constipation, but when it's done incorrectly it can actually cause constipation.  Similarly massage can help with other digestive problems and it can also help with reproductive issues.

Before the advent of modern medications, massage was the only option that men had to treat prostate problems and that treatment is still valid today. Many men now resort to using prostate massage devices, often in conjunction with herbal medications which helps to keep their lives more comfortable. Looking at prostate problems holisticly, diet and lifestyle are must also be addressed. For effective stress release, a complete head to toe full body massage with perhaps 5 minutes detailed attention around the anal and genital areas can provide amazing benefits for men with enlarged prostate.

A massage that effectively touches all the pressure points around the pelvis not only helps with men's prostate issues, it's also good for digestive and elimination problems, but perhaps the greatest advantage here is for women.

Detailed massage to the entire body including the anal and genital area helps tremendously to address the problems associated with menstruation and menopause.

All the imbalances in our bodies have two primary causes, the mind which accounts for 70% of all our health problems and physical influences such as environmental poisons, accidents or injuries account for the rest.

Whether the cause of suffering is mental, emotional or physical, the end result is that the body becomes stressed and when the body is under stress its ability to function is reduced. In many cases medications and surgeries are required however if these problems are seen too early enough or if they are not that severe, massage is one of the best tools available for mankind to relieve stress.

In today's society the idea of anyone touching near your groin who is not a committed lover seems horrifying, yet men must see the doctors for prostate examinations and women must have Pap smears and mammograms with regular frequency.

So if everyone can go and see a doctor and have their nether region examined in detail, why not have it massaged?

Massage professionals are well-trained in general body massage although due to the current political correctness and prudishness, very few are trained to massage the anal or genital region. However if they are competent therapists and understand the human body, then the extension of service to include these private areas is simple and logical.

Society changes rapidly and we have become ever so prudish. There is a fear that one may become sexually aroused and what would you do then? The simple answer is nothing, just lay there and enjoy it. To relieve stress, massage needs to be mildly pleasurable and human beings as they are automatically equate pleasure with sexuality, dah!

People become aroused in a great many situations and all mature adults should be able to manage their feelings and desires. When being massaged around the pelvis, some arousal is normal and competent therapists will be unconcerned yet supportive.

When we consider these ideas, the mind becomes one's own worst enemy and it is through blind belief that so many people remain trapped in their suffering. If you happen to be a massage therapist who is reading this, you might like to think about becoming more humane in how you treat your customers. If you happen to be a sex worker who also massage's clients, you might enjoy your work more if you become more grounded and consider your client is a human being and not just another trick.

If you are a normal human being who suffers from stress in anyway, instead of reaching for your over-the-counter pain relief medications, book yourself in for a good massage and have a practical conversation with the therapist about what you may be suffering from. If you have some superficial or repetitive stress injury in your body, massage is proven to be the best remedy.

If your prostate needs care or your reproductive system is distressed enough to feel unpleasant, it's about time you booked in for a massage.

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