Health in 2015

Life in a world at war

J0149481In order to be successful in the capitalist system, one must become hard headed and exploitative. Successful people today mould their personalities as weapons for success and then wonder why they suffer.

The leadership in this direction is provided by the United States of America. This country needs war because its economy is based on the manufacturing and supply of weapons of mass destruction.  Through the leadership of the United States that has invaded more than 60 countries to set up their own puppet leaders who will favour US business interests, the world is spiralling towards destruction. The current conflicts in the Middle East were directly manufactured by the United States administrators.

While the USA was founded on noble ideas, clever businessman and politicians have colluded to lie, steal and cheat not only the American people, but the citizens of the world.

To consider our health today we must also consider the past

It is the actions of people and governments over the course of our history that has brought us to this point in our evolution. The crucifixion of Jesus, a man of peace whose words so terrified the Romans, they had to execute him. The phrase that "if you are not for us, you are against us" probably came into being before the advent of the Roman Empire, but it has remained the key phrase for empires since then.

We are a civilisation in fear

As the Middle East and conflicts escalate out of control and populations flee to safety, even in peaceful countries fear along with economic and social mismanagement is spiralling out of control.

Today the fears that we face are those of expectation and judgement, and fears of safety and security. Fear only exists in our minds and yet the worlds population by and large has become immovable; trapped by fear like a deer in a vehicle's headlights.

Political systems are dispossessing the population economically and socially, and while politicians spout rhetoric about supporting families, they are creating policies that deny the population the ability to have a stable family structure and lining their pockets.

To divert attention from their misbehaviour, Western politicians have created a club where all point fingers at Russia as being a culprit, a cause of peoples suffering and justification for their own behaviour.

Compounding political and social injustice, and a loss of our rights and freedoms, organisations like the FDA who are supposed to be champions of human rights about to social and political will to sanction food and medical products that are clearly unsafe for human consumption.

The U S Food and Drug Administration is an organisation set up to protect public health, but an example of an unsafe product is aspartame which is also marketed as equal or NutraSweet. This substance formed part of the chemical weaponry used against people in the Vietnam war, yet it has become an everyday food product that triggers migraines, epilepsy and a host of other health problems.

A more benign product that the FDA recently approved due to public pressure even though they know it's unsafe is the woman's equivalent of Viagra which when used in conjunction with alcohol can cause users to blackout making it the first ever legally sanctioned date rape drug.

Staying healthy is an uphill battle

Today we have to contend with the poisons in our foods and environment, we also have to contend with the fear generated by a world falling into ever deeper conflicts, we must deal with the fact that governments around the world are denying our human rights and freedoms. Governments are failing to inform or protect their populations.

The end result is eight spiral of increasing social and political unrest; this is a man-made problem that if not corrected now will see the rapid demise of human civilisation and the end of life on earth.

Humanity has lost its way, instead of valuing life for what is, everyone keeps trying to commercialise it and the end result is that life is destroyed. Many observers see the end of the world as being imminent. They see the end as coming through global warming and the high probability of a nuclear war.


You are what you eat, therefore do your best to ensure that you only eat fresh natural produce. Remember that those people in the world who are the healthiest do not eat any processed foods.

Get to know yourself and the world around you, and although its more comfortable conforming to other people's ideas, do some research and make up your own mind about what is true or false, right or wrong. Get involved with local politics and at least vote for the most sensible candidate.

Remember that we perceive the world through our senses and what we perceive of the world around us in the end is something that occurs only within our own minds. Therefore to sharpen one's senses and ensure that perception is working correctly, time spent on meditation and other recreational activities is a wise thing to do.


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