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Libido is characteristically thought of as the desire for sex, however the term 'libido' also covers reproductive capacity, the readiness to engage sexually, and the happiness and enthusiasm for all that life has to offer.

Lack of libido (female sexual arousal disorder) or sex drive is typified as being common in women and rare in men. The American Medical Association estimates that several million US women suffer while in the UK, increasingly large numbers  of women attend clinics complaining of low libido.

It's well known that many women have problems achieving orgasm but many have no real desire to have sex and their minds are not turned on by the prospect of love-making. There are a multitude of reasons for this stemming from all the demands of modern life and all the stuff that has to be done. And when sex does occur, so many women have to suffer a husband to satisfy some self, then thinks he's wonderful while she is left unsatisfied.

While the reasons are many, fortunately a lack of libido is only temporary relating to time of the month and unusual social pressures. Some will get over it by themselves, and a lot more can be helped by expert medical or psychosexual advice and remember that while life changes and medications often affect sexual desire, a diminishing sex drive may also be a symptom of a developing health problem or stress.

It is well known that excessive stress dulls sex, and a diminished sex drive is often an initial stress symptom along with vaginal dryness and the inability to feel sexually responsive, even when the desire is there, the body may be unwilling. To often the combined stress of relationships, family, home and career are to much to manage and under constant stress, exhaustion sets in and the body eventually begins to shut down. Traumatic or negative experiences cause fear or distrust sex resulting in a sexual shut down.

Abandon your idealistic self

While a visit to a doctor may help to identify or eliminate any physical health problems, a change of routine and habits can help to better manage stress and getting support helps solve problems. When the body is out of sync, orgasm weakens or takes a long time to reach. Infertility issues can create enormous tension and couples wishing to conceive may actually undermine their own efforts if fears, pressure and doubts become overwhelming.

Physical Causes Affecting Libido

  • Malnutrition and anaemia caused by iron loss during periods
  • Alcoholism and drug abuse
  • Major diseases
  • Prescription drugs, particularly tranquillisers and antidepressants
  • Hormonal abnormalities

Psychological causes

  • Post-baby - loss of libido that often happens after childbirth
  • Emotional stress and Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress and overwork
  • Childhood Hang-ups and Trauma as in sexual abuse or rape
  • Relationship problems

Is your libido all it could be?

If your libido is low, the actual cure lies in resolution of any problem or problems, it may be as simple as improving your diet and nutrition, using body mineral balancing, taking time out to relax and unwind, having a massage, a day out in nature to rebalance your body and menstrual cycle, or you may invigorate your libido by using one of the products advertised here or other similar pharmacy product.

Women finally have access to high quality, all-natural sexual arousal and pleasure enhancers. Currently, there are dozens of such products on the market for men (not to mention several prescription medications that cater only to men), but women are demanding products to support and improve their intimate pleasure. It's a booming segment of the natural supplement market that's more popular than ever.

The use of herbs and nutrients to enhance women's sex drives and pleasure is nothing new. For many years, folk medicine and naturopathic healing have had a variety of natural and botanical ingredients in their arsenal of tools to combat women's flagging sexuality due to fatigue, stress, dietary deficiency, aging, hormonal changes or emotional upset.

What's new is the availability of specialized, pre-calibrated formulas in new standardized dosages using many of these time-honoured ingredients. The great news is that these formulas work -- so well and many women are celebrating that their innder heat and disire is stimulated as well as an increased ability to orgasm.

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