Himalayan Trust

A New Zealand based charity


Sir Edmund Hillary, mountaineer, born July 20, 1919; died January 11, 2008

Founded by Sir Edmund Hillary, the Himalayan Trust is a fund entirely managed by volunteers that enriches the lives of the Sherpa and Nepali peoples who live in the high Himalayas.

The late Sir Edmund Hillary is one of the most famous mountaineers to have lived. He shot to fame in 1953 as he and Tenzing Norgay were first persons to climb the 29,028 high Mt Everest.

Hilary continued his life as an adventurer with many famous expeditions around the world - from the Antarctic to the Ganges. But increasingly he focused his life on the needs of the Sherpa people.

Here is how Sir Edmund describes how it began:

"I first visited the Khumbu area on the south side of Everest in 1951 and developed a warm respect and affection for the Sherpa people who lived there. Their life was a tough and hardy one but they had a most vigorous sense of humour. It was impossible not to like their cheerfullnes and generosity.

Over the next ten years, I developed many Sherpa friends and became aware of the things they lacked in their rugged existence - no schooling for their children and no medical treatment for the ill. I often felt there was much we could do to help them but never got beyond the stage of talking and dreaming."

To learn more about the trust and contribute, or to find out you can help improve the lives of the Himalayan peoples, please contact the following organizations.

Achievements that projects continue to be supported and expanded:

  • A first School was built in Khumjung in 1961 and since then, 25 schools have been built within the Solu Khumbu District.
  • The Solu Khumbu Teacher Training Programme was established to support the 65 schools closest to Mount Everest.
  • Kunde Hospital was established in 1966, in Kunde Village just north of Namche Bazaar.
  • Sagamartha National Park & Re-Forestation Project.

The government of New Zealand

Foreign Aid Division

The American Himalayan Foundation
909 Montgomery St. Suite 400
San Francisco, California, USA
Phone: 415-288-7245 Fax: 415-434-3130

Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation
222 Jarvis Street, Toronto
Ontario, Canada M5B 2B8
Tel: (416) 941-3315

The Hillary Foundation
2102 Forest Mountain Road
Prescott, Arizona 86301, USA
Phone: 928-541-0151

The Sir Edmund Hillary Himalayan Trust (UK)
Danewood, High Lane
Upper Holloway
United Kingdom

Sir Edmund Hillary – Stiftung Deutschland e. V.
Altwiesseer Weg 6- D-83707 Bad Wiessee am Tegernsee, Germany


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