Hindu and Hinduism

Hinduism is Not a Religion

adi_parashaktiThere is an overwhelming popular misconception that Hindus; that is Hindu people follow a religion known as Hinduism. But this is not the case.

Go back a few hundred years and India was known as Hindustan, and name attributed largely by the British and the British East India company that for over 200 years exploited the land and people of Hindustan.

Many people commonly see Indian iconography and images of deities as religious objects, however this is far from the truth. The people of India do not worship any Creator God or craven image as Christians would have people believe. They have a far deeper understanding of how the universe works.

Hinduism along with the caste system is something created by the British. When the British first arrived, India was one of the richest nations on earth and it traded across the Middle East, Central and Southeast Asia as it had been doing for thousands of years.

When the British arrived in India, almost everyone could read and write and there was almost no poverty. But British interests powered by military muscle rapidly advanced across India. The Indian people are very accommodating, they gave land to the Parsi's escaping the Moslems and the Moslems themselves when they came looking for new homeland.

If you are reading this from any western country, you will not know this because your school textbooks are all British and the British like the Americans today are very reluctant to admit to their crimes against humanity.

In terms of religion, the only religions in India are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Indian peoples are atheist and that they do not believe in any one almighty creator god, but they recognise the creative principal in all things. Indian people will pray to the mountains, rivers and all living things, but unlike religious people, they do not abdicate their self responsibility as human beings.

What outsiders think of as being religious and India is the expression of desire of the Indian peoples to become totally free of any suffering and India has a legacy of this technology. If you should see an Indian at prayer, they are not practising some religion, they are employing a well tested and proven scientific technology that when practised brings an end to suffering.

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  • Elizabeth

    Thanks for another great article. But I think you’re like pushing shit uphill against the flow of mainstream thought that plugs Hinduism as a religion and Hindus as followers or believers of Hinduism?

    • Sasha

      At some level the truth must be known and this is a prerequisite for peace in this world. So I / we invite everyone to investigate and know the truths distorted by historians for political control.

  • Janice

    Hello, for a long time I saw Hinduism as just being a kind of nature worship along with a whole lot of self created gods. But after doing yoga and meditating 10 years I suddenly realised that the word Hinduism is misleading and what we think of as being Hinduism is actually a technology for human well-being, survival and happiness without suffering. Om Shanti

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