Hindutva, Neoliberalism and Secularism

The political dilemma of India

Actually this is not India's problem alone, it is a problem for the whole world to consider since we are all heading in the same direction. We are all governed by neoliberal democracies who claim to be secular yet because of the fear generated by Islam, the Muslims are seen as a special case must be appeased because within neoliberalism, this is simply the game of politics and a response to fear without any reference or understanding of the underlying reality.

So let's take a closer look at the meanings of these three words:

Hindutva is an ideology seeking to establish the hegemony of Hindus and the Hindu way of life. It was popularised by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar in 1923 and has become the predominant form of Hindu nationalism in India. It's claimed that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) adopted it as its official ideology in 1989.

Hindutva is a move towards nationalism and a refreshing of or a search for the traditional Hindu identity that has largely been lost. India has suffered at least four thousand years of capitalism and patriarchy followed by Islam and the European colonialists. The light of 'Sanatana Dharma' continues to live within the Hindu psyche yet Hindus somehow fail to see it. Perhaps it's because it's become so immersed within the clutter afforded by technology, the neoliberal democracy and sexualised face of the new capitalism that glamorises distorting perception.


"Neoliberalism or neo-liberalism refers primarily to the 20th-century resurgence of 19th-century ideas associated with laissez-faire economic liberalism. Those ideas include economic liberalization policies such as privatization, austerity, deregulation, free trade and reductions in government spending in order to increase the role of the private sector in the economy and society.

English-speakers have used the term "neoliberalism" since the start of the 20th century with different meanings, but it became more prevalent in its current meaning in the 1970s and 1980s, used by scholars in a wide variety of social sciences as well as by critics. Modern advocates of free market policies avoid the term "neoliberal" and some scholars have described the term as meaning different things to different people as neoliberalism "mutated" into geopolitically distinct hybrids as it travelled around the world. As such, neoliberalism shares many attributes with other concepts that have contested meanings, including democracy." ~ Wiki

Neoliberalism is the consequence of an 'I' centred universe. This is the case were everyone is right even when they are wrong because everyone is entitled to their beliefs. As a consequence, neoliberal capitalism is a game of winner takes all and in a neoliberal democracy, the game is to tear down the ruling party and the opposition's crazy ideas are always justified because those in control are always right.

“Feminism, for decades of neoliberalism, has been a feminism of the Hillary Clintons and the Sheryl Sandbergs, which is basically breaking the glass ceiling while the vast majority of women are in the basement cleaning up the glass.” - Tithi Bhattacharya

Secularism is asserting the right to be free from religious rule and teachings, or, in a state declared to be neutral on matters of belief, from the imposition by government of religion or religious practices upon its people.

Secularism itself has become another neoliberal 'ism' and while it is sensible to keep people's beliefs out of politics because belief has no scientific validity, the whole precept of neoliberalism is to avoid the sense that there is any concrete reality.

All religions, capitalism, liberalism and neoliberalism along with feminism and patriarchy, communists, socialists and all the others represent belief systems. Dharma represents the science of living.

Hinduism and Hindu Nationalism

What people refer to as Hinduism, as Sanatana Dharma is not a belief system, it is a scientific approach to living in harmony with self, others and the environment. Long ago the yogis and mystics evolved this science and shared it with the people. It was successful in that it turned the greater Hindustan region into the world's first civilisation and enabled it to be the world's longest surviving nation.

This idea is alive in people's memories but after more than a thousand years of occupation by believer, cultures dedicated to acquisition and attachment, this understanding of life has been suppressed and thanks especially to the British education, almost removed from public record.

Neoliberal capitalism and neoliberal democracy are working hand-in-hand with the belief systems of Christianity, Islam and the economically powerful individuals to rule the world for their own advantage. They are only doing that because they are fundamentally insecure and one of the governing beliefs is that to feel safe they must be in control which also means controlling the world's resources with no regard for life.

Tucked in behind all this neoliberal bullshit is the patriarchy, another powerful force responsible corrupting the world. Yet in every country the oppression that people suffer under the combination of patriarchal neoliberal capitalism and democracy is pushing people to either succumb and sedate themselves with chemicals or beliefs, or to fight back.

Unfortunately the world population has been affected by these diseases for such a long time that few can realise the full truth. There are many philosophers who have emerged and caution against following different ideologies. The wise caution against a meat-based diet, the wise caution against smoking cigarettes, the wise caution against cutting down all the forests and so many other destructive activities towards self and the environment. But neoliberalism and self belief (self righteousness), means that none of these arguments are to be taken seriously.

"That is why both BJP Prime Ministers thus far, Atal Behari Vajpayee and now Modi, have professed their secularism. No, not age-old Hindu “secularism” (in the sense of religious pluralism) but the anti-Hindu ideology that is falsely called “secularism”. They essentially live up to the standards set by their enemies because their movement has never seriously developed a perspective of its own." ~ Konrad Elst

It is not only India, the entire world has been brainwashed and hoodwinked, we are depleting our forests and oceans, poisoning our soils, ocean and atmosphere and while there is a murmur of discontent against this, very few countries are taking any serious steps to remedy these problems because no one has taken on the challenge of dealing with the fundamental issues which are governed by the neoliberal attitude.

If we could remove the influence of belief systems, capitalism, patriarchy and neoliberal democracy, we would perhaps have a chance of staving off our anticipated extinction.

In some places the church is highly irritated that people are intuitively worshipping the holy mother (Divine feminine) over the male establishment, we still have the trade union movement that called for some kind of fairness within capitalism and people are calling out the inherent flaws in the system but they are totally flummoxed by neoliberalism and the unusual marriage between beliefs and capitalism that construe the largest part of the neoliberal attitude.

The neoliberal, a group that makes up the majority of politicians around the world may not believe in any God and may genuinely want a good result for those who believe as he or she does while the rest are expendable and it's just so sad that those people are suffering when the real cause is their own lack of motivation.

The mode of influence, control and governance plays out in oppositional politics. The opposition does all it can to sabotage the activities of the government and because of their ties to capitalist influences, they have a great deal of economic and political power which is most often expressed as factionalism through the media and the sabotaging of business interests they are opposed to.

"Hate mongers often need concocted stories to buttress their political message. In India, these are most common in that peculiar Indian form of hatred: anti-Brahminism. As the local counterpart to what anti-Semitism has been in the West, it fantasizes about how Brahmins have only domination over us lesser mortals as their uppermost concern." ~ Konrad Elst

We live in a world at war over ideas and beliefs, over who was going to get a bigger slice of the pie with no regard for the underlying reality of our existence. That reality is that we are confined to our physical bodies for our short life, and our lives are confined to this tiny rock floating in space. We really have no idea how we came to be, who we actually are and our relationship to life (ourselves, each other the universe).

Because we don't know, we invent our gods, we invent our ideologies and because ideologies don't have a position based on any scientifically verifiable reality, living sanely and moving forwards is impossible. Everyone is trapped in their own particular game or perhaps we should say nightmare that they alleviate by imposing their anger and frustration firstly on those close to them and secondly on groups with different beliefs.

"Whereas Nehruvians like to portray the RSS-BJP as a formidable enemy mercilessly pursuing the Hindu agenda, the fact is that most BJP stalwarts prefer to keep the Hindu agenda as far removed from their policies as possible. They serve their time in government and enjoy the perks of office, meanwhile hopefully cleaning up the economic mess that Congress has left behind, but never touching a serious Hindu concern with a barge-pole."  Konrad Elst

Returning to India

Indian civilisation has endured for so long because it was based on the most tangible realities available to us. The first reality is that we don't know our true identity, our origins or where we are in relation to the universe. This began a search for knowledge and one of the first primary pieces of knowledge were: a full belly was better than going hungry, living peacefully with fellow human beings was more pleasant than conflict, living in the harmony with the environment resulted in greater happiness and there it evolved a range of spiritual practices delving into the science of being human that could lift one beyond everyday happiness into states of joy, bliss and ecstasy.

The ancient Hindus knew a great deal more about the nature of existence and indeed our planetary home before the Europeans evolved beyond primitive hunter gatherers. Over the past few thousand years Hindi knowledge has spread around the world work has been taken out of context and in many cases is used to suit the neoliberal capitalist agenda which boils down to personal profit in the game of one-upmanship.

"Savitri Devi believed that Hitler was the divine power who would deliver this world from the Kali Yuga that had ended long ago; a bizarre and mad idea.

Hindu knowledge has lost its context and Hinduism is seen as a religion whereas it should be seen as a science. This is a great loss to India in the world but if we are going to return to any form of sanity and ensure the long-term survival of vanity, the world is to abandon all these isms and return to a life according to dharma.

The people of India who know dharma and live accordingly I completely turned off by political correctness, neoliberalism and oppositional politics because they want to live harmoniously and administer themselves within a greater whole. Unfortunately the whole is fragmented and factionalised with sectarian violence far too common.

The Congress party is reputed for its anti-Hindu stance and corruption in economics and in playing different groups off against each other. This has come to be called modern politics that perhaps a more apt name is treason. The BJP represents a rational return towards nationalism, a desire apparent in most countries because the populations thanks in part to modern communications are becoming more aware of the uncertainty of life and indeed that we may indeed become an extinct species.

Some say that this nationalism is being driven by the RSS, but I suspect the RSS is simply a consequence of collective concern and a search for a national identity that has been swallowed up due to several millennia of bad governance. Unfortunately India is the last bastion of paganism, despite the interference of Britain and a thousand years of occupation by the Muslims it has not crumbled, the underlying knowledge of Dharma has kept India alive. But it is precisely that India has not crumbled is why the believers, the religious and neoliberal's hate India so much is precisely because it has failed to roll over and die gracefully.

Unfortunately India is the last bastion of paganism, despite the interference of Britain and a thousand years of occupation by the Muslims, it has not crumbled, the underlying knowledge of Dharma has kept India alive. But it is precisely that India has not crumbled is why the believers, the religious and neoliberal's hate India so much is precisely because it has failed to roll over and die gracefully.

Neoliberalism has produced a plethora of academics intent on tearing apart the foundation stones of Dharma, namely the Vedas and the Hindu perception of the universe, yet those same neoliberals are content to use technology based on Hindu science, numbers and language.

Savarkar and Modi, beginning and end of Hindutva ~ Konrad Elst
Hindutva, Neoliberalism and the Reinventing of India

By NZYogi


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