Histories Secrets

Tracing our origins

Knowledge of higher realms and higher life is sacred and that is why it is rare and preserved with great care.

Where did our knowledge, language and ideas come from? Take a short journey through the know but inconvenient history tracing the entomology of Mister, Maggi and Magistrate linking the worlds great civilisations.

The master secret of history that unveils the treasure of knowledge of all rich great civilizations & Sciences. A common word in English is Mister or Mr. Mister comes from Maestre, maestro and its variants. Master is a corruption of Magistere or Magister. Magister was an ancient title for a learned or higher degreed educated person who was then appointed in prominent public positions. Its root is Latin Mage and magnopere is more, much and Magnus is great. The words Mayor, Major, magistrate, Magnificent are also variants of this root. Now where from the Mage comes?

Latin word Mag derived from hungarian word Magus or Mag! This in turn was from ancient Medes and Chaldean language. Magic, Magick, Magical also originated from the same root yet that is merely a tip of a real iceberg that has been kept occult for thousands of years.

But that's still not origin of it.

Ancient Greek historians and Academics attributed the source of all Magi, magus or wisdom to Central Asia. Ancient Egypt became a centre of wisdom once because of wisdom from Maga people. The tradition of the Heavenly Cow of the Saka Hun Magi of India belongs here too, in the most ancient layer of the ancient religion. Hathor, the Sky Goddess of Egypt, was one of the most ancient and most popular deities, and was often pictured in the form of a cow. The meaning of her name is: Hat-hor, House of Hor(us) (Horus was the Egyptian name for the Sun-god. Clement of Alexandria at the beginning of the 3rd century A.D. writes, that "Egypt is the mother-land of the Magi". Judging from the amulets of the 4th millennium B.C., found in the Egyptian graves, the Magi were present from the beginning of the creation of Egypt's culture. The pyramid texts refer to the Egyptian kings as "hekau", in other words, they possessed magic powers.

For more than 3000 years Europeans were completely shadowed by the enormous knowledge of Magi and the source of all wisdom but they could never really know the real original source of all this great knowledge. They attributed it to ancient Persia, Asia minor, Mesopotamia and Central Asia. The Magi were the pre Semitic and even ancient pre Iranic tribes and they had the most unified system of seed knowledge, philosophy and secrets of nature and beyond the physical. Their knowledge was definitely much much earlier than the great floods or deluvian times of 12600 years ago. The mythological Kush, forefather of Nimrod, and ancestor of the Scythians and the Magi, who practised a Sun religion, was honoured as Sun and was also called Magog and magus. Byzantine and western missionaries who visited the Magyars of the Arpad Age, practised the ancient Magi religion.

The super secret real history of Ancient Vedic Sages of great antiquity whose wisdom is the foundation of all known organized religions.

The Magi were the teachers of a good many great Greek philosophers, like Pythagoras Democritus and Plato, of Empedocles and Protagoras. The Magi established centers throughout the world that maintained connections with each other through thousands of years. The Magus, who had Stonehenge built, around 2,300 B.C., was a Magyar Hun Magus from the Carpathian Basin. The territory of the Magus tribe of the Medes occupied almost the whole country, and the name of the country of the Medes [Ancient Persia]. In India, is Madra [Madra is an ancient kingdom of Vedic North India now in Pakistan] where once the largest university of the world TakshaShila existed.

Similar Magus centers existed in the land of the Scythian Parthians, in Bactria, khwarezm, Botamian vallies known as mesopotamia, ancient Russia and Egypt. The Indians called the countries between the Hindu Kus Mountains and the River Oxus (Amu Darya)[Akshush Sanskrit] "Sakastan", Scythian : country, and they believed that the Golden Age took place there. Magi prepared the Persian prince for kingship, for justice, bravery and independence - and the Persians can thank the Mede Magi for their political and civil institutions too.

The royal rank of the Magi is reflected in the fact that the Parthians elected their Kings from among the Magi, and that the Asian Kings could not conduct their wars without the Magi walking before the kings, carrying the eternal fire which fell from heaven

It was not only in the Carpathian Basin and Central Asia that the Magi were outstanding with their particularly high level of knowledge. The Mag-Brahmins, the scholars, called Maga, played an outstanding and honoured role in India's culture, In India, the Magi were known by the names of Maga, Bhojaka or ShakaDvipi Brahmins. The name SakaDvipa (the country of the Saka) referred to the land of Scythia in Central Asia. Vedic Brahmanism developed mostly through the teachings of the Maga Brahmins! The Puranic Encyclopaedia also supports their Scythian origin. Entire range of Caucas, Mediterranean, Red Sea and the old cities of rivers from West to East of Asian Islands & Peninsulas they were all called Bharat Khanda. It also adds that, according to the Saka (Asian Scythians Huns, Magis) origin saga, they were born of a Holy Cow, known in India by the name Nandini, who was the daughter of Vasistha, who symbolized the Universe. In Egyptian cosmogony, where the Holy Cow is the symbol of the Sky-goddess,"at the beginning of Creation, the Sun, like a little child appeared in the cup of a lotus flower.".

Ancient kingdoms of India were also run by Maga people and Magadha was one such large ancient powerful state that once ruled a large part of Asia. Buddha Spoke a variation of Magahi or Magadhi that is a corrupted prakrit language of Sanskrit root. Some of the best known ancient universities existed in these regions here Magi Brahmins were the prominent academics. Ancient kingdoms in China were also cultivated, developed into a civilization by Magi Brahmins. Chinese principles of faith and religion were founded by Magus people.

Who were the original scientists and philosophers of ancient past? What is their source?

The origins of the ancient seers, sages of ancient Vedic age.

It comes from Sanskrit Maga, Magu or Mag, Maah, which means beyond physical, magic, magical, surrealistic nature of Nature also known as Sanskrit origin word Maga, Maya. 100s of thousands of years ago, Magu were high Rshis or Sages who produced using spiritual powers; any metaphysical illusion or even physical object by their extreme concentration and focus and control of spiritual element. This produce of extra ordinary events and actions were called Magi or Maya and for thousands of years, great sages of ancient world also known as Bhu Khanda or Bharata Khanda [word for planet Earth] were practicing Magu which was so impressive that many many cunning and materialistic rulers tried to abuse Magu to get their help but Magu's powers were eloping if they ever used the powers for non spiritual or personal growth or teaching purposes. Magus were considered Higher Sages who were feared for if any one disturbed their focused meditative practice and they spoke any word that became reality and many of such utterings became change of that person's physical presence and metamorphosis. They could transform any being into another form. They could produce roots, seeds and could create life forms, fruits, vegetables and animistic forms out of their magical mystical powers.

Many such realized sages were thus called Magus and Magis and were most respected for their incredible spiritual powers in ancient prehistoric vedic periods. There are hundreds of stories where higher sages out of certain anger or abuse of others gave them maldiction which was called Shraapa which literally meant boiling hot. It meant that any such sage who was disturbed from his long meditation became angry or his blood boiled and whatever he then said was called Shrapa. That is why in Sanskrit Shrapin or Shrapan are words for boiling and or Cooking on fire. Thus the sages who practised Magu were called Magis or Magi Brahmins which meant universally known beings with magical powers.

These same Magi, Maga or Magu Sages were astronomers, Astrologers who practiced inter-planetary, geocentric and heliocentric studies, sciences of Physics, aviation, healing sciences, chemistry and bio-transformation, authors and great counsels to great kings of the ancient times.

One of such sages was called Abhibrahama who was later known as Abraham who founded Judaic "religion", which became basis for other various religions still practised with different denominations including Christianity and Islam. Almost all their stories are secretive coded language of Vedic sages who witnessed and taught basic principles of life, sciences and universe. These texts are in fact documents of astronomy, astrology, physics principles along with secret magic rules of health, life and living.

The Magi were the guardians of the ancient cosmic knowledge obtained at the birth of Mankind. They had a scientific world-view, which was fundamentally complete; in other words, it was far superior to today's scientific world-view. They not only knew a more complete system of natural laws than we know today, but the first principles too: the principles of physics, biology and psychology.

The natural laws of physics, biology and psychology permeate the entire Universe and, therefore, they are universal-laws. The universality of biological laws means that the life-force permeates the Cosmos. Since the life energy force is the most personal and the deepest reason for being for all of us, our deepest life is in the most personal connection with the life of the Universe. The soul is immortal because our Self is upheld by a cosmic law and the cosmic law is immortal. The Scythian concept of the immortality of the soul the substantiality of the Self and the World soul is also the basic concept of the Vedic literature and the Upanishads!

The ancient Magi magic system is magic because it recognized the personal connection between Man and the Universe, which rests upon the most basic law of Nature, the universal law of Life. This basic, recognition of natural science is what transcends the limits of todays scientific world-view. The trinity of body, feeling and thought manifests itself on the level of phenomena, of laws and principles alike. In the ancient magical world view, the unity of the body, the soul and the spirit is based upon the existence of the soul, which carries the world of feelings and, therefore the intuitive perception is the most basic reality. The magical feeing, with the help of the cosmic motivating power, which permeates all living beings, is always directed toward the realization of the highest, most noble possibilities.

Thousands of years later maga Brahminis became a subsect of Hindu Brahmin priests called ShakaDwipiya Suryavanshi Brahmins also known as Bhojaka or Maga Brahmins. These attributed their origin to Ancient Ayrans of "Iranic" descent and that is why many of their clan names were slightly varying from local Brahmins. Bhavishya Purana mentions a great deal on Maga Brahmins and many temples of Fire and Sun were attributed to them. They were later known as Persian brahmins too. They also developed the diety called Mithra on whose legends, the stories of Jesus and Christ [Khristo] [A greek origin word] were popularized. The story of 3 wise men in biblical story of birth of Jesus is one of Magi priests of 3 different origins. It is usually attributed to Zoroastrian priests.

The same word Magi entered into Avestan language about 3500 years ago and Magis were higher priests with spiritual practices. Thus Magi Brahmins were known later on who worshipped Sun all around what is now Persia and Mesopotamia. Magi Bramins also went to what is now India and built some very prominent Sun temples in various time frames. Maagi Brahmins were also the foremost priest in Pre Judaic times and were known all around What is now Greece, Turkey, Europe and most Mediterranean. The word Magick became synonyms for all kind white spiritual magic which was the practice by highly spiritual beings who tried to follow ancient Vedic practices of Magick. Later these were called Pagans. The practice of Paganism in Norse, North Europe, ancient Mediterranean lands and all over Russia and Europe was also known as Witchcraft, wizardry that in reality, encompassed astronomy, astrology, mathematics, metereology, Medicine, Alchemy and Chemical processing, studies of Physical and non physical phenomenon but evil words were used to defame the real knowledge and thus barbarians destroyed great knowledge as if it was witchcraft or wizardry.

Magi of Bactriana now Afghanistan/ Tajikistan [earlier civilization of Bahalika from where word Balkh, bakht, Bakhto, Pashto, Pakhtoon, Pashtun come, Bahalwi or Pahlavi dynasties, and later also called Khorasan or Sauraysena] and Northern India as philosophers who paid particular attention to the study of astronomy and the principles of the world of all sciences and knowledge. Magyars of Hungarian were or are desecendents of ancient Magis. Magyars were also known as Royal Magis. The Hungarian word Zoltan was used by turks as Soltan or Sultan later.

The ancient meaning of the word Magus or Mag was astronomer, mathematician, scholar of natural sciences, philosopher, wise person, priest, physician, judge, creator of sciences, discoverer of agriculture, industry, transportation, provider of trade knowledge in general and creator of state institutions! A few very nether world people created a shadow magi called black magic and this has been prevalent for past 8000 years and still there are dumb people engaging in abuse and misuse of real white spiritual powers of magi and these people practicing black magi as curses, negative spells or hurting innocent people usually die of horrible consequences. The black magic practitioners create a false world of illusion and many current systems around the world are based on them. That is why its all black magical realm of 0 value.

Much later the new created religion centered around Christ began using Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam a latin phrase for the greater glory of God". Magis referred to the philosophy of doing MORE for Christ and doing for others which was popularized as "society of Jesus" by Catholic Jesuits. This and much more narrative was a clear hijacking of Magis knowledge morphed into a new invented religion.

Zarathustra was one such vedic age Magi Brahmin who started a sub branch of Vedic religion called Zoroastrianism that flourished for very long time and was officialy accepted by many key dynasties. Judaic people and clans respected all other Magi brahmins and gave them full respect in their ancient books including religious books. That is why you can find great appreciation for Magis in biblical texts too.

Islamic invaders destroyed ancient Persian royal families and almost all rulers along with their Magi counsels who either had to flee or were murdered. Islamic Arab armies destroyed all Magi schools and colleges of higher learning called Herbadaestans. They destroyed and burned all the books of great wisdom, entire libraries and higher learning of thousands of years.

Newly established Christian rulers of decaying Roman empire and later Islamic converted rulers wanted to finish all signals of history and all wisdom that originated in ancient Persia & India as they were remnants of great Vedic cultures and ancient buried civilizations. Thousands of such illuminaries fled to India for refuge and also tried to enter ancient Russia where from they slowly migrated to Europe too. Hindu India hosted perhaps some of the few remaining families of Magis who kept only part of their wisdom and knowledge alive. These people are descendants of ancient Magi Brahmins who motivated all political power in Persia until 630s and they were the source of all knowledge that once made Persia a regional power.

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