History in context

Concepts of the Yugas, Astrological signs and Axial Precession

spaceAs I have so often said, we know very little about our history and the history that we think we know has been purposefully written to glamorise certain individuals and conceal unpleasant truths.

The idea of the time period referred to as a 'yuga cycle' has existed within Indian culture for thousands of years and interest about it only surfaced in the West when modern science discovered something called axial precession.

Within India that has been a great deal of misunderstanding about the yuga cycle which some pundits understood as being in the millions of years and somehow related to the birth and death of the physical universe which of course happens over many probably trillions of years.

Over recent years, well researched scholars and yogis came to understand the yuga cycle is a period of 26,920 years. In astrology there is a similar cycle of a similar period. These two periods have been known about for many thousands of years and despite the dark period in history that we have come through, part of that knowledge has survived.

Manasarovar is a lake in Tibet and one of the remnants of the Tethys Sea, which is considered as a crucible of human civilizations. Today, it is at almost 15,000 feet above mean sea level, but it is actually an ocean remnant which has moved up and become a lake now.

We should remember here that at the time of Krishna about 3100 BC, India was one of the world's most prosperous nations. There is so much about India that has been carefully omitted from the history books by the British who sought to stamp out Indian culture and replace it with their own. When the British first arrived in India, over 90% of the population was literate but after 200 years of British rule, education and literacy along with health and wealth declined very steeply.

Long before the Western concept of science evolved, Indian astronomers knew the circumference of the Earth, the distances to the moon and sun and many other astronomical calculations that have been attributed to modern scientists in the past thousand years.

As you see in the image below which is a rough sketch, we have the inner circle representing the yuga cycle and the outer cells representing astrological periods. With these astrological periods, there is no agreement amongst the experts. Some divide this period into 12 equal segments and some assign different lengths of time which I suspect is closer to the fact and they may even equate to phases of the yuga cycle.


Click image to enlarge - The inner blue ring equates to the yuga cycle

The yuga cycle describes the passage of our entire solar system around an unseen celestial object, this is something that science to my knowledge is not commented on and they simply relate axial precession to the Earth's wobble on its axis.

Some food for thought here is that each star sign has its particular qualities and if we look at the combined astrological and yuga cycle there are similarities such as the status of the bull over the past few thousand years as we passed through tourus and the age of Aquarius that we may or may not have entered already is a water sign and when we add water to anything, it becomes more conducive to growth.

Capricorn represents the goat, they are hearty but intelligent and pragmatic creatures well able to survive after the witness of Aquarius has softened everything up. Sagittarius is a dawning in celebration and Scorpio is a bit giddy from all the excitement. Then we come to Libra whether there is a realisation the good times do not necessarily last before Virgo holds on uncertainly.

Audio with Michael Cremo on Vedic History

In Leo the people still remember that which was grand and noble, this could represent the lion being symbolised in many cultures of the power and wonderment that is fading away. It would also be a good time to create some legacy monuments like pyramids that would endure the dark age of the Kali Yuga although given the celestial alignment of the pyramids, their construction time could well be about 10,500 BC while the celestial alignment was still in virgo or tetra on the yuga cycle.

When we come into cancer, it is about hunkering down and basic survival with total confusion in Gemini and growing hopefulness in Taurus with growing strength in Aries.

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