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For many people the out of Africa theory as regards to human evolution has been accepted as an irrefutable fact, yet much of the actual evidence in the story has been buried because the archaeological and scientific communities doing the research operate as personality cults. It takes a great deal of courage to correct one's Professor or the words on the page of some eminent writer.

Yet Dr. P. Priyadarshi has done this and in the video below which sadly is not of the best quality takes apart human migration theory based on DNA evidence and then he matches corresponding migrations of horses, cattle, mice and even rats alongside the migration of language completely disproving the out of Africa theory and replacing it with much stronger evidence suggesting that humanity evolved from India.

Dr. P. Priyadarshi is also one of the first scientists who puts geological change into context with migration theory that has been disregarded by so many researchers. Thanks to Google Earth, we have a reasonable appreciation of recent earth changes. If you look at the world in Google Earth you will see the continental shelf, the areas in light blue surrounding land masses and all this light blue area was dry land in our recent history allowing our ancestors to literally walk between continents.

Dr. P. Priyadarshi at IITK- History of Ancient India over last 1 lakh years

The recent DNA studies have revealed that after origin in Africa, a small group of Individuals reached India in about 85,000 years before present, then early human expansion occurred in India from where rest of the world was populated. Even majority of the African humanity has genetically descended from this earliest Indian genetic stock. In year 74,000 Before Present, the Mount Toba eruption destroyed all human beings except about 1000 persons in India and 10,000 in Africa.

The period was marked by glacier (74,000-65,000 years back and 20,000-16,000 ybp) and inter-glacier periods. Every time glaciations occurred, it restricted the human populations to the warmer regions like India, equatorial Africa and the Southeast Asia. But when the globe warmed again, human population expanded to reach the northern regions. During all these expansion events, India played a crucial role in dissipation of man, language and culture to the world. The DNA studies also found that the Indians of today have not arrived from anywhere else, but have descended from the original human stock of the 85,000 years back. The Dravidian, Indo-European, and other languages of India are all indigenous in their respective locations of the sub-continent. On the other hand, the Europeans have reached there from India over the last 12,000 years or so. Not only this the genetic proof suggests that the Indians domesticated cow, goat, sheep, horse and buffalo, as well as wheat, barley, rice and pulses, which laid to the foundations of the modern civilization.

"Indus Valley People Did Not Have Genetic Contribution From The Steppes: Head Of Ancient DNA Lab Testing Rakhigarhi Samples" ~ Niraj Rai, head of the Ancient DNA Laboratory at Lucknow’s Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences via Caravan Mag

"DNA study of the skeletal remains found at the Harappan site of Rakhigarhi, Haryana, shows no Central Asian trace, indicating the Aryan invasion theory was flawed and Vedic evolution was through indigenous people." ~ The Economic Times

About the Speaker: Dr. P. Priyadarshi, MBBS, MD, MRCP (UK), FRCP Edin is an accomplished doctor, who has interests in history, philosophy, religions, anthropology, political science and linguistics. He has authored books on Indology viz. India"s Contributions to the West (2004), Zero is Not the Only Story (2007), The First Civilization of the World (2011) and Vishva Sabhyata ka Udbhava aur Prasar (2012). He has proved from the DNA studies that not only the Aryan and the Draviadian Invasion theories are wrong, but actually the it was the Indian population migration which produced the modern populations of Europe, China and the Southeast Asia. Dr Priyadarshi has also written articles and books on the ancient Indian science and their impact on world.

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