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Introductory massage guide

Massage on the floor or bed

Even when dealing with a sore back or neck, take off your shoes and get comfortable. Massage is supposed to be a nice experience for the giver as well as the receiver.

Disclaimer: This page on subsequent pages are being published in the public interest however the authors and site management do not take any responsibility for your actions. By continuing and practising from what you read in this section, you do so on your own initiative and responsibility.

Massage can be done almost anywhere at any time, and a massage table is not necessary when learning. The golden rules for massage are to be kind and cause no harm. Please read the page on Massage Ethics before proceeding.

On the floor

Working on the floor is a good option as floors are often more spacious than a bed, and as you lean down to apply pressure, the persons body will not sink into the floor as often happens on a bed.

To make the floor more comfortable, use as much padding as you can, folded blankets are good and it's also helpful ensure your working area is smooth and level. Be careful not to have creases or folds in your padding as you can hurt your knees as you change positions.

Massaging on the floor, bed or any flat surface can be challenging if you're not very supple, but there are things you can do to make it easier and inside we'll show you.

On the bed

Be comfortable.

Ideally the bed should not be so soft that your pressure distorts the shape of the person's body. They should ideally be positioned on the bed without their feet hanging over the end. If length is a problem, have them lay on the diagonal or ask them to reposition to give you the desired access.

Laying face down as in the images, many people will find that their neck becomes strained or sore, so ensure they turn their head every 3 - 5 minutes.  With older people, head turns need to be more frequent.

To get started on your massage, you will need a suitably warm room, massage oil and a willing model for you to practice on.

To use this massage guide, read it through and then arrange your model and start practising.  It helps to have your laptop, ipad or notebook at hand to refer to as you practise. Always get feed back from the person you are massaging and adjust your strokes and pressure to suit.

If you find that enjoy massage, then it's a good idea to invest in a table and the techniques you learn here can be applied to table massage.

This course is compiled with written instructions, images, and supplemental in house and public domain videos to facilitate learning a full body massage without any special facilities. All that is needed is a caring attitude, warmth, cleanliness and massage oil. Please note that it is the duty of anyone using this manual to act with appropriate health and safety in mind to avoid causing harm. 


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