Symptomatic of disease and not the real problem

hmlssmIf you think for a moment that of all the people on this planet we call Earth, on this planet that we are entirely dependent for our continued existence, and the fact that we have no idea what we are doing here beyond survival and a few trivial pursuit's, a third of the worlds population is always hungry and malnourished.

In the Western world we have the increasing problem of homelessness and this is symptomatic of a civilisational disease and the only cure or solution to this problem is by healing the problems within civilisation.

The problems within civilisation have been developing, festering over thousands of years and are not new. The real problem begins with the fact that the majority of people do not know who they are. They might know their name, rank and serial number, but that is not who they are.  We are all spiritual beings with an entire universe as our playground.

However we play within the realm of our imagination with little thought for the consequences of our actions, and unfortunately so many people's minds are so preoccupied by self-created fantasies that they can be scarcely called human. Most of our trivial pursuits and fantasies are based on fear of pain and death from which desires to possess and control emerge. It is from this base that our social, political and economic systems have evolved.

With the population and technological explosions that have taken place over the past few hundred years, some individuals got the ability to take advantage by creating an economic system and political power whereby they can live comfortably in their ivory (steel and glass) towers while the middle-class both foots the bill for their life of luxury and gives charity to those unable to find a niche within the system.

The homeless are those people that the political and corporate masters have no need of, they are increasing every day and will continue to increase until humanity is cured. Even though we are all the fruit of the earth, those who live in ivory towers believe they own the earth and they have amassed such political power that they can deny ordinary people access and the right to life.

Over the past 500 years we have seen the rise of the corporations, they have decimated the people and in fact created the poverty of the Third World (labelled as). The corporate masters have only ever been driven by greed and delusion but sometimes to appease the masses they are seen to be delivering some token charity.

So all these corporate masters will one day become fertiliser, their assets will be fought over. Those on the frontline of the battle will be those who are impoverished. But when the war escalates, the sons and daughters of the middle-class will be sent to fight.

The only solution to homelessness anywhere in the world is to cure humanity and reinvent civilisation. What we call as civilisation now is only an experiment because we have no idea what is real and no idea as to the true nature of existence.

If you want to know who you are, if you want to know the meaning of life, if you want to know the nature of existence then you must recognise that there are only two directions in life:

The first direction we perceive is outwards, this is the world around us including our mind, body and all that we consider as our self. To know more of this you can look to the mystics or even modern science.

The second direction is inwards where we can experience ourselves as consciousness and with patience and practice we can connect with the universal consciousness and become the fully responsible co-creators that we were designed to be. To know more of this you can look to the mystics and Hinduism.

It's an old adage that if you want to change the world, first you must change yourself. The question we have now is not so much about changing the world's, rather can we save the human species from extinction?


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  • Hi Laws, regulations and administrative measures penalising homelessness are being introduced in Europe and the USA during the economic crisis that has resulted in record levels of unemployment and poverty, driving entire families to live on the streets. Such measures are often motivated by the desire to reduce the visibility of homelessness and poverty and hide them as social issues. The criminalisation of begging and migration are part of the same trend. A conscious policy of exclusion is applied to mask the unwillingness of the state to assume its responsibilities for upholding the human rights of all of its residents.

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